E-Shram Card Payment Status 2022, ₹1000 पहली किश्त Status Check

Check E-Shram Card Payment Status 2022 here at eshram.gov.in and Get access to the first installment of ₹1000, no matter where you reside. So, If you are waiting to get ₹1000 in your bank account, then you are at perfect place. The amount will be directly rolled out in your respective accounts. Check your e-Shram Payment Status 2022 / E-shram पहली किश्त Status 2022 and the E-SHRAM Payment Release Date 2022 here at eshram.gov.in.

E-SHRAM Payment Status Check 2022

This has made it easy to directly provide the benefits of the schemes to the needy ones. Therefore no role of third party any more here. Hence with this, the unorganized sector Labours are directly getting E-shram Card ₹1000 पहली किश्त Status check here.

E-Shram Card Payment Status 2022

अब तक पूरे भारत में लगभग 22 करोड़ व्यक्तियों ने असंगठित कामगारों के राष्ट्रीय डेटाबेस (NDUW)/eSHRAM पोर्टल पर अपना पंजीकरण कराया है। वहीं करीब 5 करोड़ लोग उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य से ही हैं। अब इन सभी श्रमिकों को उन योजनाओं का लाभ मिलता है जो उनके लिए विशेष रूप से शुरू की गई हैं। इसके बाद जिन लोगों ने अपना पंजीकरण कराया है, उन्हें अब इस बार एक साथ दो महीने की किश्त मिल रही है.

e-SHRAM Card 2nd Installment List

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E-Shram Card 1st Installment List

UP E Shram Card Payment Status

Now one thing to note here is that the amount that is being transferred here is given under the Maintenance Allowance. The amount of ₹1000 is directly transferred to their bank accounts. Thus you can check too the E-shram पहली किश्त Status 2022 and see if you have received it or not yet.

If you haven’t checked your E-Shram Card Bhatta Status 2022, then follow this article till the end and find it now. Moreover we will also share here the E-Shram Card Payment Release Date 2022 and E-shram ₹1000 पहली किश्त Status, later here.

eshram.gov.in Card ₹1000 Payment Status 2022

A. Article Categorye-SHRAM Payment Status
B. Issued byMinistry of Labour & Employment, GOI
C. Portal Namee-SHRAM
D. RegistrationsOpen
E. Who all can applyall the workers of unorganized sector
F. e-SHRAM Payment Statuseshram.gov.in
G. 1st Installment Amt.₹ 1000
H. Portal Linkeshram.gov.in/e-shram-portal

ई-श्रम EKYC Via Aadhar Card

e-Shram Card Download Pdf

E-shram पहली किश्त Status 2022 Release Date

So according to the E-SHRAM Bhatta 2022, all the workers of the unorganized sector who have registered themselves here at the e-SHRAM portal. Will thus get the E-shram Chard ₹1000 पहली किश्त in their accounts directly. The process has already started and so all the workers can access the amount from their accounts . However there can be seen many confusions in the labours regarding the e-SHRAM ₹1000 Payment Status 2022. So this article will clear all the doubts and you will be able to check various ways to know if you have received the amt. or not.

However the Min. of Labour & Employment has clarified that all the workers will get the amount by this month itself. But in case you have not received it yet, then you can wait till the next week and if still it is not credited. Then you can contact them via the contact details as mentioned on the e-SHRAM portal. However it is likely that you will receive it by this month.

Steps To Check e-SHRAM Card Payment Status 2022 @ eshram.gov.in

There are many ways to check your e-SHRAM Card Payment Status 2022. The very easy way is to check your E-SHRAM Payment Status 2022 by using your mobile. As during the time of the registration, you must have shared your mobile no. there. Thereafter as soon as the payment is done, you will then receive the notification of the payment on your no. as well. Moreover you will also get the notification if the same no. is attached to your bank as well. Thus check your SMS and you will be able to know the eshram.gov.in Payment Status 2022.

Next you can also check by visiting your Bank and thus update your passbook. Afterwards you will see if the new credit is made of ₹1000 in this month or not. Thus you can get the confirmation of the payment.

Next you can also find the E-SHRAM Payment Status Check 2022 by logging in to the portal using the following ways:

  • First of all directly open the e-SHRAM Login site with the link https://register.eshram.gov.in/#/administrator/login.
  • Secondly enter your e-SHRAM Login details at the given place.
  • After this you will have to then sing in and thereafter open the dashboard.
  • Finally you will see the Eshram.gov.in Payment Status of the issued amount of ₹1000 there.

So as you can see using any of the above options you will be able to check the e-SHRAM ₹1000 Payment Status 2022 there.

Links on eshram.gov.in Bhatta ₹1000 Payment Status 2022

e-SHRAM NDUW Official WebsiteClick Here
E-shram पहली किश्त Status 2022Check Here
Our Portalnhmpunjab.in

FAQs On E-SHRAM Card Bhatta Payment Status Check 2022

How can I view the e-Shram Card Payment Status 2022?

You can use any of the above stated options to know the status of the credit of Rs. 1000 as the First installment in your account. Click to know more inside

When is govt. crediting the E-SHRAM Bhatta 2022?

The process of crediting the installment has already started for the unorganized sector. You can check your E-shram पहली किश्त Status 2022 as well.

When Will I receive my E-shram first installment 2022?

The Beneficiaries can receive their E Shram 1st installment by February 2022.

What is the official website?


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