Canada Heat Wave Temperature in Different States and Cities

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Heat wave in canada

Canada Heat wave is seriously raising high concerns as the death toll is now touching 150+ figure. With the people not very much used to high temperatures in Canada, thus making the situation worse there. The temperature is rising now consecutively for almost 3 days. Hence triggering the no. of death cases there.

Talking about the Vancouver region of Canada, the death cases are as high as 130 numbers in just 3 days. This figure was however out by the Royal Canadian Police dept. in their latest reports.
We will now get to more on what are the possible reasons of unprecedented events like this. Is it just the high temperature or something else is provoking the death rates together. What is basically a heat wave, we will thus discuss about everything in detail. Read it in a go and understand the peculiar situation faced by Canadian people right now.

Canada Heat Wave Temperature Right Now

If you see the location of Canada so it is a peninsular country, surrounded by water. Hence, the average temperature is around 25-35 degree Celsius. And in the coastal region it lies almost close to 20-25 degree Celsius there. Thus, it is quite easy to guess that the people out there are not habitual of the temperature reaching almost 50 degree Celsius. And thus, this made the people quite furious as now we can finally sense the impact of climate change worldwide.

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Canadian Prime Minister is asking their citizens to not roam outside unnecessarily and thus must not stay thirsty for a long time. They must check in on their family members. Also this again led to the rise in selling of the A.C or the cooling systems and the ones who cant get are using their vehicles cooling for the time being.

But hold on there, it is not just the heat wave that has caused the havoc in Canada right now. As many other factors are also contributing their part in rising temperatures in Canada. We will definitely hop on to such factors as well later on in the article.

Canada Heat Waves : What causes them?

Currently everywhere in the news we are watching right now, there is a mention of “HEAT WAVE”. Hence, we must understand why we suddenly start referring a high temp to a HEAT WAVE. In any place, for instance this time lets take Canada. So when the current temp is higher comparing with the average temperature of that place for 3-4 days consecutively. Thus, then it is called as we know it as a Heat Wave running in that place.

Formation of Canada Heat waves:

It forms after the movement of the high pressure waves which moves constantly inwards and thus finally pushing the hot air near the ground. It then again gets heated and the process continues further. This is how the heat waves causes high temperature thus making it difficult for people to sustain without good cooling temperature.

Causes Of Canada Head Wave Current Temprature:

It is obviously a after effects of the climate change that is slowly peeking into our lives and thus making it unbearable for many. Along with this, due to the formation of “heat dome” which is quite common in summer season though. Moreover the extreme case of heat dome formation traps in the compressed air and thus makes the condition worse.

However this is quite peculiar if we talk about the case of Pacific Northwest region. As we haven’t seen such an intense heat dome formation here over the past years. But, now we have to be vigilant of how are we taking care our Planet Earth. After all, it is coming back to us. From unprecedented rainfalls, to heat waves we will have to indeed suffer a lot. if we are not ready to take the matter of Climate change seriously and follow the non conventional forms of energy.

North American States experiencing heat waves:

The North American continent is currently struggling with record high temperatures this week. Thus the scorching heat is going over 50 degree temperature currently.

Hottest cities are covered below:-

Name of the North American citiesTemperature
A. Salem47.22 degree Celsius
B. Oregon47.22 degree Celsius
C. British Columbia49.5 degree Celsius
D. Boston40 degree Celsius
E. Alberta35 degree Celsius
F. Lytton, British Columbia47.9 degree Celsius
G. Saskatchewan35 degree Celsius
H. Portland46.1 degree Celsius

Factors contributing Canada’s Heat Wave:

As we know the country is already facing the severity of the Heat Wave. Now adding fuel to this, recently a fire broke out in the Western part of Canada. It has increased the death toll to 100 now. Also, our negligence towards the climate can be seen clearly with this. With rising no. of the personal vehicles, huge amount of releasing harmful gases and the carbon dioxide has clearly increased the Earth’s average temperature.

Hence the need of the hour is our leaders pledging globally of working together for the sustainable development of all.

End of Canadian Heat Wave?

The current speculations of high temperature in the North American Continent will continue this week. However the climate experts are currently monitoring the situation and have given a positive news regarding the relief from the heat wave the following week. If we see Portland, the temperature is reaching the moderate level currently. However we must keep ourselves hydrated and take care of our near ones.

How to stay cool in unprecedented heat wave?

Now that the heat wave is here. Certainly we need to keep ourselves save from the intense heat of the sun. Here are few ways you can skip this heat wave and save yourself and the near ones:-

  • Drinking lots of healthy drinks and water. Make sure you are having water hourly and don’t let the heat waves affect you.
  • Binge on the fruits that have enough hydration capacity like watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple etc. Just stay away from fast and junk foods.
  • Stay in a cool place, with enough ventilation.
  • Avoid going out until and unless it is utmost required. Thus, the main aim is to stay away from the direct heat of the sun.
  • Provide shelter and help to the others in need.

FAQ’S On Canada’s Unprecedented Heat Wave:

I am currently near the Canada’s coastal region. Should I worry about the heat wave?

See chances are that the heat wave will not be that intense near the coastal regions. However, the impact can be seen. The average temperature has certainly risen from the previous 25 degree Celsius. Thus, stay hydrated and stay safe.

When will this get over?

Probably in a week as per our climate experts.

What is a heat wave actually? Why is it so dangerous?

I have already explained in ahead in the article. Yes it is proved to be very dangerous causing lives of around 150 people currently.

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  1. Some parts of Canada reported to be in grip of heat wave towards the last days of June and for some days of July in 2021
    According to news reports, some parts of Canada are reported to be in grip of heat wave towards the last days of June 2021 which is continuing during beginning of July. Vancouver and British Columbia have figured in the news. In Vancouver area, some 69 persons are reported to have died in a record-smashing heat wave engulfing the west of country and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The news report also said that most of the dead were elderly or people with underlying health conditions. British Columbia is reported to have set a new all-time high temperature record on Monday (28 June 2021).
    A still further period of one and a half month from June to mid- July in 2021 look to be shifting focus to sea and provinces in the proximity of sea in Canada. Energy resources like oil , gas , nuclear energy , solar energy , power dams and the like may be in the center of focus. Maritime issues and sea –wealth can engage attention. But all these circumstances may face funds shortage or funds outflow”.
    Vancouver and British Columbia are said to be near coast involving sea or proximity to sea. Further, solar energy hints to heat wave as well. Sea is seen to be engaging attention because large number in crowds are rushing to sea for defeating or getting relief from pinching heat of solar energy. Sea-wealth , that is, huge water body, is making them cool and happy. But that is not enough because they have to reach back home to face the heat. That is why funds shortage, that is, coolness from sea is also not doing enough. And this was predicted to come about during a period of one and a half month from 1 June to 15 July 2021. It seems the indication, over 9 months ago, was closer to happening for more care and appropriate strategy.

    Note1 :- The Link referred to here is not available/reachable presently. It was reachable until about three weeks past, has been made available to Canada’s readers between 21 September 2020 to about first week of June 2021.
    Note 2:- Some natural relief to control heat is suggested by planetary impacts to begin around 10 July and after in 2021 in Canada and elsewhere.

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