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Maharashtra Police E Pass Registration 2021, Download Maharashtra Covid 19 Curfew Epass, E-pass Application Status, EPass Apply Online 2021. The virus has been spreading rapidly across the nation. But, a few cities and states are seeing a very high increase. Due to this, Maharashtra Police has announced carrying an e-pass for travel. You can read about e-Pass Registration Form 2021 here. e-Pass Registration Form 2021

With the increasing cases, the governments have been increasing restrictions for people. These restrictions will help to prevent people from going out unnecessarily. Furthermore, people have to follow proper social distancing norms if they step out of their houses for some important work. The Maharashtra Police has released a notice on Friday. The notice reads that if a person has to travel inter-district and inter-state, he can do it only in extreme emergency cases. No person will be allowed to move without an e-Pass that too unnecessarily. The Maharashtra government has put new restrictions on wedding functions, travel, and office attendance from Thursday onwards. Before this, since 14th April 2021, Maharashtra was under restrictions.

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Maharashtra Police e-Pass Apply Online 2021

The citizens of Maharashtra were under serious restrictions since 14th April 2021. Now, from Friday onwards, the restrictions have been made more strict. To save people from getting the virus, the government has recently announced the e-pass system again. Only people with emergency cases will be allowed to travel. These travels will be for, both inter-district and inter-state. Therefore, only people in extreme emergency situations will get to travel. You have to go to the for the e-Pass Registration. If people are unable to fill in the form or don’t have access to the e-pass system, they can visit their nearest police stations.

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The Police personnel will help those who are stuck in filling in the forms. Apart from this, the help from Police will help the people in the facilitation of their journeys. Also, earlier, the authorities had no plans of providing e-Passes. However. then, due to the increasing cases, the need to provide e-Passes only for necessary travel was felt. Moreover, Maharashtra Police has decided to offer color-coded e-Passes for a variety of emergency cases. The government had to come up with this because on Thursday, Maharashtra saw 67,016 new Covid-19 cases. Also, the death tally so far has been 62,479. It’s completely on the public now to save themselves and others by not moving out unnecessarily. E Pass

CaseExtreme Emergency e-Pass Registration e-Pass Apply Online 2021

We have informed the readers about the need and the reason for the government coming up with this decision so far. Now, it’s important for you to know the e-Pass Registration process. This is to help you to know what to do and when to do it in case, any emergency situation arrives. In a few days or so if there is a need for you to travel, you will have to go through the points here. Self Registration

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  • Visit the official e-Pass registration portal, i.e.
  • There, you will see the ‘Apply for Pass Here’ link. Go to it.
  • Now, you will need to select the district that you have to travel to.
  • In the next step, you have to fill in all the necessary details.
  • Now, you have to provide the reason for your travel to the district.
  • Then, you have to provide all the related documents online.
  • Then, check the form once and finally, submit it.
  • Once you do this, a token will be sent to your mobile number. This is for verification.
  • You will use the token ID to get your e-Pass after the verification and approval processes are complete.
  • Now, this e-Pass will consist of your vehicle number, details, validity, and QR code.
  • You have to keep its hard copy for further use.

Maharashtra Police Covid-19 e-Pass Application: Points to Remember

Readers, now we shall present the points that you need to remember before applying for the Maharashtra e-Pass for travel purposes.

  • People related to essential service-providing jobs do not have to apply for an e-Pass.
  • Every individual or group will be able to apply on the same platform.
  • People unable to access the system can get things done after visiting the nearest police station.

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Website e-Pass Registration Online Form 2021 FAQs

Is it mandatory for citizens of Maharashtra to carry an e-Pass for inter-district travel?

Yes, it is mandatory for citizens of Maharashtra to carry an e-Pass for inter-district travel that too in emergency situations.

If needed, can people from Maharashtra go out of the state?

Yes, people can travel outside of Maharashtra if needed, but they have to travel with an e-Pass from the government.

Where can we go for Maharashtra Police e-Pass registration?

you have to visit the website for the e-Pass registration.

Do the essential commodities suppliers also have to carry an e-Pass?

No, they don’t need an e-Pass to travel to and fro within the state or outside.

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