IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2022 IGU BCom BSc BA Exam Scheme

All the students of Indira Gandhi University must be aware of the notices that the university has released so far. Based on the last notice that the university released, the exams have been postponed until the further update. Now, only when the university releases a new notice, you can get any information on the IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2022.

IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2022

Students of all the regular and private courses of the even semester must know that all BSc BA BCom exams have been canceled or now. On 17th April 2022, IGU released a notice that the university will not hold any exams until the next time. Talking about the exam time, B.Tech. exams were to start on 22nd April 2022 after a postponement from 1st April 2022. However, the students couldn’t continue with the new schedule. Then, the authorities of the states and the Centre decided to close educational institutions and keep people in as much as possible. Also, there are no specific guidelines on the way the university will conduct the exam. However, in the days ahead, the university authorities will surely provide you with an update.

IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2021 IGU BCom BSc BA Exam Scheme

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All the students in BA BSc BCom even semesters must be waiting for the exam scheme now. You must also be knowing that if the cases had not been on a rise, you would have completed the exams by now. As per the university schedule, the exams were to start in late April, and following that the exams would have been over by now. Also, the students of 2nd and 3rd year BA BCom BSc must very well be aware that the university has divided the schedule into two parts. The first examination schedule takes place in April-May. The second one takes place during November-December. For the 2022 even semester exams of BA BSc BCom, you have to wait for the university to get you the IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2022.

IGU Date Sheet 2022 Download

Students, you know that the summer term is for the even semester. While the winter term is for the odd semester exam. For these exams to take place on time, the university authorities release the date sheets at least a month before. Talking about the even semester that was to take place, the university is yet to decide on it. The exams can take place online or offline with changes in the pattern. On the other hand, the university may just decide to conduct exams for the final semester students of all courses only. In any case, you will have the update on it and be provided the IGU Meerpur Exam Date Sheet 2022.

  • Go to the IGU Meerpur website.
  • Since the exams have been delaying for quite some time, its update will be an important one.
  • So, you can find that o the homepage.
  • Now, once you get that link, you will find other links to the respective courses and semesters.
  • Select the course and the semester respectively.
  • Then, check the dates and time and the complete schedule before downloading it.

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IGU Meerpur Exam Time Table 2022 FAQs

On which date did the University produce the notification on delaying the exams?

The University notice came out on 17th April 2022.

What was the postponed exam date for the B.Tech. exams of IGU?

The postponed exam date for the B.tech. course of IGU was 22nd April 2022.

Is the university situated in Meerpur?

Yes, IGU is situated in Meerpur.

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