Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022: Biography, Company List, Profile

So if you came here after watching the phenomenal TV show Shark Tank, then you are at the right place. As we will once again continue are 4th series of the “Know Your famous Personality” with the next judge of Shark Tank, Mr. Peyush Bansal. You will be surprised to know Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022, that too at a very young age of 36 yrs. only. Isn’t it great to start and run a business of sky high worth and know Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022 as and when compared to his peers. Well then here let us uncover the secret behind his success story, as we will go deep while exploring his Peyush Bansal Biography next in this article.

Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022

Meanwhile you know exactly what you have to do, is to explore the other biographies of the famous Shark Tank judges, as covered here @ Afterwards you too can write to us, what exactly inspires you about our young businessman Peyush Bansal Bio and Net Worth.

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Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022

Call him a successful business magnet or one of the 7 judges @ Shark tank. He has nailed it all. Yes, we are talking about Peyush Bansal. He is the CEO of one of the successful firms that rolls out stylish spectacles, it is Lenskart. And this 36 yrs. young man who was born on 26 April, 1985 is now a popular face amongst the field of entrepreneurs or business world. Many people are there who do shocks everybody with their unique business idea and strategy that adds to their demand in the market.

Moreover as the Sony TV Show, Shark Tank is gaining wide popularity, with this the people are quite often searching to know all about the super 7 judges in the show. And this brings to us the most common query of all, that is regarding the Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022. Hence we will begin this along with the Peyush Bansal Biography of our popular judge below. Check all about Peyush Bansal’s family, his career choices, his achievements below with us.

Peyush Bansal Biography

A. NamePeyush Bansal
B. Date of Birth26 April 1985
C. Age36 yrs.
D. CategoryNet Worth
E. DesignationCEO @ Lenskart
F. Got Famous forJudge at Shark Tank Show (Sony TV)
G. Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022600 crore (approx.)
H. Lenskart
Peyush Bansal Biography

Peyush Bansal’s Early Life & Career:

Earning a Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022 of 600 crore in such an early phase of life is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Then how Peyush Bansal was able to stand out in the crowd, let us witness it here with us.

So he did complete his early education in Delhi itself, wherein he had this thing in mind to be a successful businessman later. And his parents always supported him with his belief. And for his bachelor’s degree, he finished it in IT Control & Automation Branch from McGill University. Here he worked with the giant Microsoft company in 2007, as the Program Manager. Afterwards he went on to the pursue entrepreneurship as Post Graduate course from IIM Bangalore. Then he started exploring his luck in the field he always wanted to.

So before launching Lenskart and making it hit in the market, he did face few failures. However then he co- founded Lenskart with Sumit Kapahi & Amit Chaudhary in 2010. And within a decade the revenue generated was 1000 cr+. Not only this, there are close to 500 stores of Lenskart throughout the country and digital presence is an additional bonus for them. They too have their presence in China, wherein around 20% of the frames are made. Major company heads have trusted and invested at Lenskart recently. Including Ratan Tata and S. Gopalakrishnan. Finally in 2018, Azim Premji too invested around 400 crore in the company. Moreover Katrina Kaif in 2017 became the 1st Brand Ambassador of the company while Bhuvan Bam became the 1st Male Ambassador in 2019.

Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022 is the major search topic after he became the judge of the Sony TV Show, Shark Tank. There he is not only inspiring young minds and their business ideas, but also investing in few of them.

Peyush Bansal Family

A. NamePeyush Bansal
B. StatusMarried
C. Wife NameNimisha Bansal
D. Personal Interests1. Playing Basketball
2. Watching Movies
E. Recognitions1. Received British Association Medal in 2006
2. Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award, 2012
3. Marketing Sherpa Email Award- In Create & design e-commerce category, 2014
4. Judged the Shark Tank Show

List of Companies of Peyush Bansal

So let us continue ahead with the Peyush Bansal’s Companies is associated with here. Some of them worked but later on flopped before he got the success in Lenskart. I am mentioning all of them here:

  • SearchMyCampus.
  • (few others, which somehow didn’t worked out).
  • Lenskart.

So this was all about our young and talented businessman Peyush Bansal. Those associates with the Shark tank show, must have followed him and now you know how he made his journey from starting with a top notch company Microsoft. However still , his belief of reaching some where of his own and starting his company, was never in delimma. As he directed his mind and actions towards his belief. And lastly with few failures and many hard works, now we know Peyush Bansal, who stands out with his company, strongly.

FAQs On Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022

What is the total revenue of the as run by Mr. Peyush Bansal?

The revenue is 963 cr. as of 2020.

Peyush Bansal Net Worth 2022?

It is around 600 cr. as of 2022.

What was the recent mark Peyush Bansal made on the show?

He was in a controversy for his remarks during the show, as he said, stay away from CA. However later he clarified it was a very light comment and was not meant to heart real sentiments.

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  2. PEYUSH BANSAL. A lovely human being and humble, as compared to all sharks, whose vision was above business profit only. A true shark in approach and speech.

  3. Very nice person with great heights…. *down to earth*
    myself impressed when Peeyush gave a cheque to a farmer’s son and encourage him.
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