Registration 2022 Shram Suvidha Login @ Registration Online, Shram Suvidha Application Form, Login, Shram Suvidha Registration Form Online :- With the advancement in technology, many state governments and private authorities have started providing benefits digitally. Now, government organizations have also started taking processes online. Similarly, the Labour organization has also provided many benefits online. Thus, we shall provide you information on Registration 2022 Form. Registration 2022

The Ministry of Labour and Employment holds the responsibility to manage functions related to migrant workers and laborers. During the pandemic, the laborers and the migrant workers have been the worst affected. In order to help the people in these fields, the government had to come up with new initiatives. Talking about the duties of the Ministry, it has to look after the interests of the people.

Moreover, the authorities have to protect and safeguard them in times of despair. In addition to this, the Ministry has to provide better health conditions to the workers. Also, the authorities have to make sure of providing them with vocational skill training too. Furthermore, people associated should feel socially secure. To enhance these activities, now the government has taken many of the activities online. The people can check the website and know about the launched schemes and requirements. Registration 2021 Shram Suvidha Online Application Form, Login Registration Employment Exchange Registration Online Login 2022

When it comes to finding jobs, one of the best stops for the candidates is to reach an Employment Exchange Office. These offices provide assistance to the candidates on a job search. Also, the candidates can utilize their educational qualifications to look for jobs. These offices have helped the unemployed youth in finding jobs. In fact, these offices function at the state level to provide jobs easily. However, like every other online portal, the candidates have to register themselves beforehand. Based on this registration, the users get job vacancy notifications. These days, the Employment Exchange Offices have been renamed as Employment Guidance and Promotion Centers. Talking about the functions, these offices work on career counseling, submission, placement, etc.

There are several benefits of registering with Employment Exchange Offices too. The job seekers find suitable jobs based on the qualifications and can also check their status on the waiting list. Also, the candidates also receive a Unique Registration Number as a reference by the Exchange Office. Like the government has a portal for job seekers, it also has now created a portal for businesses. The portal is called the Shram Suvidha Portal.

Shram Suvidha Portal Registration Form 2022

PortalShram Suvidha Portal
ByMinistry of Labour and Employment
Benefits toBusinessmen of India
Major BenefitLabour Law Compliance (One-stop platform)
ObjectiveCreates helpful Business Environment
CategoryYojana and

Shram Suvidha Online Application Form

Now, we would like to mention the Laws and Rules under which the portal has been created.

  • Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996
  • Contract Labour Act, 1970
  • Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
  • Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act, 1979
  • Mines Act, 1952
  • Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • Payment of Wages Act, 1936
  • Sales Promotion Employees Act, 1976
  • Working Journalists and Other Newspaper Employees and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955.

Shram Suvidha Login 2022 at

As we told you that the Shram Suvidha Portal is under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, we shall now talk about its basics. The Shram Suvidha portal is for bringing transparency in businesses and promoting ease of business. Through this portal, the Ministry provides a unique Labour Identification Number (ILN). For that to happen, a business has to register on the portal and then access the benefits. You can check the way by which you can register the business on the portal.

  • Go to the Shram Suvidha website, i.e.
  • There, you can see the Shram Suvidha Registration and Licence tab on the homepage’s main menu.
  • From there, select the Click Here to Register option.
  • Once there, go to the Registration under EPF/ ESI option or the Regsitration under the CLRA-ISMW-BOCW option.
  • Under the Labour Law Acts, the Registration Page will open up.
  • The new users can register using these steps.

The five forms available are Employee Register, Wage Rate, Loan Recoveries, Attendance Register, and Leave Related. Registration Labour Identification Number (LIN) 2022

Once you are able to register successfully with the Shram Suvidha Portal, you will receive a unique Labour Identification Number. Now, you have to check the profile created on the portal to know the LIN. Here, we are presenting the LIN checking process.

  • Go to the Shram Suvidha Portal.
  • Since you are registered, go to the Online Register tab.
  • From there, select the Download Register Software.
  • Once downloaded, install the software on your computer.
  • Then, go to the Register option.
  • Complete the signup process and the application process.
  • Now, provide details like user name, EPFO no., ESIC no., PAN number, office address, city, pin code, contact Registration 2022 Shram Suvidha Login

By following the procedure above, you have registered on the portal easily. Now, after registration, it becomes easier for you to check the other details. Thus, you can also check for the startup scheme on the portal.

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  • Go to the Shram Suvidha Portal website.
  • Now, check the Startup Scheme option on the homepage.
  • Here, you will two headings. These are, Issued by the Central Government and Issued by State Government.
  • Below these headings, you will see PDFs related to the scheme.
  • On clicking these links and PDFs, you can check the information you want to know about.

Shram Suvidha Labour Department Lists of Startups

Readers, above we gave you the idea of how you can check the startup schemes. Now, we shall tell the process to check the list of startps available.

  • Start by checking the Shram Suvidha Portal.
  • Go to the List of Startups option available on the homepage.
  • A list consisting of all available startups will be visible on the screen.
  • Now, you check for the name of the startups by the establishment name or using LIN.

Shram Suvidha Portal Services Login Online 2022

Along with knowing the given information, you must also know the services that you can check on the portal once registered successfully.

  • The portal helps to manage, create, update establishments, and check their inspection reports.
  • The employer, establishments, and enforcement agencies can make online entries.
  • One can verify entries with the help of enforcement agencies.
  • You can generate Labour Identification Number.
  • The establishment receives emails/ SMS notifications.
  • One is able to pre-assign a user ID and password.
  • Also, the user can change the password as per his interests.
  • The establishments are able to receive the passwords and logins themselves.
  • One can also opt for LIN Verification and Data Modification.

Now that we have told you the services offered on the portal, we would now like to present the key features. Once you read the key features, you will get clarity on many factors that might not be clear so far. Therefore, we suggest you read the portal features given below.

  • After the organizations complete their registrations on the website, the portal provides them with a unique Labour Identification Number (LIN).
  • One gets to file a simplified Single Online Return which is also self-certified by the industry. The units can file a single consolidated Online Return. They don’t receive separate returns.
  • Lastly, based on risk-based criteria, the Labour Inspectors upload Inspection Reports with the help of a computerized Transparent Labour Inspection Scheme.

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Website Registration 2022 Shram Suvidha Portal Login FAQs

Can one register on the portal under EPF-ESI?

Yes, one can register on the Portal under the stated option.
1. Once you log on to the Shram Suvidha portal website, go to the Registration and Licence tab.
2. Now, go to the Click Here to Register option.
3. After visiting this, select the Registration under EPF-ESI option available for registration.
4. Then, provide ID, password to move ahead for registration.
5. Finally submit the form to complete the process.

Is it possible to register under CLRA-ISMW-BOCW?

Yes, one can register under this by selecting the Registration Under CLRA-ISMW-BOCW option available for registration.

What are the different registers under the Labour laws?

The different registers under the Labour laws are Employee Register, Loan Recoveries, Wage Rate, Attendance Register, Leave Related.

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