Green Crackers Buy, How To Use, States Allowing It, Uses

Green Crackers Online Latest News, How To Use Green Crackers, States such as Rajasthan has allowed use of Green Crackers. Click to find out the meaning and the uses of Green Crackers. Check out the names of the states allowing the use of such crackers and states that have complete ban on it. So finally we will be entering the November month soon. Hence what excites us is the time for the Diwali festival. And while mentioning that what instantly hits us, or connects us is to the celebrations, sweets, lights and most importantly “CRACKERS”.

Green Crackers Buy, How To Use, States Allowing

Thus without Crackers, Diwali feels like – Idli without Sambhar, Indian movies without songs. Tollywood movie without unbelievable actions, Chhole without Bhature and many more. So the essence of Diwali nowadays is more with the Crackers than lights and diyas itself.

However this has currently lead to the access air pollution, also combined with lot many other factors that we will be discussing here. So the governments are searching many new ways that can lower the pollution level, especially during the coming months. One of it is use of “Green Crackers” during Diwali. Hence we will be covering entire thing later in this article. For instance the uses of these alternate Crackers, and also if it is an optimum solution for the pollution issue, does it really lowers the release of toxic gases in the air etc.

So in case you too are excited for the festival season. And can’t wait to burst some crackers and have fun, then you must check the article first!

Are Green Crackers – Environment Friendly?

So with the onset of the winter season, the celebrations for the Diwali festival begins. Earlier, people use to enjoy with lighting Diyas and lights and using light crackers to enjoy the festival. However as the time passes by, people started investing more in buying crackers ever than before. It was more related to show off in the social media. Thus a silent competition amongst the people started for buying maximum crackers. And the very net day what we observe is a blanket of smog everywhere. As the harmful crackers releases toxic gases.

Now is the bursting of crackers for 1-2 days is solely responsible for the pollution? Answer is NO. Indeed several other factors help to in increasing the level of pollution. For instance the overcrowding of vehicles on the roads, especially the personal transport than the public ones. Then next in the line is the burning of the crops leftover especially in the Punjab, Haryana, UP side that adds fuel to the fire.

Thus along with advising people to lessen the use of crackers, we must focus on such factors too. Now coming to the Green Crackers, so is it the one stop solution for the cracker pollution? And why are they named so? Are they environment friendly? And if yes, then has every state approved the use of Green Crackers? Let us understand all these things below.

Alternate Solution – Green Cracker:

So the bursting of crackers releases very harmful gases and sound that causes both air and noise pollution. In a way to lower these emissions and consecutively the sound produced by them. Thus the Supreme Court (SC) has asked for the sale of the Green crackers in order to have moderate pollution. Likewise its name, it contains, lesser harmful chemicals. Hence they become less dangerous for the environment.

While the CM of Delhi, earlier asked for the complete ban of the sale of crackers this Diwali. Whereas some states have given more focus on the sale of Green Crackers to lower the emission level. So these crackers are designed and developed by the National Engg. Research Institute.

Benefits/ Uses of Green Crackers:

So these crackers contain preferably small shell size when compared with the normal crackers. Also they are again made in a way that when they are burnt they suppresses the dust. Thus leading to lesser emissions.

Moreover harmful chemicals like Lithium, Barium, Arsenic, Lead etc. are not present in the Green crackers. Hence instead of such chemical, they contain water vapor’s. Thus they instantly presses the dust and so doesn’t let it rise. However their impact in the environment is somewhat lesser as compared to the normal crackers. Thus they can decrease the pollution level to 30% as less particulates are being formed.

States Allowing Green Crackers Sale:

  • Until now, Rajasthan is the only state to allow the sale and use of Green Crackers against the traditional crackers. Earlier the Ashok Gehlot govt. has put complete ban on the sale of any kind of crackers in the state. However now reversing its earlier statement, finally nod has been given to the alternate solution. However with this too, they have cut short the time of bursting of crackers.

Timings for Burning Crackers:

Different timings has been set for bursting Green Crackers in Rajasthan. It is shared here, so if you too are from Rajasthan state then you must check it too and adhere to the same:

  1. For Diwali: 08:00 pm till 10:00 pm.
  2. For Gurupurab: 08:00 pm till 10:00pm.
  3. Chhath Puja Celebrations : 06:00 am till 08:00 am
  4. On Christmas and New Year : 11:55 pm till 12:30 pm.

Thus this limited time of 2 hrs will definitely help in curbing the release of toxic gases to much extent. Thereby lowering the emissions. Ans so the people not following the rules will then have to face the consequences.

Moreover please note that, all the areas that are coming/ falling under poor air quality zone will not be allowed to burst any kind of crackers.

  • DELHI : The Chief Min of Delhi has already announced the complete ban on the sale of any kind of crackers, be it traditional or green ones. This deadline is kept till 1st Jan 2022. Moreover this step is also aimed at reducing the massive gathering of people in the festival seasons. Hence possibly lowering the chances of spread of large scale covid-19 symptoms and cases. Thus in this regard even the policemen have started checking for the sale of crackers in Delhi.

Recently the Delhi police have raided the cracker godown at Sadar bazaar and seized around 480 kg of fireworks. However on the other hand, the CM of Rajasthan, Haryana and Odisha have asked the Delhi CM to lower the sale and the bursting of fireworks at Delhi, instead of banning the same. But this will be known in some time whether the decision was lifted or kept, and for now, it is a complete “NO” in Delhi.

FAQs On Green Cracker Uses

Do Green Crackers causes 0% emission?

No, attaining zero percent emissions is impossible. However they certainly reduces the level of harmful particulates by 30% then the normal crackers. Hence they are a good alternative to traditional fireworks.

How can one identify the green crackers from the normal ones?

You can easily identify them using any of these methods:
1. By using the quick response (QR) code as given there on the packet.
2. Next you will find the Green logo on the package of the fireworks. This is the logo of the CSIR- NEERI and PESO.

Are Green Crackers allowed in Delhi this Diwali?

Currently the Delhi’s CM is adamant on its decision of complete ban on any kind of fireworks. Hence you can not use any of the alternatives there.

Are Green crackers costlier than Conventional crakers?

Yes, they are. However the difference in the costs will be small.

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