Covaxin Registration, Side Effects, Dose Gap, 1st 2nd Dose Slot Booking

Covaxin Registration. Vaccine availability. Efficacy rate of Covaxin. Side effects of vaccine. Minimum Covid vaccine 2nd dose gap. Security and Precautions after vaccination. Covaxin Effectiveness. How to book your Covaxin Slot now.

Covaxin Registration. Free for all. Min 2 doses needed.

Moving forward with govt.’s Make In India Policy and being the centre hub for largest vaccine production. Thus proving its proficiency in dealing the virus outbreak after releasing 2 imp. indigenous vaccines for the Covid-19. That is Covaxin and Covishield. Here although we will focus more on the Covaxin developed by the India’s Bharat Biotech in close association with ICMR. The govt. is currently providing 2 doses of the Covaxin freely in India. Hence to get your vaccine dose, you too need to register yourself for the Covaxin and following which you get the first dose.

We will be sharing now as to how you can thus effortlessly book your vaccine dose online . More about the total no. of doses, the efficacy provided after each dose. What are the necessary precautions you must take after your first jab to get the maximum benefit of the vaccine. Put your thoughts on the Covaxin below and most importantly sharing your experience of jab and its aftermath.

Covaxin Registration 1st 2nd Dose

The National Institute of Virology (NIV) of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) along with the Bharat Biotech Company. released the first indigenously developed vaccine in fight against the Novel Coronavirus last year. However if we talk about the main constituent of the COVAXIN, it is the “DEAD VIRUS”. Hence it can no longer effect the people, but at the same time increases the immunity of the system to fight with the virus in future.

Name of the VaccineCOVAXIN
DeveloperBharat Biotech and NIV.
Approval byGovt. of India.
Doses/ Jabs to be given2
Vaccine available for age groupAll 18+ age group.
Mode of registration for CovaxinOnline registration
Now register at

NOTE: Vaccines only build immunity against the viral loads/threats. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be roaming without masks, until and unless everyone is inoculated with both doses.

Covaxin Registration Online At

As the Covaxin vaccine was rolled out by Bharat Biotech in 2022. Since then after its trials on the human beings after done on the rats. It was thus then made available for the urgent classes of people back then. This included our doctors, police personals, armed forces and the municipality teams. Thus covering all the front line group of people to ensure their safety first. And with this, our elderly people were also given jabs as clearing out the possibility of them getting caught with coronavirus.

Slowly moving from 65+ vaccination category to 45+ this year and then finally the 18+ group is now ready to get the doses. India alone has by far vaccinated 35.1 cr. people. Which is thus indeed a very good no. seeing our population level and this no. is increasing at a good rate. Thanks to our doctors and the govt. for absolute free vaccination.

Witness Current vaccination rate: Registration Covid Vaccine Register Phone No, Aarogya Setu, Umang

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction: Name, Mobile No, Address Change

Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download Covid 1st 2nd Dose

How to Link Passport Number to Covid Vaccine Certificate @ Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration Covishield Covaxin

Covid Vaccination Centre Near Me Covishield Covaxin Vaccine Centres Walkin Address

Cowin Certificate Verification at For 1st, 2nd Dose

Currently as can be seen, more and more people are taking their jabs. So if you too are yet to get vaccine, get it now. I will tell you everything about the site, steps and much more next.

Now register for Covaxin Shot here:

Now check slots for  booking the covaxin/ covishield jabs next.

If you are applying for the first time, then follow the steps here:

  • Firstly either use the India made Arogya Setu App now at play store. Or else you can also visit the COWIN site for the registration. Thus to enter Cowin use the link
  • Secondly, now here you will see the “BOOK YOUR SLOT” option. Thus tap it to reach the next page.
  • After this, enter your mobile no. succeeded by the OTP.
  • Then you have to give the PIN Code of your area to get the Nearest vaccination centre.
  • Enter your ID for the registration and yes, do not forget to bring it to the vaccination centre as a proof.
  • Finally choose/ Schedule your appointment. You can choose Covaxin vaccine from the ones available and click on it. Check on the age group and then the suitable timing to finally proceed.

NOTE: Now you can also bring 3 extra members and help them getting their jabs.

COVAXIN : Aftereffects/ Reactions :

After your first dose of vaccination is over, you are asked to sit for half and hour there only. This is thus done to check if the individual is alright or not or to see for any other side effects of the doses. Also after the Covaxin, some common aftermaths are tehre. For instance, swelling of the area of jab, slight heating up of the hand and body, pain and itchiness in the hand. Also chills and fever are there at time.

Remember that all the above side effects are not subject to all the people taking vaccine. As there are many people who feel absolutely fine even after talking both the doses. Hence, it depends on body as well. But however as all these symptoms are temporary thus you don’t worry. though take extra precautions for coming 2-3 days.

Precautions after 1st dose:

Avoid going out for a day or two. This is recommended as your body’s immunity goes down for 2-3 days after the first dose. Hence, chances are there that you might attract flu or other infections in that case. Thus meanwhile you should take extra protein rich diet and fresh fruits full of vitamin C and leafy vegetables to keep your immunity strong.

Also “MASK” is all time necessary even if you are fully vaccinated, until and unless everyone is vaccinated.

Adequacy of COVAXIN Prescribed Doses:

According to the WHO, any vaccine above the 50% efficacy mark is safe for the people. And talking about the COVAXIN, the efficacy rates prove to be 78% in first dose and 100% in the second dose. But as now we have the cases of the Delta variant as well worldwide. Thus, scientists once again started checking the vaccine efficacy of all the models. Thus in the above findings, COVAXIN efficacy dropped to 61% from the earlier 78%. However for the COISHIELD it is currently at 65% for the same strain.

Total recommended doses for the COVAXIN Vaccine is 2 doses. in next 28 days / 6-8 weeks following first jab. Now this is needed as to give good immunity booster to the patient. Hence you must follow the required gap to get best results.

Booking for 2nd dose of COVAXIN

With the mobile no. you gave while registering for the first time, in the same you will get a text reminder for the next jab of COVAXIN. Hence, you must again follow the above steps for the second dose as well.

However, this time login with same no. and the ID. Just this time add your nearest centre for Jab and time and you are good to go.

COVAXIN Registration Imp. Links

Know your COVAXIN
COVAXIN Registration at

FAQ’s : Vaccine Doses, adequacy Registration:

Why the 2nd dose for the Covaxin not changed like Covishield?

The vaccine efficacy for COVAXIN remains for 6-8 weeks unlike the Covishield which lasted for 12-16 weeks. Hence the covaxin must be given after 6-8 week period.

COVAXIN or COVISHIELD ? Which one to take?

Take any. Just get vaccinated. Both are effective. moreover precaution are needed in both of them. Hence follow that.

After taking Covaxin am i safe or prolong towards Delta strain?

Although the efficacy has come down to 61% the earlier, but still gives us immunity against other strains. However at our hand, we can follow prescribed set of precautions to keep us and near ones safe.

What is the official website?

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