Afghanistan New President 2021 Name Abdul Ghani Baradar Bio, History

Afghanistan New President 2021 Name is Abdul Ghani Baradar, Actually there are 3 people who are currently competing to become Afghanistan New President in Year 2021. Check Abdul Ghani Baradar Biography, History and how he acquired Afghanistan after long 20 years.

The barbaric turmoil that Afghanistan once saw 20 yrs back is now back!. As, again the history is repeating, and that too for no good reasons. Yes, we are talking about the trails of bloodsheds, takeaway of ones right and lot more. That our neighboring Asian nation Afghanistan is going through. This was the scenario we saw 20 yrs back in Afghan, and the same is happening now. With no use of the USA force, which came in after the 9/11 attacks in Afghanistan, to fight back Taliban.

Afghanistan New President

Indeed, this is just not the flaw of the USA Force, however, despite of the resources and the help from the USA for so long. The Afghanis never thought of making their Armed forces strong or capable of giving a tough fight to merely 30000 Taliban soldiers. And now, finally the 3 lakh Afghan Army along with its President Ashraf Ghani, has surrendered. Thus leaving its people clueless and helpless at the moment.

Afghanistan New President 2021

For the people of any country, their hopes of a good living, better education and finally the development of society is in the hands of its leader. But what if their elected leader has abandoned them and now all their hopes are lost. The Taliban has finally taken over the capital, that is Kabul. This, was going at the time, when we were celebrating our freedom from the Britishers. The same time our neighboring nation was surrendering to the Terrorist group.

Now the main question is that, who will then be sitting on the President’s chair finally as the Taliban now heads the country. The Taliban released one of its video in which the Abdul Ghani Baradar was seated on the presidential palace with their troops. Hence, he is very much likely to be the New President of the Afghan. Moreover, before taking the set, Afghanistan already got its new name and thus the flag.

Afghanistan New President 2021 Abdul Ghani Baradar

Name of the CountryAfghanistan Now called as,
Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.
PresidentAshraf Ghani Now,
Abdul Ghani Baradar (Likely to be)
Birth Year of BaradarIn 1968
Place of BirthOruzgan Province in Afghanistan
Co- Founder of The Taliban Group
Also famous asA. Islamic Cleric
B. Terrorist
C. Politician

Abdul Ghani Baradar Biography:

With the previous Afghan President who fled the country on 16th August 2021, the New president is likely to be Abdul Ghani Baradar. So, let us now see who is this Talibani Leader and why he can be the next president.

  • He was born in Oruzgan province of the Afghanistan in the year 1968.
  • As when the Afghanistan was captured by the Russia (Then, Soviet Union), Abdul Ghani then became the insurgent to fight with the forces.
  • He was also known as the Mullah Baradar Akhund, who was also one of the founders of the Taliban Movement in Afghan in 1994 with Omar.
  • Also he served in the Mujahideen, against the Russia who was then backed by the Afghan Army.
  • Moreover, he held various strategic posts in Taliban movement. For instance, se was the Army Chief Commander of Taliban from 1996 to 2001.
  • Later on he became the Deputy Defense Minister of the Talibani group.
  • Moreover, all the victories that Taliban could ever win, the role of Baradar was very significant in them.
  • Finally, the ISI and the CIA were able to capture him back in 2010 in Pakistan. Which was termed as a very strategic feat. However, later on he was released in 2018 with the USA’s pressure on the Pakistan. Later on he was sent to Qatar.

Present Scenario in Afghanistan:

As soon as the USA Troops moved into the Afghanistan post the 9/11 attacks. They bombed the cities mainly to kill the Talibanis. And by the end of the 2001, the Taliban Collapsed ultimately. Therefore the Omar, their head, then left the city. Then in 2002, the then USA President ordered to help in reconstructing Afghanistan. And thus bringing back the democracy there. Finally the new president was elected.

But if you see deeply in the last 20 years, the Taliban once again came back in Afghan, thus killing thousands of innocent there. However, the state condition was still livable and especially the women enjoyed various rights. New development project were taking place and we to were building strong ties with the country. The Afghan-India Friendship Dam was certainly aimed to better the relations with Afghanistan and support the country.

However, now when the US election happened, the major vows was tp bring back the long USA standing army troops in Afghan back to their home. President Joe Biden, hinted the same by August 30 2021. However, before that, we saw the Talibani’s taking control of the Afghan’s state back to back.

Current Situation:

And finally yesterday, when the President of Afghanistan, handed over the Presidential position to the Talibans. Once again, the city doomed in despair and shattered completely, as they now knew their fate. Women can no longer roam freely. This was seen when the US Reporter wore the Burqa when interviewing the Taliban leader.

Lastly, the Afghanistan has once again has gone 20 yrs back with loosing everything it had to Taliban. Most commo scenarios will be brutal killings, mistreating women, taking away their freedom and the worst part is they have nobody to look for. Eventually their is big takeaways for the China, Pakistan and Russia, as they were always in support of Taliban leadership.

So, now let me share with you the plight of the local people, who once believed their Armies and the government for their safety. Who were once assured that, none of their rights will be taken away. Are now desperately looking for a way to flee the country. The latest terrific scene was recorded yesterday. When the USA’s aircraft was taking away its soldiers from the Afghanistan, when the Afghan people, started running and catching the plane. Thinking they might escape the cruel Talibanis.

This is shared, so that you can ponder on certain things. For instance, was the USA’s 20 yrs in Afghanistan was of no benefit? Was leaving the Afghanistan people and the Army, was the USA’s Biggest blunder? Above all, was it Afghan’s mistake to not make their Army strong over these years, who could give them a good fight. Was the fleeing of the Afghan’s President with bags full of money justified? When their people were screaming and getting brutally killed and thus getting abducted on the streets of Afghanistan??


Name of New President of Afghanistan ?

Abdul Ghani Baradar

When Will Afghanistan New President Take Oath ?

There is no current situation for oath.

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