Link Passport Number To Vaccine Certificate At App

Now you can link your Link Passport No to Covid Vaccine Certificate using Co-Win mobile app, which can be downloaded from google play store or use website for Covid Vaccination Certificate Passport Link officially. To Link Link Passport No to Covid Vaccine Certificate must visit Since the vaccination program started in India, a lot of developments have taken place regarding vaccination. After few weeks of the beginning, the government started providing certificates.

Then, the government made it mandatory for recipients to carry the second dose vaccination certificate. Now, in the latest development, the government has made it mandatory for the people to Passport Number to Covid Vaccine Certificate. For that, we have written How to Link Passport No to Covid Vaccine Certificate on

Link Passport Number To Vaccine Certificate At App

Now that the countries have started allowing Indian citizens, they have asked the citizens to Link Passport No with covid certificate. Since this comes as a big turn in the way the certificate has developed, authorities have started taking it seriously. Aarogya Setu announced in its Twitter account that now people can add passport numbers to their Vaccination certificates.

This is important if they wish to travel to the UAE, the USA, Uk, Europe, and Australia, along with others. Therefore, if you are willing to go abroad, go through the linking steps below.

How to Link Passport Number to Covid Vaccine Certificate Vaccination Service Link To Passport

Cowin App Passport Number Link To Covid Vaccination Certificate

Co-Win has come as the tech backbone of the vaccination drive of India. India was the first country that started providing vaccination certificates. The platform is also available as an app too and all the facilities can be accessed on the website, as well as on the platform. Also, it is linked with the Aarogya Setu app and the app now shows blue ticks on receiving both doses successfully. Also, one can register from two different numbers and merge them into one.

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Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download Link Passport No the Vaccine certificate

Now, we would like to tell you why it is important for people to Link Passport No the Vaccine certificate. The countries are now asking for vaccination certificates from people coming from abroad. This is for education, job, and sports purposes. Now that Tokyo Olympics is about to start, the nations need their players to receive the vaccine doses on time.

How to Link Passport No to Vaccine Certificate at ?

  • The first step is to get yourself vaccinated. For this, the person has to register himself on the official websites/ platforms and get the vaccine dose.
  • You can do so by reading other of our posts on Covid-19 vaccine registration.
  • Then, you obtain your certificate and now you have o login on to the Co-Win website.
  • After logging in successfully with your mobile number, you have to go to the Raise an Issue section on the website.
  • From there, go to the Account Details section.
  • Then, three options will be available to you. These are Certificate Correction, Add Passpport Details, and Merge Multiple Dose#1.
  • Choose Add Passport Details from the website.
  • Now, you will be taken to a new page where you have to add the Passport details of the person.
  • After that, select the member and enter their passport number on the screen. The section there is Enter Beneficiary’s Passport Number.
  • Make sure you enter the corect passport number under the correct person’s details. Then, submit the page.
  • Now, you will receve a message on your number that the request is accepted and once it’s complete, you will receive the text Updated Successfully on your phone.
  • Then, go back to the Account Details option on the screen and now download your certificate with the Passport number updated on it. You can now carry it abroad or wherever it is required.

From the paragraph above, you know why it’s important to Link Passport No with Vaccine Certificate. Only if you have taken care of this process, you will be able to travel abroad for whatever reason there is. However, if you fail to do so, the authorities may not allow you to go outside. Now that it’s an important process, you must know the steps to complete it. Linking Passport No With Covid Certificate

Cowin Link Passport No to Covid Vaccine CertificateClick Here To Link
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Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate and Cowin Link Passport FAQs

To update the Passport Number on the certificate, do we have to download the Co-Win app?

No, one can update the Passport number on the certificate with the help of the website also. You don’t have to use the app.

Is it now mandatory for a trip abroad to get the Cowin passport number linked?

Yes, to go abroad, one has to Passport No with the Covid-9 vaccination certificate.

Can we make amendments to the website from another number and merge them?

Yes, now a person can merge two numbers if he registered using two different numbers.

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  1. Unable to add passport number in vaccination certificate as it is saying passport number already in use please help me out regarding this issue I need to travel abroad

  2. Linked my vaccine certificate with passport number.
    The new certificate has a wrong date of the first dose.
    The option of changing the vaccine date is not available in raise an issue.
    How do I correct this?


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