LIC IPO GMP Today, Subscription Status, Allotment Date (4 May 2022)

LIC the country’s largest Insurance company, and Institutional investors are about to start the LIC IPO 2022 this time. Through this, the company will sell its stake at BSE and NSE. Therefore, the LIC 2022 IPO presents an opportunity for the investors and employees to invest in the issue. Also, LIC policy holders can get a quota to apply. Now that Life Insurance Corporation IPO 2022 is suspected to start in the coming time, we shall tell you more about it. In this post, you will read about the LIC IPO GMP Today. Check Life Insurance Corporation IPO Grey Market Premium, LIC IPO GMP Today, Check LIC IPO Price Band and Launch Date.


LIC IPO 2022 is going to launch this fiscal year 2022: BJP Led government of India is going for Life insurance corporation initial public offering this year. Finance minister Pankaj Chaudhary Officially announced in Lok Sabha on 19th July. therefore we might get to know about LIC IPO GMP Today INR 85 – 100 INR, here we are going to update about LIC IPO Grey Market Premium too.



The government has proposed to sell a part of LIC through an Initial Public Offering. It is the only insurer offering that keeps the funds of policyholders secure. This is the biggest reason that the policy premiums of LIC are higher than many private companies. As per a report, LIC collected around Rs. 1.37 Lakh Crore in the period of April to December 2019. Being the largest insurer in India, LIC corners around 70% of the market share. Also, the Company has over 4 lakh investments in major economic sectors. Talking about insurance companies, the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regulates all the companies. This comes under the LIC Act. With the LIC listing, more transparency and public participation can be observed in the equity market. Our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced an LIC IPO GMP Today.


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LIC Grey Market Premium Price Band and Date

Market participants are considering the upcoming LIC IPO 2022 as an IPO of the decade. The Rs. 10 lakh crore IPO will be the biggest IPO in the Indian Stock market. Many investors and traders are excited about the LIC 2022 IPO now. Therefore, the LIC policyholders get around 10% of shares reserved for them in the LIC 2022 IPO. Also, the company has mentioned that LIC will not opt for privatization and will work in a government entity. So far, the reports say that the IPO will take place on 4 May 2022, as the Finance Minister mentioned it to take place the next fiscal. Then, LIC IPO 2022 will last for at least five days and the investors can subscribe for the longest IPO duration.

Government dilute a 3.5% stake in the insurance bahemoth through the OFS

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It is also believed that one share of the LIC IPO 2022 will be around Rs. 400 to Rs. 600. The company calculates it based on capital and valuation costs that are around Rs. 25,000 Crore and Rs. 10 Lakh Crore.

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There is no current updates on LIC Agent IPO 2022 benefits, we are hoping that Life Insurance corporation might introduce it in upcoming days.

Life Insurance Corporation IPO GMP 2022 @

CompanyLife Insurance Corporation
Issue100% Book Built IPO
TimeUpcoming Months
Price BandRs. X per equity share
SizeRs. 70,000 Crores
Face Value10% per equity share
Maximum Bid for RetailRs. 2 Lakh approx.
QIB50% issue size
NIB15% issue size
Retail Individual35% issue size
ListingNSE and BSE

In the above table we have detailed the important facts about the LIC IPO 2022.

LIC IPO Application Status 2022

From the paragraphs above, you know the basic information on the LIC IPO 2022 that will take place in the coming time. Now, we shall inform you on the process of applying for the LIC IPO 2022. An interested party/ individual will be able to apply for the LIC IPO 2022 through ASBA that is available in bank account. One just have to go to the bank login available online and there, you have to enter your bank account. You can do so by opting for the LIC IPO 2022 that is under the Invest Section. Other than this, you can apply by downloading forms through NSE and BSE. Then, you have to fill up these forms and submit them at the bank to yoru broker.

Now, we would also like to give you the objectives of the company. LIC works for spreading life insurance in rural areas, especially to economically and socially backward classes. Also, the company intends to make insurance-linked savings. Furthermore, the company takes responsibility for the funds of policyholders who trust the company. Moreover, the company meets the needs of the community that arise in the changing economic and social environment.

Links For Life Insurance Corporation GMP 2022

LIC IPO GMP TodayAvailable Here
WebsiteVisit Here

LIC Grey Market Premium Date FAQs

What is LIC IPO GMP Today ?

LIC IPO GMP Today is Rs 85 to Rs 100.

What are the objectives of the LIC IPO 2022 that will take place?

The objectives of the LIC IPO 2022 that is to take place soon are General Corporate Purposes and meeting working Capital Requirements.

Who is the Chairman of the Life Insurance Corporation of India?

Mr. M R Kumar is the Chairman of the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

What is the estimated date of the LIC IPO 2022 launch?

The reports estimate the launch date of the LIC IPO is 4 May 2022.

How much LIC IPO subscribed?

It is subscribed 2.95 by May 9, 2022

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  1. Big ignore lic IPO because LIC has purchased IDBI Bank before 3 year and till today lic is not able to trade IDBI above purchase price . Second india me big issue ne hamesha under listing Hoti hai because saler jyda hote hi and buyer Nahi milte do Big ignore lic IPO

  2. LIC IPO issue size is Rs70,000/-+ Crores Ten 10% of this amount is Rs 7000/– Seven thousand Crores. All LIC policies Holders are getting to apply in this reserved amount of Rs7,000/– Crores kept only for LIC policies Holders Therefore it’s a sure shot to get LIC shares on listing if holders applied in this quota

    In above Rs7,000/- I have 70 lakh jeevan Anand Policy . In what basis they allot the shares

  3. In market LIC more than 70% insurance business, because of only it’s agents, otherwise online business share very low. So LIC is strong only because of its agents. LIC give very low commission to agents. So on 50% discount, shares should allow to agents.

    • Very high expectations. One should not expect more than 2 to 3 %.
      Even policyholders also should get 50 % as they have already paid regular premiums to LIC for decades together. LIC & LIC Agents are earning because of policyholders.

    • Lic ko sedhe policy holder ko IPO ka Offer milna chahiye jisase policy holder labh utha sake uske bad jo Balenc rhe usko public ko jari kare

  4. All type of policy holders are allowed to take stake in LIC IPO., weather he is having any catagory of policy in self name Or in the name of spouse & the Demat A/C in the name of self or spouse.

  5. LIC is 10% privatizing this is at all mot good for such a giant group of insurance companies, well if a person thinks he’ll get double return by investing in LIC IPO then he is cheating his ownself as in share market investors always lose their money only brokers they earn money by getting commission while buying as well as selling.

  6. I have three policies, two are matured, one policy is mature in coming October, 2021. Can I eligible for policy holeders kota for getting IPO sheres ?

    • Sir, I have three policies in my name and one policy in my wife’s name and one policy in my son’s name. 10 per cent of IPO is reserved for policy holders. How LIC is giving shares to policy holders? In lumpsum Or proportionate to Policy amount?

      • LIC IPO issue size is Rs70,000/-+ Crores Ten 10% of this amount is Rs 7000/– Seven thousand Crores. All LIC policies Holders are getting to apply in this reserved amount of Rs7,000/– Crores kept only for LIC policies Holders Therefore it’s a sure shot to get LIC shares on listing if holders applied in this quota


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