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Due to certain reasons, the government had to ban the PUBG game in India last year. However, now the South Korean company, Krafton is coming up with a new version of the game. This game will only be available for the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, we shall be talking about BGMI Download Google Play Store Android App BGMI iOS App is released now on 18 August 2021, now you can download it from apple app store.

BGMI Has finally released for android devices on 2nd July 2021. Now you can transfer your data from PUBG to BGMI easily. download BGMI App from Google Play Store below, BGMI IOS Version Releasing soon.

BGMI App Download

BGMI Download iOS App

After almost a year of the ban of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the gaming company is set to relaunch the game. This will again be a mobile game for the fans of PUBG. After the release of this news, the users are excited. Also, we would like to tell you that this time the name of the game is ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. Therefore, you can say that the old game is making an entry into the market in a new form at bgmi. The users must be knowing that it is a multiplayer game and now the company has also introduced a new timeline. In fact, in order to bring the game back to India, the company broke ties with China’s Tencent.

Battle Ground Mobile India BGMI iOS App Download

So, now you can become tester of BGMI by scrolling down to the given link below. we have now updated Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI iOS App Download Links. once you click that link, you will see the screen similar to image given below. When you click on become tester, then you will be redirected to the page given below. there you have to click on download it on Google play store. After this, you will be finally on Battle Grounds Mobile India Early Access page, where you just need to click on install. your installation will start and you will be successfully able to play the game.

BGMI Android App at

In the official statement, the company has also said that this time there will be in-game events. This includes changing outfits and other features to make the game interesting. Also, the game this time has tournaments and leagues. Furthermore, the users will get a free-to-play experience. Battlegrounds Mobile India App will be an Indian subsidiary this time and also the app is a specific version this time. Furthermore, the company has decided to invest $100 million in reviving the business in India. According to the reports, before the ban, PUBG had 175 million users in India. Now, with relaunching the game, the gaming company will again have a huge number of user forces.

BGMI Download Data Transfer

These days, battle royale games are the biggest trend in the gaming aspect. Seeing the demand for these games, there was a need for the company to bring back the game in India. To make things easier amidst the laws, the owners have decided to make the game Indianized, i.e. India-oriented. Also, talking about the investment, this will be the highest from a South Korean company in India, apart from the manufacturing sector. It is positive to see that the company has considered Indian rules and requirements this time. Also, the company will notify about preregistration before launching the game on the phones. The game will be available on both android and iOS. However, we shall talk about BGMI Download Google Play Store.

BGMI Download Google Play Store Steps

Now, we would like to bring to your notice the way you can access the Battle Grounds Mobile India Android App. This time, before launching the game, the company has decided to start the preregistration process. The users will receive updates on preregistration dates and the launch dates. You have to wait for some days to let the Gaming company and the government let us know of the game.

  • Once the preregistration is active, you can register on the website @
  • Then, complete the preregistration procedure.
  • After this, when the game is launched, you have to go to Google Play Store.
  • There, on the search option, enter Battle Grounds Mobile India.
  • After locating the app, download the app.
  • Since the app is heavy, it will take time to download.
  • Finally, you can sign in and start playing.

Links on BGMI Download Google Play Store/ Apple Store @

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Registration (Started 18.05.2021)BGMI Pre-Register
BGMI Download Google Play StoreAvailable Here
Google Play Store Direct BGMI Download LinkDownload Here
Direct Download Link For BGMI TesterClick this Link
WebsiteVisit Here

BGMI Android App FAQs

Is game available on iPhone too? game surely will be available on iPhone too.

What is the new name of the game BGMI ?

The new game version name is Battle Grounds Mobile India.

Can we know the launch dates at


Is there a preregistration process too?

Yes, this time, the company will start preregistration before the launch.

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