Check Current LPG Price List Today LPG Rate Bharat, Indane, HP Gas

Oil companies in India decide the prices of LPG from time to time. These companies change the prices every month and for today, the price at Delhi and Mumbai is Rs. 834.50. Also, today, almost every family in India has an LPG connection. With the help of this post, you will be able to Check Current LPG Price List. Also, we shall tell you state-wise prices of LPG today in India. Check LPG Rate of Bharat Gas, Indane and HP Gas Online for all over the india. All LPG Gas Price List Today July 2022.

Check Current LPG Price List

Talking about the LPG Price List Today, two main factors determine the price in India. These are the global benchmark rate and exchange rate of the rupee against the dollar. Every household is able to get around 12 cylinders every year. These are 14.2 Kg and the public receives them at subsidized rates. Also, in case one intends to buy more cylinders, he has to pay the market price. One more thing to remember is that a month’s LPG Rate List also depends on the previous month’s rate. LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas and the major use includes cooking, powering vehicles, and heating. LPG is formed using fossil fuels from gas wells. The process included is refining. We would also like to mention the top gas providers in India. These are HP Gas, Bharat Gas, and Indane Gas. Also, there are two types of gas connections.

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State Wise LPG Connection Prices

Now, you can check LPG Price List Today of state-wise LPG connections below.

CitiesJuly 2021June 2021
New Delhi LPG Price ListRs. 834.50Rs. 809
Kolkata LPG Price ListRs 861Rs. 835.5
Mumbai LPG Price ListRs. 834.5Rs. 809
Chennai LPG Price ListRs. 850.5Rs. 825
Gurgaon LPG Price ListRs. 843.5Rs. 818
Noida LPG Price ListRs. 832Rs. 807
Bangalore LPG Price ListRs. 837Rs. 812
Chandigarh LPG Price ListRs. 861Rs. 835
Hyderabad LPG Price ListRs. 887Rs. 861
Jaipur LPG Price ListRs. 838.5Rs. 813
Lucknow LPG Price ListRs. 872.5Rs. 847
Patna LPG Price ListRs. 933Rs. 907
Trivandrum LPG Price ListRs. 844Rs. 818.5

We would also like to tell you about LPG. LPG is a mixture of flammable hydrocarbons. The basic purpose of LPG connection is for cooking, vehicles, heating appliances, etc. It helps in reducing chlorofluorocarbons and decreases the pollutants in the atmosphere. While refining, the liquid goes through three parts, that are isobutane, propane, and butane. The gas is pressurized inside cylinders or tanks and then is supplied to households.

LPG Price and Distribution Process

You know the prices of the LPG cylinders today in various cities of India. Now we would also to inform you of the procedure to register for cylinder online. The government of India came up with the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) to provide cylinders to every household of India. Since its launch, there has been an increase in the supply of LPG cylinders. Now, you can check the process here.

  • One has to visit the PMUY website first or you can download the app also.
  • After visiting the platform, you have to fill in the details that the givernment requires.
  • Now, submit it to LPG distributor’s office near your home.
  • When you submit it and they recieve the form, the authorities will check it under the rules and regulations.
  • You also submit some documents which the authorities check to provide the gas connection.

Also, you should know the basic uses that LPG connection provides. Using LPG connections, the government provides cooking fuel to the homes and uses it for electricity generation. Other than this, people also use it for electricity generation in gas turbines, generators, co-gen, and tri-gen. Also, people use LPG for transportation purposes, in business and industry (ovens, furnaces, boilers), and for livestock purposes.

LPG Prices Preference as a Cooking Fuel

Now, we would like to tell you the reasons why LPG is the most preferred fuel for cooking.

  • It gives instant fuel and burns readily.
  • It’s easy to see the flame.
  • One can adjust the flame heating requirements as per the use.
  • An LPG connection requires less space and is easy to keep at home.
  • When burned, the nature of the gas is non-toxic.
  • One can replace cylinders easily when one finishes.
  • While burning, the LPG doesn’t release soot and it becomes easy to wash the utensils.
  • Also, it is very easy to transport the cylinders from one place to another.

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Check Current LPG Gas Price List Bharat, Indane, HP Gas FAQs

For providing LPG connection, what are the documents that the government requires from us?

To take an LPG connection, you have to provide the following documents. Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Photo ID card, passport, Driving license, and Voter ID card.

What is the limit on buying LPG Cylinders in India?

A person can buy up to 12 cylinders in a year and for each extra cylinder, the person has to pay market prices at non-subsidized rates.

In what ways can we book an LPG cylinder?

To book an LPG cylinder, one can use Distributor Agency, SMS, IVRS, an online website, and the mobile application.

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