Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Pre Registration, Early Access

One of the popular games across the globe these days is the Apex Legends game. It is available for play on PlayStation, Pc, Nintendo Switch, ad Xbox. But, so far the game was not available as a mobile application. But, this wait is to get over soon. In the coming days, the makers will release the game on mobile. Thus, we have talked about the Apex Legends Mobile Release Date and other information here. Start Apex Legends M Pre Registration Process for early access here.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are the makers of the Apex Legends game. Even though the game was available on various platforms so far, it wasn’t available on mobile phones. Now, the makers have announced that they will release the game as a mobile phone application. Since the game will be on mobiles now, it is to be available on Android and iOS phones. As per the reports, there are no fixed dates on the launch of the mobile phone game, but the game can come into the market in the coming few weeks. Also, with the availability of the game on mobile phones, there comes competition to games like Fortnite and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here, we shall provide you information on the launch dates, pre-registration time, download size, gameplay, etc.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Pre Registration, Early Access

Mobile Game Apex Legends Launch

As per the developers, there are no dates on the launch of the book so far. However, in April 2021, the developers announced the launch of a beta version, but there has not been any update yet. Now, it’s completely on the developers, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts to decide on the launch dates. But, as far as the expectations are concerned, people can expect it by the end of this year. Also, the makers have announced that as soon as the beta version is ready for the users, it will announce the launch of the game on Android and iOS. Since we are talking about the game, you should know its specifications as well. It’s sure that the game on phones will have more cosmetics and extras that make it interesting.

Respawn has mentioned that the game is free to play on mobile phones. Also, the mobile game will provide one with in-game transactions. People are expecting the game to introduce Cross-play for the devices. In addition to this, the game is expected to be capable of 120Hz support in all devices. Also, the users are looking forward to a reworked map for the play. Lastly, the users want the game to be easier to download and wish to have a solo play mode in-game along with Plug-and-play controllers.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Pre-Registration

Also, we would like to tell you that the developers have announced pre-registration for the game. All the players who have been playing the game on other platforms so far and who are waiting for the mobile game can begin with the pre-registration process. For this, the users can go to Google PlayStore and visit the game’s pulse. There, one has to register himself and with this, the person receives an invite to test the game. With this, once the game is available in a region, you can test the game.

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Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Pre Registration FAQs

By when have the developers announced to release of the Apex Legends Mobile game?

The developers have announced that the public can expect the release of Apex Legends Mobile Game by the end of the year.

Is it possible to sideload the Apex Legends game on Android?

Respawn Entertainment is the developer of the game and has strictly prohibited pirated versions of the game i.e. sideloading of the game is not allowed.

In how many devices is Apex Legends available so far?

So far, the game runs successfully on PC, PlayStation, etc. Now, it will be available on phones.

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