Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021 Status in Hindi, Quotes, Messages, Images

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021 Status in Hindi and english, Check Happy Vishwakarma Pooja Quotes, Messages and Images HD for Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. So today we mark the importance of the creator of the world. Or you may also call him the Engineer/ Architect of the world. Thus we are celebrating the Vishwakarma Puja today on 17th Sept 2021 (Friday). Therefore, this day is marked for worshipping the 7th son of Lord Brahma or Vishwakarma as we call him. He was the only Lord who was present in every era of life, thus holding immense knowledge of Science and Architecture.

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021 Status in Hindi

Moreover the day for Vishwakarma Puja is chosen as per the Kanya Sankrati which comes in Hindu calendar. Thus if falls every year in between 16th to 18th Sept, thus marking the last date of Bhado month of India. And today we have the Vishwakarma Puja on 17th Sept 2021. Not only does it is celebrated in our country, but also in Nepal as well.

Engineers celebrates and worships Lord Vishwakarma, as he is the sole creator of the world. So now we will understand the history, and facts regarding the 2021 Vishwakarma Puja in this article. Moreover we will have a look at the status, images, HIndi quotes etc. that you can also share ahead with your family or friends.

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 17 Sep 2021 in Hindi

It is believed that, the Lord Vishwakarma created the holy “Dwarka City” where Lord Krishna stayed and then ruled. Later on he created the “Indraprastha” palace for the Pandavas. And not just this, he also made many weapons for the God which were used in fighting the evils. Thus the divine Rig Veda also mentions him as the “carpenter” who is also credited for his work in Science and Architecture.

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021
Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021
Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021
Happy Vishwakarma Puja Wishes 2021
Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021

Happy Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021 in Hindi, Quotes, Messages

So we mark his birth anniversary as the Vishwakarma Jayanti every year. To show our respect to the Divine Engineer. However, this festival is thus celebrated in the industries, factories, carpentry shops etc. Therefore, not just the Engineers or Architectures consider this day as great, as other community also worships him. For instance the Mechanics, smiths, artisans, welders, craftsman etc.

Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021
Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021
Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021
Vishwakarma Pooja Wishes 2021

Workers thus installs the idol of Lord Vishwakarma in their workplace. Thereby worship it and finally distribute the “Prasad” to everybody. Thus praying for the safe working conditions, better future and prosperity of all. Moreover they pray for effortless machine workings. Many states do worship him, for instance West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Odisha ad Jharkhand.

Happy Vishwakarma Puja 2021 Hindi Status, Images:

  1. O Vishwakarma, you are my Lord. To keep you happy, is all my concern. You will always be my mightiest god. And just like that, always stay in our Heart. Happy Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021.

2. With the light shown by Lord Vishwakarma, We are at peace. Whoever thus takes your name, gets everything he admires. May this Vishwakarma Puja brings happiness for all.

3. As we have your blessings, So we are sure that no sorrow can ever touch us. We pray to remain your devotee, thus bringing joy on your face.

4. This world is enjoying your beautiful creation. We are gratitude for your immense knowledge and blessings. Thus in every joy and sorrow we call out to you. Happy Vishwakarma Puja to all.

5. Whoever believes and have faith in work, Lord Vishwakarma is always with them. As we keep embracing the good work on this earth, we will be always blessed by him till eternal. Wishing you all the auspicious Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021. God Bless us all.

Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021 HD Images and Quotes :

  1. May this auspicious day brings happiness, joy in your work and life. And I pray that Lord Vishwakarma takes away all your pain, inefficiency and sorrows. Happy 2021 Vishwakarma Puja to all!

2. Like Lord Vishwakarma is the creator of this beautiful world. I wish the same in your work, may all your creations be useful to the people and the world. And his blessings shall always shower upon us!

3. I wish that the deity of the Craftsman and the architecture of World, Lord Vishwakarma, endow upon us his goodwill. Wishing everyone the Vishwakarma Jayanti 2021.




Happy Vishwakarma Puja 2021 in Hindi Wishes FAQs:

When the Vishwakarma Puja will be celebrated this year?

So this year the Vishwakarma Puja/ Jayanti is to be celebrated on 17th Sept 2021 (Friday).

What the importance of the Vishwakarma Jayanti?

This day marks the birth anniversary of Lord Vishwakarma, who is also known as the

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