IB Board Result 2022 – DP, CP, MYP today @ ibo.org May Exam Released

International Baccalaureate or commonly as IB releases its 2022 IB Board Result for the DP, CP and the MYP programs Check Ibo.org May Exam Result 2022. Thus a total of 170000 students can now avail their IB Board Result 2022 from ibo.org. Moreover, this IB Board Result 2022 is for the exams which happen in the May session 2022 for DY, CRP and MYP students.

Thus, you too can have your IB Board Result 2022, using the code and PIN which is unique for every student. Also, IB in its news bulletin shared that, they have carefully released the following result. As many students were there who could write the exams. Also many who could not. Hence, for the non exam giving students, their internal marks and assessments were taken into account. Finally, the combined result for May 2022 was out for all the given programs.

Later in this article we will cover the marks assessment in detail, also regarding the ways to check your IB result for May session now.

IB Board Result 2022

The international Board imparts high quality education for the child ranging between the age group 3-19 years. IB Board runs worldwide and more than that it focuses on the Research and development part. Thus it gives the all round edge to child’s growth years. It provides the program in 4 parts for the students based on their ages.

Program NameDetails
Primary Years Program (PYY)For age range – 3 to 12 yrs.
Middle Years Program (MYY)For age range – 11 to 16 yrs.
Diploma Program (DP)For age range – 16 to 19 yrs.
Career Related Program (CRP)For age range – 16 to 19 yrs.

Hence this time we have the results for the MYP, DP and the CRP programs for The May session 2020. Therefore the students can finally have the results of the IB board for the respective programs as given here. However, there were also exams taken for the November session, whose IB Board Result 2022 will be out soon like this.

Exam conducting boardInternational Baccalaureate.
IB Result out for programsMiddle Years Program
Diploma Program
Career Related Program
Session of ExamMay 2022
IB May Session Result 2022 dateJune 2022
Result outOnline mode
IB Board Portalwww.ibo.org

ibo.org Result 2022

The unexpected outbreak of the novel coronavirus has certainly hit many sectors. Out of the which the Education system was badly hit. Yes from offline classes to playing in ground, working out extra curricular activities. All are must for child’s all round development. But now everything seems to have taken the online route. Hence, amidst this, many students were able to take the session end test . However there were still areas, where the condition of pandemic was frivolous. Thus taking exams was not possible.

So finally the IB Board has taken out measures to effectively release the IB Board Result 2022. especially for the students who can not write their exams. Moreover, each examiner at IB Board is trained first in order to get the right idea of marking the internal exams of the child for external result. Also, emphasis has been given on the use of the e-marking by the examiners before assessing student’s result. This will thus be overlooked by the Principal.

How To Check www.ibo.org Result 2022


The students can now avail the respective program result with the method as shown here:

  • Firstly, visit IB Board site @ www.ibo.org.
  • Secondly, find the “Student’s Link” at the home page of IB.
  • Here thus enter your unique code and the PIN as given by the IB Board and tap “Login”.
  • Finally you will be able to see your IB board results for MYP, DP, CRP of May session.
  • Thus check and save the grades for future.

Re taking IB Exams for May session 2022:

As many of the students despite of the teachers assessments, will not be satisfied with the IB Board Result 2022 for this session. However, you don’t have to worry. Now you can challenge the IB Board Result 2022 as declared by IB Board. you can now use the EUR which is Enquire your Results option. Remember, this can thus be used by your schools and not directly by the candidates/ their parents. Also contact your IB authority quickly for the same. Thus submitting the inquiry of change of marks. Or else, you can sit again for the exams in case you feel like scoring more in the same.

Also please note that, CRP as well as the DP program candidates have a total of 3 exam sessions to reappear for the following year exams. Thus you can take the re-test for the May session but in the following year. Also this is eligible in all schools of IB offering CRP and DP programs.

IB Board Results and Certificates 2022:

The respective IB Board Result 2022 certificates will be shared with the schools. However, the students can get it from their schools session wise. For instance, the students of the May session, can thus have it in September 2022. and likewise, the students of the November session can thus have it in March 2022. Also note that, incase you misplaced or lost the original certificate, you can also ask for the replacement with the authorities.

Steps to replace your DY/ CRP Certificates now :


You can ask for the Replacement of the IB program certificates for whatsoever reasons. The process is not so difficult. Just follow the steps here:-

  • Firstly please Visit https://rrs.ibo.org/.
  • Secondly now choose your certificate from the ones given there.
  • After this, now enter the program for instance the Diploma Prog. and then the fees which is $82 for the same.
  • Enter the code and proceed to next page.
  • Here after filling the required details along with the IB Details you can ask for the receipt of the payment as well.
  • Finally pay after checking the submitted details and get your certificate.

Overview of MYP/ CRP and DP Result 2022:

With around 170660 students registering for the Exam in IB Board in various programs. A record break of nearly 90% pass rate can be seen in the Diploma Programs. . Thus this is however more than what was in the previous year i.e., in 2020.

Links For IB Board Results 2022:

IB Board Result 2022www.ibo.org
DY/ CRP/ MYP Results – May session 2022candidates.ibo.org

FAQ’s For IB May 2022 Results at Ibo.org

Is re-take of exam possible in IB Board?

Yes. But before that, must consult your IB Coordinator in the same regard. Moreover you must check the change in the curriculum for the subject you wish to re appear on. Thereafter you have to then prepare accordingly.

Is there a need for re taking internal exams as well?

No. However you must contact the IB coordinator for the correct advise on this. Thus you can then proceed ahead with that.

Where to apply for replacement of the IB Board certificate 2022?

you can visit rrs.ibo.org for requesting the same. However please note that, fees will be charged for reprinting the lost certificate.

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