Vaccination Certificate Download – Umang, Digilocker App

Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, 1st Dose Vaccine Certificate Download Without Beneficiary ID, Umang App, Digilocker. You can also download your Covid Vaccine Certificate through state wise apps given below. 1st and 2nd Dose Vaccine Certificate Download, Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download, Sputnik V, Covaxin 1st Dose Vaccination Certificate Download, Covishield Vaccine Certificate 1st Dose. Download Cowin Vaccine Certificate online.

Since January, the government has provided Covid-19 vaccines to millions of people. This distribution took place in various phases. Now, the third phase is going on and with this, many developments have already taken place. Also, with the Covid-19 vaccination, it’s important for people to get their Cowin Vaccine Certificate Downloaded. Thus, we shall talk about the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate. Vaccination Certificate Download

  • For this, the recipient has to visit the Cowin portal/ website at
  • At first, one has to sign-in on the website and then log in.
  • After logging in there, you have to visit the dashboard. There, you choose the first and the second dose of vaccination.
  • Once vaccinated, the recipients get the Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download from the website dashboard. Vaccination Certificate Download Covid-19 Beneficiary ID Certificate

Here, we shall tell you the second method of downloading the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate. You can use this method as well to get your certification easily.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

Digilocker Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

  • Download the Digilocker app, if you don’t use the app already.
  • Now, go to the Central Government tab on the app.
  • This is a tab from the Ministry of Family Welfare.
  • Then, the app asks for the 13-digit Beneficiary ID that you receive on booking the slots.
  • Once you enter it, your status can be seen on the app.
  • Then, you can easily download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate whenever you get the second dose of the vaccine.

Another important method that recipients have been using to get their Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate is Digilocker. So, go through the steps to use Digilocker.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download Umang App

  • The users have to download the Umang App on their phones if the app is not on their phones.
  • Then, you have to go to the What’s New tab on the app. In this tab, you will see the Cowin option.
  • On clicking this option, you have to go to the Covid-19 Certificate Vaccination Download.
  • Then, you need to enter the mobile number and the OTP that you received.
  • After this, you have to provide the beneficiary’s name there.
  • On entering the details, you can download the Covid-19 Certificate from the app.
Vaccine Certificate Umang App
Vaccination Certificate Download Umang

Today, it is possible for the beneficiaries to get certificates and other details from the Cowin website, Umang App, Aarogya Setu app, Digilocker, etc. Also, you can get the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate without a Beneficiary ID. Now, to know the complete process, read the points.

Cowin Covid-1 Vaccine Certificate Download Dose 1 2 Aarogya Setu

  • Go to the Aarogya Setu app on your phone and you can download it as well from the Play Store and App Store.
  • After providing the test and the registration details on the app, you have to go to the Cowin Tab there.
  • Now, you need to register and complete your application.
  • You get a beneficiary ID, enter it there.
  • Then, the Covid-19 vaccination status is updated there and you can download the certificate there.

Beneficiaries, the third prevalent method that we would like to mention now is the use of the Aarogya Setu app for the certificate download. Aarogya Setu is an app that every Indian is using today, as it has been made mandatory by the government. For travel and work purposes also, the authorities check the Aarogya Setu app Vaccination Certificate Download and its status. Thus, we shall talk about this method.

Links To Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate DownloadActivated Link – Check
Vaccine Certificate Via Umang AppDirect Link – Umang Portal
Vaccination Certificate Via Aarogya Setu AppDownload Aarogya Setu App
Vaccination Certficate Download Via DigilockerDirect Link – Digilocker GoI
Vaccine Certificate CorrectionsClick Here For Correction
Vaccination Certificate VerificationClick Here to Verify
2nd Dose RegistrationClick Here To Register
All India Free Vaccine Policy RegistrationClick Here To Register
RelatedSputnik V Register
WebsiteVisit Here

Cowin Portal Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Download 1st Dose

When the vaccination program began, the government started providing the recipients with a Vaccination Certificate. After the first dose of the vaccine, the recipients receive a beneficiary ID and a certificate. This Cowin Vaccine Certificate shows the completion of the first dose. Then, after the desired waiting period, when the recipients receive the second dose, the authorities provide them with the completion certificate.

