Goa Election Result 2022: (Live) Seat Wise Winning Candidates List

Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 is going to release on March 10, So the voters of Goa state were able to cast their votes as well as chose their governing party for next 05 yrs on 14th Feb 2022. Thereafter all including the state people as well as the party leaders are excited to hear out the Goa Election Result 2022. Thereafter with the start of their new term, the party will then unanimously elect one person as the Chief Min. of Goa for the term 2022-27.

Thus with this all the hustle for the present elections will come to an end on 10th March 2022. Yes, that is the date on which the fate of the participating parties in GOA state elections will be out in public. The GOA state election commissioner will hence announce the members and their party names against the constituency they are fighting for.

Therefore you all must now tune in to see all about the final state Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 here in this article. Lastly we are eager to hear your views/ thoughts on the coming Goa Assembly Election Result 2022. Let us know who you think might have an higher edge in the recent state elections in your constituencies.

Goa Election Result 2022

So this year on 14th Feb, we saw state assembly elections took place in Goa for its 40 constituencies. Thereafter comparing all the other states who witness elections in their state, Goa alone saw maximum voters turnout of 79.61%. Currently Bhartiya Janta Party is in power in Goa, however it will be interesting to see which party takes over the charge of Goa for next 5 yrs. Several parties have promoted their last work bureau as well has future planning in their rallies. And now with the release of the Goa Election Result 2022, we will know which party finally managed to win voters heart.

Currently various opinion polls as well as the exit polls are running, which predicts the chance of a party winning at the state assembly elections. However how much these opinion polls will prove worthy can be checked on 10th March, as the counting must have been done by then. Hence the onus is completing on the Goa State comm. officials to count the votes as casted by the voters. Thereafter it will be compiled and will be made public on March 10. Later here in this article, we will also check the winning probability of the parties in the opinion polls. Hence it will give some clarity to the voters as who might come to power in Goa for 2022-27 term.

sec.goa.gov.in Assembly Election Result 2022 Live Update:

A. State NameGOA
B. Article CategoryGoa State Assembly By Polls 2022
C. Date of Pollingon 14th Feb 2022
D. Declaration of Goa Election Result 2022On 10th March, 22 by 11 am
E. winning party name in Goa State electionsBJP
F. Check GOA State Assembly Election DetailsHERE

Goa Election Result 2022 Seat Wise

So the counting for the final compilation of Goa Election Result 2022 will hence begin on the very same day of the declaring the Goa Assembly Election Result 2022. Hence by 08:00 am the counting is set to begin and by 11:00 am the final Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 will be out in public. Thus for the very first time, the counting for all the 40 constituencies will begin on the same day together. Thereafter in Northern part of the state 19 constituencies counting will start. While in the Southern part, counting for 21 constituencies will take place. And before listing out the final result, multiple rounds of revised counting will take place to enough fair and error free counting of Goa State by polls 2022.

Moreover to ensure the validity of the counting and maintain diligence, the CCTV will be hence placed in the counting room. Hence all the measures are taken up for maintaining transparency during the vote counts as well as in declaring the Goa Assembly Election Result 2022.

Goa Assembly Election Opinion Polls 2022

As per the recent calculations and moreover talking with the general public, it seems that BJP is clinching majority of votes in their bag this time in Goa. Thus out of 40 seats as they stand for, they are expecting 19-22 seats. Meanwhile INC has managed to get as many as 4 to 8 seats in Goa. AAP is also in the same line with 5 -9 seats in hand. And to get a majority in the Goa Election Result 2022, a party must thrive for minimum 21 seats. Hence it will be exciting to see how the 9.2 lakh voters have casted their votes in Goa in determining the party for the state for 2022-27 term.

Goa Election Result 2022 :- Winning Candidates List

With total 40 constituencies for which various parties are thus fighting against to regain power in Goa state assembly elections 2022. The by polls voting was earlier successful on 14th Feb. Where the voters turnout in North Goa was comparatively higher than the South Goa. As 81.15% of voters turned up in the former and 78.27% voters showed up in the later area. Thus approx. 9.2 lakh people have voted this time in Goa state elections 2022. The Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 for which will be out in few days from now. Hence all the party workers are speculating to get the right numbers and stay in majority against other parties to then lead the state for the coming term.

So stay tuned at https://nhmpunjab.in to know the complete list of the candidates thus winning from their respective constituencies as on 10th March 2022.

FAQs On Goa Election Result 2022

When is the final Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 coming?

The Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 will be announced on 10th March positively by 11 am. As the counting will begin by 08:00 am. Find more details inside.

Which party has the chance to win the Goa state elections this time?

As per the Opinion polls as well as the exit polls, BJP is getting more numbers. However we will have to wait until the Goa Assembly Election Result 2022 is out to see if the no. were enough to bag the majority in the assembly elections or not. Check minimum no. required by the parties in Goa state elections here in this article.

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