Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination, 26 Dec Evicted Contestant Name

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination, 26 December Bigg Boss S3 Marathi Evicted Contestant Name: Check now to see the evicted contestant name of BB Marathi Season 3 on 26 December 2021 (Sunday). So this weekend as on 26 December 2021, it was the Bigg Boss Marathi S3 Elimination week in the Bigg Boss Season 3 Marathi house. The show is running successfully with the host as Mahesh Manjrekar. And is praised alot amongst the Maharashtra viewers as the season 3 is recently launched with 22 episodes so far. So the weekends of the Bigg Boss season is always interesting with lot many arguments and funny tasks. Most importantly here the viewers can directly have a conversation with their favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination

So as the days are passing by in the BB Marathi house. The real colors of the contestants are now coming in light and we are enjoying the same. As we as the viewers like the real side of the contestant and have always praised it. With dynamics of the house changing so quick in the 3rd season. So it will be quite soon to say who might stay till the end and get the BB Marathi S3 Trophy. However here we will be checking the latest BB Marathi S3 Elimination round as on 24th Oct 2021. Thus you must now sit back and read the full article to know if your fav. BB Contestant is save or not.

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Also do share the BB Marathi S3 contestant name here whom you feel could be the winner of this season in the comments here. Let us see who is more popular amongst all in the house.

First BB Marathi S3 Elimination – 26 December 2021:

As the weekends starts in the BB House, we get excited for the Weekend ka Vaar. Here the contestants are judged on their performance in the last week and so some fun games are played too. Now with the last weekend, a lot of buzz was created after the same. And with every weekend that starts by the end we have to say bye to one of the contestants which is followed by the BB Marathi S3 Elimination 26 December 2021. So with a total of 15 contestants at the start now we have just 14 left. Therefore, first we will check the name of the contestants here who came in the BB Marathi Season 3 originally:

BB Marathi Contestant List Season 3 After Eviction 26 December 2021:

  • Adish Vaidya – evicted (24 October)
  • Sneha Wagh – Nominated
  • Jay Dudhane
  • Gayatri Datar
  • Sonali Patil – Nominated
  • Shivleela Patil
  • Vishal Nikam
  • Utkarsh Anand Shinde – Nominated
  • Meenal Shah
  • Santosh Chaudhary – Nominated
  • Surekha Kudachi
  • Mira Jagannath – Nominated
  • Gayatri Datar – Nominated
  • Trupti Desai
  • Akshay Waghmare
  • Avishkar Darvahekar

Bigg Boss Marathi S3 Weekend Ka War- 11th Eviction:

We have always seen that amongst the contestants in the house, one is selected to be the captain. Moreover the selection of the captain is on the basis of some challenge which is given to the members. And the one who aces the same gets to be the captain of the house. So the captain of the Bigg Boss House enjoys a lot of things in the house. Hence from getting a separate king size bedroom to access to some eatables and finally the most important privilege of getting saved from Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination.

However this time as no one was chosen as the captain, hence everybody was in equal danger. But we have a name in the list for the BB Marathi S3 Elimination. Thereafter the contestant is “Akshay Waghmare“. But some contestants are so good that their Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination makes everyone emotional. Same was seen this time as well after Akshay Waghmare got evicted.

So talking about him, he is a known actor and everyone is a fan of his acting skills. However these skills are always known to us on screen. But Bigg Boss gave us a chance to him as a person. Thus as a person he has a calm and composed nature. He was also major missing his family and especially his daughter who is just 4 months old. Even the host of the show that is Mahesh Manjrekar was so impressed of him that he referred to him as a “Decent player of BB Marathi S3”.

BB Marathi Season 3 Elimination Contestant Name 26 December 2021

Now if you are a regular follower of the Bigg Boss show. Then you must be aware of the process of eviction here at Bigg Boss. If not then no worries, I will be explaining them here to you. So at first the contestants are given a task to save themselves from eviction. And thus few of them who could not win the task then eventually end up in the danger zone at Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination week. Thereafter the candidates also ask for votes from the viewers or their fans to save them from eviction.

Thus the viewers have choice to vote for their fav. contestant by voting through Voot application or through their site. Thereafter they have to select the player they wish to save. So the one getting the least votes out of all finally gets evicted at the weekend ka war. And same thus happened with Akshay as well this time. Thus the only chance to stand all the weekends ka war is to either win the the task and save yourself. Else only the viewers vote can help you.

BB Marathi S3 Elimination FAQs:

Who got evicted in the first BB Marathi S3 Elimination week ?

The first contestant who got evicted in the 1st Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination week was Akshay Waghmare.

How many contestants were there in Bigg boss Marathi season 3?

The season started with a total of 15 contestants. Currently there are 14 contestants at present after the 1st eviction of the season on 26 December 2021.

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  1. #faltubiggboss…ban bbm3..unfair with sona😑😑😑 sonali evicted after getting more votes than utkarsh and mirriii…shame on bb makers …bb bghne band

  2. vishal, sonali and minal and Vikas are playing well. Most probably one of the amongst them ll be winner of bigg boss of this season

    Vishal and minal good playing
    Dadus not playing game individual. I hate meera nad gaytri .cheater ..always and dramabaz .not honestly playing game both girl. Sonali vikas vishal and minal .good player.all the beat team .
    This Saturday will eliminate dadus or sneha …not well played task .

  3. vishal, sonali and minal and Vikas are playing well. Most probably one of the amongst them ll be winner of bigg boss of this season.


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