CoWin App Registration, Vaccine 1st/ 2nd Dose Slot Booking

As this new unprecedented pandemic brought with it trail of deadly effects. So the onus was then on the medical teams and the vaccine companies of the country. As they had to roll out the right vaccine for safeguarding their citizens. So, indeed India stood out in the same and rolled out Covaxin and Covishield. Now these jabs were first given to the Old people of age >65. After which it was later on given to people of age group 18+.

And we are also rolling out the vaccine for the children, so that in the upcoming wave we can ensure their safety too. Now the vaccination program is carried with the help of Cowin site, Arogya Setu App, UMANG portal and CoWin App. So for the same first you will have to do the registration and afterwards you will get to select the slot for the same.

Therefore, now we will have a look at the process of vaccine registrations in the CoWin Application. And moreover we will also check the ways to book your 1st or 2nd dose on the same.

CoWin App Registration :

With almost 60 cr. people who have been vaccinated so far, we have to increase the no. of people getting vaccinated in the upcoming days. So this is basically carried out through many ways. And therefore many sites are being rolled out by the government so that they can make the registration process easier. And what is better than the Mobile application, that you can open and easily book the slot anytime.

So the CoWin App Registration let you book your desirable vaccine slot along with the facility of checking the center and date. And the same is applicable for booking the active slots for the people above 18 yrs. The CoWin app is available at the google play store. And around 87 lakh people have downloaded it and have booked the vaccine through the same.

Now the government has launched many platforms that let you book your slot and thereby reschedule the timings for the same. Although it is then your duty to perform the actions and thus get your doses on time. This is very important, as already we have seen the worst phase of the pandemic in its 3rd wave. Now that we have the fear of the next wave, so its better to get the vaccine and finally improve the efficiency of your immune system.

Download CoWin Application:

First of all in order to perform the actions, you will need to have the mobile application on your smart phones. Thereby you can book the preferable slots according to your time lines.

  • Firstly you will have to open the play store in your smartphones.
  • Secondly now you will have to type “CoWin Vaccinator App” and proceed with searching the same.
  • Afterwards you will have to accept some terms and conditions and finally press the “Install” button there.
  • Finally your CoWin App is installed on your device.

CoWin App Registration Process:

Now that you have already installed the CoWin application on your device. So it is the time for the registration process. Therefore I am sharing the same with you here, and even you can book your slots or for your near ones:

  • Firstly all you have to do is to go to the installed application and thereby open it.
  • Secondly now you will see 2 option, “Sign Up/ Login”. Now Login is for the ones who have already registered. So you will then proceed with the registration.
  • Thereafter you will have to put your active no. on the tab and after that enter the OTP there.
  • Afterwards you will then have to submit to enter and start the CoWin App Registration there.
  • For this you will just have to put your area’s PIN Code there.
  • Thereafter you will see many vaccination centers nearby that place.
  • Then you can choose details. For instance:
    • Your age group (65+, 45+ or 18+)
    • Afterwards your center and the type of vaccine as available there. Covaxin/ Covishield/ Sputnik V etc.
    • Later on you will have to see the no. of bookings available for the 1st or the 2nd dose.
  • Finally you will have to provide the ID type (can be any of the official govt. id).
  • Lastly submit it and your Booking will be confirmed via the text message on your phone.

Please note that you will have to bring your phone no. and the ID card as used by you in the CoWin App Registration. Thereafter you will get your 1st/ 2nd dose on your respective centres. Likewise you can book for 3 more people along with your for both the doses.

Get 1st/ 2nd Dose Vaccination Certificates:

Now that you have been already vaccinated or going to have one. Then it is important that you get the certificates of the same. As then it lets you to enjoy great discounts on many sites. For instance in your fight bookings, or in Dominos as you place online order and many such other sites are offering the same to. See this is all done to encourage people to take the vaccines on time. And by this they can save themselves and their families too.

Now the following steps will let you download the certificates for the same:

  • Firstly you will have to again open the CoWin application.
  • Afterwards now you will have to again enter the no. and OTP/ Password to login.
  • Thereafter you will the option of the “Download Certificate” there.
  • So you must click on the same. Afterwards your certificate will automatically the get donwloaded.

Please note that, in case you have taken a single dose, then you will get 1 certificate for the same. However as you have completed both the doses. Then both 1st and the 2nd certificate will be merged together. And so you will get again a single certificate for the same. Vaccination Certificate Download Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration Covishield / Covaxin

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CoWin Vaccinator App FAQ’s:

Can I register for both the doses here?

Yes you can register for that using the application or even the CoWin portal.

Can I update or make some corrections on my certificate too?

Yes you can. It can be done on their portal.

How to verify the certificate?

You can do that on the CoWin portal. This can be done by checking the QR code present on your certificate, as you open the camera of your device or the laptop. Afterwards the details will get verified.

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