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Cowin Registration (1 Click)Covid Vaccination Certificate Download (Now)

From then on, these recipients can take the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate wherever they go and show the Cowin Vaccine Certificate as proof. Thus, the government made it mandatory for the recipients to have their Covid-19 vaccine certificate. Now that it’s been a long since the beginning of the vaccination program, it has become a big responsibility for the authorities to provide the certificates. Also, now you get many ways to download the Cowin Vaccination Certificate from various platforms.

Cowin Covid Vaccine Certificate Download Using Beneficiary ID

Centralized free vaccine policy has started from 21 June 2021 onward. Prime minister Narendra modi said that Vaccination is free for all either poor, middle class or upper class. Government India has procured 75% of total vaccines and will continue to do so. 25% is fixed with private hospitals and service charge cannot be more than 150 Rs.

As mentioned above, now there are many ways of downloading the Cowin Vaccination Certificate. Unlike earlier, now the recipients can get the certificates without using their beneficiary IDs. Now, the Cowin Vaccination Certificate can be downloaded using a phone number. In this post, we shall discuss the various methods and apps on which you can download the certificate. Before that, it’s important to understand that after the first dose, the people receive a provisional certificate.

The beneficiary ID they have is a 13-digit ID they receive while Self Registering on Cowin Portal. Also, there have been cases when people have seen mistakes on the certificates. Thus, now the beneficiaries can edit the changes and then get the certificate. These details can be regarding the gender, birth year, ID number, etc. Therefore, if you wish to know about the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download, you can read the post.

State Wise Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download

StateVaccine CertificateRegional Apps/Portals
Andhra Pradesh Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCOVID-19 Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereCovidCare
Assam Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCOVAAS
Bihar Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereSanjivan
Chhattisgarh Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCG Covid-19
Goa Covid Vaccination CertificateClick
Gujarat Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereSMC COVID-19 Tracker
Haryana Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereHaryana Sahayak
Himachal Pradesh Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick
Jharkhand Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereJharkhand Sahayta
Karnataka Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereSeva Sindhu
Kerala Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereGOK Direct
Madhya Pradesh Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereMP COVID Response App
Maharashtra Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereMahakavach
Manipur Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereMHIM app
Meghalaya Covid Vaccination CertificateClick
Mizoram Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HeremCOVID-19
Nagaland Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HerenCOVID-19
Odisha Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCOVID-19 Odisha
Punjab Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereCOVA Punjab
Rajasthan Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereRajCovidInfo
Sikkim Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereServicePlus Sikkim
Tamil Nadu Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCOVID-19 Care TN
Telangana Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereT COVID’19
Tripura Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereTripura COVID19 Portal
Uttar Pradesh Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereAyush Kavach
Mera Covid Kendra
Uttarakhand Covid Vaccination CertificateClick HereUttarakhand CV 19
West Bengal Covid 19 Vaccine CertificateClick HereCVR App

UT Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

Name of UTCovid-19 Care App
Andaman and Nicobar Island Covid Vaccination
Chandigarh Covid Vaccination
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Covid Vaccination
Delhi Covid Vaccination CertificateDelhi Corona
Ladakh Covid Vaccination
Lakshadweep Covid Vaccination
Jammu and Kashmir Covid Vaccination CertificateCovid-19 Helpline J&K
Puducherry Covid Vaccination CertificateNAADI App

FAQs For Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Download 1st 2nd Dose

How To Download Cowin 2nd Dose Vaccination Certificate ?

procedure to download Cowin Vaccine Certificate through beneficiary ID, Umang App, Aarogya setu app and Digilocker is updated here.

From Where Can i Download Covishield 1st Dost Vaccination Certificate ?

it is very simple, visit this page, complete process is displayed to download Vaccination Certificate.

How To Download Covaxin Vaccine 1st Dose Certificate ?

Visit official website from there you will be able to download your Covaxin 1st Dost Vaccination Certificate.

People those who did not get covid vaccination certificate ?

Well, if you did not get any Cowin Vaccine Certificate, Don’t panic. you must have received a message on your Registered Mobile Number including your Beneficiary ID, if you have that.

What is a beneficiary ID?

The government provides a beneficiary ID to the people, which is a 13-digit unique ID for booking slots or even making changes on the dashboard.

Is it possible to edit the information on the certificate received after vaccination?

Yes, now, the government has made it possible to change the information if it’s wrong on the certificate. You can do this on the Cowin website.