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BGMI iOS Launched Officially download on it is released on 18 August 2021. Launch Date June 2021 Battle Ground Mobile India Release Date. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Pre Registration starts today on 18.05.2021, millions of PUBG Users are waiting to register themselves for Battleground Mobile India pre registration process, well complete process is given below. Those who are facing any trouble while registering at, please comment down below.

As we all Know Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially launched its early access on Android devices and BGMI Application is available on google play store, now people of Apple are waiting for BGMI IOS Update and its early access. Whenever BGMI IOS App Early Access pass is out, we will update you guys.

Battle Grounds Mobile India is now finally released on 02 July 2021, hope you all have downloaded it from google play store. For other devices launching like IOS is launching soon in July 2021.

BGMI Download

Last year, the Indian government banned Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUB-G) because of the large involvement of the youth. After that, there were speculations of the game returning in India at Now, we shall talk about the Battle Ground Mobile India Release Date 2021 at Release Date 2021

There is good news for the fans of the PUBG mobile game. The owners (company) of the game have revealed that BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA might be back in the Indian market. However, this new BGMI Game will have a new name. The South Korean company, Krafton, owner of the BGMI Game has said that the new name is ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. Recently, the company has launched a trailer of the game, in which the new game looks much like the previous one. After watching the video, there is excitement among the fans of BGMI Game. Also, these people are now waiting for the launch of the game on Indian digital platforms.

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BGMI iOS Pre Registration Reward 2021

Those who have pre registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India, will receive rewards like recon mask, recon outfit, 300 AG’s, celebration expert Title, and much more. Comment below, those who have successfully pre registered themselves. Pre Registration 18 May 2021 BGMI Release Date (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA)
BGMI Release Date (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Pre Registration Notice)
BGMI Pre Registration Rewards
BGMI Pre Registration Rewards


Readers would love to know that Krafton has also stated some of the features of the game. It was mentioned in the press statement that the new game will have exclusive events in-game, like outfits. In fact, the features include new ecosystems that have leagues and tournaments. Additionally, this game will be completely free on Indian smartphones. Moreover, this BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is similar to Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG). The company has also notified that before launching the bgmi game, Krafton will start the BGMI Pre Registration 2021. Now, the important thing is that the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Game is only available for the Indian subcontinent. Also, it is considered a nice substitute for the previous app.

Battleground Mobile India Rewards

Battle Ground Mobile India IOS Release Date 2021

The company has also decided to develop esports ecosystem to provide in-game content on a regular basis. Furthermore, to make the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA interesting, the company plans to start series of India related content. These details will be brought out later. The reports also say that Krafton intended to launch the game last year.

However, the government had not approved the request then. In order to bring the game in market again, the company broke ties with Tencent. In addition to this, Krafton also has decided to bring changes relevant to Indian users only. This includes virtual simulation in the game. Moreover, there are talks of data protection and privacy on the app too.

BGMI IOS Release Date

The company also notified that privacy rights will be respected at each stage and the data. In fact, storage and data collection will also be taken care of by the gaming authorities from the beginning. Also, there are chances that the company puts restrictions on game timings. Now, talking about the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Release Date 2021, the company will notify once before. This BGMI Game will be available on both the Play Store and Apple Store. For now, you have to wait for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA IOS Launch 2021 and availability of the game on phone devices.

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Battle Grounds Mobile India BGMI IOS Release Date 2021 FAQs

Has Krafton started the Battle Grounds Mobile India BGMI Pre Registration 2021 for game?

Pre Registrations are now over,

Is there any launch date that has been announced?

No, so far there is no specific launch date that has been announced.

Can we download it on Android and iOS at

Yes, the game will be available on Android and iOS.

Will the game be only for the Indian subcontinent?

Yes, the game will only be for the Indian subcontinent to prevent laws and privacy.

What is the official website to pre register for BGMI ?

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