e-SHRAM eKYC 2022 Aadhar, ई-श्रम को आधार कार्ड से कैसे लिंक करें ?

e-SHRAM eKYC Process 2022 is well explained here: here is the full e-KYC process explained below for your e-SHRAM Card. Here we will be going to understand the real importance this e-KYC so important for all the bearers of E-SHRAM Card KYC Via Aadhar Card. Also we will see is it important and necessary for all the registered workers at e-SHRAM portal to do this eKYC soon. Follow the full article to resolve all your doubts regarding the process and thus you too can do it using easy method as explained below.


So lakhs of unorganized sector workers have already registered themselves at http://eshram.gov.in. Thereby they have also started getting the amount of Rs. 1000 in their accounts this month. However if you haven’t registered yet or are wondering why your amount has not been credited then check our https://nhmpunjab.in page to know all there. As many people are continuously searching ई-श्रम ई-केवाईसी कैसे करे 2022 ? जाने ई-केवाईसी अपडेट करने का आसन तारिका यह.

e-SHRAM Card 2nd Installment List

register.eshram.gov.in Portal Registration

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E-Shram Card 1st Installment 2022

e-SHRAM e-KYC Process 2022

So now you could be seen asking for the E-shram e-KYC process 2022 as soon as possible. Thereafter there must a question in our mind, that why even after the registration is over, still there is a need for doing KYC. So we will be telling you this now. The main reason to complete the KYC process is explained here. Now as you know during your registration, the main step was to enter your Aadhar card no.. Thereafter all the details were directly accessed there. In case you have not done e-KYC, then any changes you make in your current Aadhar card, they will not get updates there at e-SHRAM card.

eshram.gov.in ई-श्रम ई-केवाईसी कैसे करे 2022

A. Category e-SHRAM e-KYC Process 2022
B. Who all can doOnly Registered unorganized sector workers at e-SHRAM site
C. Last DateCurrently active
D. e-KYC processAvailable on eshram.gov.in
E. Portal eshram.gov.in

e-Shram Card Download Pdf

E-Shram Card 1st Installment

E-Shram Card Payment Status

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For instance, if you have changed your pic or your current address at Aadhar card, then the same will not get reflected on your e-SHRAM card. Therefore you do not have to go and make changes manually in the SHRAM card next. Thus, all the changes will be automatically happen in your e-SHRAM card too. And this is why there is need for e-SHRAM e-KYC Process 2022. So I believe now you know why this is so important and must be done as soon as possible.

Also in many cases, the registered workers @ e-SHRAM are unable to see their picture in the card. So once you are done with the e-KYC, then you will start seeing the picture too. This is also why this E-shram e-KYC is so important @ e-SHRAM card.

Process To Do e-SHRAM e-KYC Aadhar Card 2022

So above I have explained in detail the need of e-SHRAM e-KYC Aadhar Card 2022 here. Thus now here we will look at how we can easily do this process ourselves. You can thus check the steps and follow them as listed to do the e-KYC at e-SHRAM portal yourself.

  1. First step is to go and open the direct page of e-SHRAM Self registration 2022, the link is here.
  2. Next is to then check the option of Update KYC under the Already Registered column.
  3. Thereafter put your mob. no. which is linked with the Aadhar card along with the code as provided there.
  4. Finally open with the OTP which has appeared on your text afterwards.
  5. Next, update e-KYC will appear over your screen. Therefore below this you will get the space to enter your Aadhar Card no. again with given code.
  6. Lastly the option of VALIDATE e-KYC will appear on your screen, any by checking the same, your e-KYC is now over.

Thereafter the process is over, now any changes you will be making there at Aadhar, then automatically same will get reflected at your e-SHRAM card too. Now the major benefit is that you can directly download the updated e-SHRAM card too after carrying out the e-KYC update. The e-SHRAMa e-KYC Process 2022 is so easy that you can easily do it for yourself and also for your family & friends.

Links To Do eShram Card EKYC Via Aadhar Card

Direct Link To Update e-KYC @ e-SHRAMUpdate Here
Official WebsiteClick here
Our Portalnhmpunjab.in

FAQs on ई-श्रम ई-केवाईसी कैसे करे 2022

I have already registered at e-SHRAM, do I need to do e-KYC too?

yes. You must complete the e-KYC process too. The process is too easy and you can do it yourself too, just follow the process here.

Is it mandatory to do the e-KYC at e-SHRAM?

Yes, this is because if you want to update the details of changes at your Aadhar card in the e-SHRAM card, then you will not be able to do it manually. So it is important to do it.

Ye eshram.gov.in ई-श्रम ई-केवाईसी कैसे करे 2022?

The process is given in detail here , click to read the entire e-SHRAM e-KYC Process 2022 in easy way here.

I have already registered @ e-SHRAM, however my picture is still not available there. What to do?

You need to do the e-SHRAM e-KYC Process 2022. Then the picture will appear too.

What is the E-Shram II installment registration date?

The E-shram 2nd installment registrations have already started, Candidates can go through the article to register themselves for the E-Shram Second Installment 2022.

What is the official website of E-shram?


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