Narendra Modi Coin ₹125, ISKON Founder Birth Anniversary

Narendra Modi Coin ₹125 coin is out now by our Hon’ble prime minister of India on 125th Birth Anniversary of Swami Prabhupada Ji of Iskon Temple and foundation.

Finally to honor the 125th Birth Anniversary of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada today. Our PM Narendra Modi releases the ₹125 rupees coin. This will be a tribute to the founder of the ISKON or also known as the Hare Krishna Movement back in 1965. Thus the ISKON or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness founded in New York now runs more than 500 centres, temples and communities.

Narendra Modi Coin ₹125

So now we will here get some insight on the movement started by him. Moreover why his contribution is so applauded and finally about the Narendra Modi Coin ₹125 coin in the article later on.

Modi Release ₹125 rupees coin Today:

A Special coin of Rs. 125 is thus released by the Prime Minister today whose announcement came after the Janmashtami. Thus our PM took the Video conferencing medium to share the same with the people of the country.

But the main question is still there, as why is the 125th anniversary so special? Moreover what are the contributions of Shri AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuprada? So we will now learn more regarding the same here.

India is always known for its diversity, its cultural freedom. And most importantly due to our secular nature. Since centuries foreigners came to India, just to see the vibrant nature of the country and its people. Most importantly what attracts them is the simplicity and the religious beliefs of the country. Hence often you must have seen them enjoying our traditional values and dresses. Thus many religious leaders have also spread the teachings and insights of the same not just in India but all over the world.

Shri AC Bhaktivedanta Swami 125 Rs Coin

Similarly the founder of ISKON shri AC Bhaktivedanta, took the Hare Krishna Movement to New York. He then started many religious centers, community centers, temples and finally about 100 veg. restaurants. Now the same is spread to many other countries as well. As a student in early life, he was a meritorious kid, well versed in English after he finished studies from Scottish Church college. Finally when he met his Guru in 1922 who then asked him to spread the prime knowledge of “Shri Bhagwadgita” in English to the West.

Thus the main idea was to take our culture and the supreme teachings of Lord Krishna as in Bhagwadgita to the World. Therefore, he then translated the same content in English in Vrindavan and moved to New York for the same. Moreover he focused on meditation, started preaching Bhagvadgita and with this people started listening the same. He had the power of using the manpower to spread his teachings, as the people were enjoying the same. His disciples then escalated it in other parts of the world.

ISKON Founder Birth Anniversary 125 Rs Coin

Same time, he sold nearly 5.5 cr, books in a span of 3 yrs which had the translations of the original Shri Bhagwadgita. Therefore, because of his supreme efforts and sacrifice now ISKON temple. And thus the spiritual teachings of Shri Bhagwadgita is cherished and practiced by the World. Moreover, he went 15 times round the world for preaching and spreading Indian Culture. Indeed it shows how magnificent must be his teachings and despite of slow communication with his disciples. Moreover he converted “Hippies of West to Happies”. He managed to write nearly 10000 letters all for the sake of spread of Shri Krishna Movement worldwide.

Shri Krishna 125 Rs Coin ISKON Foundation:

“HARE KRISHNA”, the famous ISKON. Or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Was thus set up by AC Bhaktivedanta in 1966 in New York. The ISKON name itself defines the knowledge or awareness of Bhakti and benevolence. The trust is thus also famous for its “Food for Life” that believes in providing food to all. Moreover, the Govt. is now also in tune with the movement of the Prabhupada Ji. Therefore, they are working on distributing food in government schools to nearly 5 lakh students everyday. This is a great step towards humanity.

Moreover Prabhupada Ji believed in “Building Trust and Educating people”. Thus many mega stars also followed his path. The famous music group, “The Beatles” also mixed his songs with the Krishna Teachings.

Swami Prabhupada Commemorative coins

Therefore to mark the works and the sacrifice of Swami Prabhupada Ji for spreading our religious teaching. And imbibing good culture and his stance for the betterment of the people. Our PM Narendra Modi is marking the 125th Birth Anniversary with the release of Narendra Modi Coin ₹125 coin. This will thus surely reach to more people and they will thus ultimately incline to the benevolent trust the “ISKON”.

Moreover releasing the Narendra Modi 125 rupees coin, with tribute to our Krishna Movement Leader, again becomes historic. As the world is dealing with terror, fear and negativity nowadays. Thus remembering the great spiritual leader and studying his work especially for the betterment of the society. So it will definitely spread a positive vibe and will show that we were always on the side of upliftment of the society. And we will always disregard the inhuman culture and torture as we can see nowadays our neighboring country people are going through. More power to the locals there!

Narendra Modi 125 rupees coin FAQs:

Can you please tell if the 125 rupees coin is like a regular or the real coin?

No. It is not like a regular coin. However you can say it a special or the Commemorative coin. Therefore, it is thus released for great leaders/ person as to honor them or giving the tribute.

Does the normal people has the access to the Narendra Modi Coin ₹125 coin?

Yes you can. However you may not see them in the market. People thus generally collect such coins for their interest/ or as a hobby. So you must have to write an application first for the currency Manufacturing corporation website. Thereafter as you have registered there then you can apply for the commemorative coins. However same you can get as you register on the RBI site too.

Is this the first time we have the release of the Narendra Modi Coin ₹125 coin by the government?

Not at all. We have already seen the same for honoring Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose birth anniversary. Moreover, for Paramahansa Yogananda too as released by our then FM Nirmala Sitharaman.

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