7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28% To Central Government Employee

A few days back, the Finance Ministry announced that there is no update related to the increment in dearness allowance of government employees. This also includes dearness allowance to the pensioners of the Central government. In this post, we shall tell you more regarding the 7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28%. Check 7th Pay Commission DA Hike News and Salary Increase of Government employees.

7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28%

A tweet from the Ministry of Finance mentioned that a document is being discussed on social media these days. This is regarding the DA to the employees of the Central government (including retired). As per the document, the government will start providing Dearness Relief to the employees from July 2021 onwards. On this, the Ministry said that the Office Memorandum is fake and that the government has not mentioned any such notice. Because of the pandemic last year, the government kept the 7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28% is now released. This was regarding over 50 lakh government employees and 61 lakh pension seekers. The holding period got over on 30th June 2021 and thus, now the document is doing rounds on the same. In the coming time, the government may decide on it very soon and announce it to the public.

DA Central Government Employees Hike: 7th Pay Commission News Update
7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28%

7th Pay Commission DA Increase From 17% To 28%

Considering the pandemic and the increasing cases, last year, the government announced a delay in the increment of the 7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28% that was to start in February 2020. Talking about the probable time of increment, the Ministry can start it by September 2021. However, this is tentative and the government will notify in case of any change. In a meeting of the Finance Ministry, the Department of Personnel & Training, and the National Council of Joint Consultative Machinery, this timeline was decided. Once the Dearness Allowance is provided, it will add to the basic salary that the employees and retired employees receive. But, for now, the government has notified that the public has to wait for at least two months to receive the hike.

Talking about the revision of DA, the government receives it twice every year in January and July. Currently, the employees of Central Government provide 17% of salary as DA to the employees. In 2020, the 7th Pay Commission DA Hike 28%, but due to the pandemic, the government had to delay the plan. Talking about the DA calculation, now when the DA & DR resume, the employees will get from 17% to 31%. This is divided as a hike due from January 2021 and becomes 17 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 3/4.

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Central Government Employees DA Hike Percentage

If what the government has notified that DA & DR will start from September is true, the employees get a double bonanza then. Since the notice of the government in 2020, the government suspended DA and DR for 18 months. This time ended in June 2021. Thus, there were claims that the government will start the hike from July 2021, which the Ministry said is a fake announcement. However, as far as the hike is concerned, employees and pensioners will receive DA for January 2020, June 2020, and January 2021 collectively. In this, the Allowance for July 2021 will also be there along with previous installments.

7th Pay Commission DA Hike Salary Increment to Govt Employees

Now, we would like to talk about the 7th Pay Commission and Dearness Allowance. The government of India constituted the 7th Pay Commission in February 2014 that introduced changes in the pay, rank structure, allowances, and pension of armed forces personnel. This brought more clarity and understanding to the pay and allowances of the forces personnel which wasn’t there in the 5th CPC and 6th CPC. Talking about Dearness Allowance (DA), the government pays it to the employees and pensioners. With the help of Dearness Allowance (DA), people get to cope with increasing prices due to inflation.

Here, we would also like to give you the method of calculating Dearness Allowance.

Central Government Employees DA Hike- {(Average of All India Consumer Price Index for 12 months – 115.76)/ 115.76} * 100

Central Public Sector Employees- {(Average of All India Consumer Price Index for last three months – 126.33)/ 126.33} * 100

With the information that we have provided above, you know much about the 7th CPC and DA now. Also, in the coming time, you will surely know about the hike that will restart.

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DA 7th Pay Commission DA Hike FAQs

Does the government add the Dearness Allowance to the salary of the employees and pensioners?

Yes, the government adds the Dearness Allowance to the salary of the employees and pensioners.

What is the formula for calculating Dearness Allowance?

If you wish to know the Dearness Allowance formula, you can check it in the post above.

Is the Ministry of Finance going to restart DA hike from 1st July 2021?

No, the Ministry of Finance has asked the public to wait till September 2021 before it restarts the hike in DA DR.

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