PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF, National Infrastructure Pipeline

PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF is available, check PM National Infrastructure Scheme and National Pipeline Yojana: In this post, PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 is Yojana which starts from today and its initiative is by PM Modi. You can get Gati Shakti Portal Details 2021 here and also download PM Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF. PM Gatishakti National Infrastructure Scheme is started for fast and efficient development works. The PM Gati Shakti website is also available in the table below. The National Infrastructure Pipeline scheme is directly related to this as it is bringing efficient and cost friendly works.

PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021

PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF

Our visionary PM Sh Narendra Modi today launched PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021. Here we want to give you brief information on this launch of Gati Shakti Plan of Modi. This National Infrastructure policy aims to make India and its development work at fast speed. The PM Of the nation said that due to lagging of work by various departments in different works many development works get delayed. To overcome this major drawback of the system OM Modi launched this yojana to give speed and power to Indian Infrastructure works. Below we have crunch information on Gatishakti National Infrastructure Scheme PDF Download and Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021. Moreover, we have answers to all your basic questions and queries related to this.

PM Gati Shakti Scheme PDF Download 

In the given points below, PM Gati Shakti Yojana or PM Gati Shakti Master Plan Scheme 2021 PDF is available with complete visions as said. You can download PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF to check major points on it or you can check salient features below in points.

  • PM Modi vision on National Infrastructure policy is good as it empowers the citizens by investing their money in development.
  • It gives access to all the 16 ministries to work together and bring coordination in their works.
  • This yojana gives better coordination with each other for ministries so that pace of work can be better.
  • After that, Planning and functioning of Infrastructure works in future will be fast and efficient through this. 
  • In Conclusion, This Scheme is develop to bring 102 Lakh Crore budget Infra Plan for India.
  • So these are some of the salient features of PM Gati Shakti Scheme PDF Download 2021. 

Gati Shakti Master Plan Details 2021 PDF

Name of PlanGatiShakti Master Plan 2021
Initiated byPM Sh Narendra Modi
PurposeTo increase coordination in development works
Budget102 Lakh Crore
Ministries Involved16 Public Ministries will work together
AimTo make Infra Plans and State projects seamless
Head MinistryMinistry of Industry and Internal Trade 
Start date13 October 2021
PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF Websiteupdating online

In the above table, you can see Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 and other important points similar to it. You can check Budget of gatishakti Yojana, the Head Ministry and the purpose of the Gati Shakti Yojana 2021.

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National Gati Shakti National Infrastructure Scheme 2021

See the points below for crunch information on National Gati Shakti National Infrastructure Scheme 2021. Moreover, we have appended the list below in which the vision of the Gati Shakti project is given briefly.

  • Firstly, This scheme is initiate to make construction of India’s Infrastructure plan more strong and efficient.
  • Secondly, It aims at improving the pace of India development with the efficiency of tools available with scientists.
  • Moreover precisely, it is initiate to bring better coordination between state and central projects.
  • As we hear in the speech of Modi, many development works get delayed due to lag of work in ministries.
  • Finally, This is a multi – nodal connectivity system which allows all departments to work together for public welfare.
  • In Conclusion, GatiShakti is the first of its kind initiative given by PM Modi for the development of India.

Major Points on PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021

In order to get complete information on Major points of PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 you have to go through this paragraph. Firstly, as PM Modi said, many development works in India get slow due to delay in paper work by various departments. Now with the help of the gatishakti master plan, all these hurdles are averted, as it aims to bring coordination. It is basically set up to make State projects and Central projects to get complete fast with ease of connectivity and other material. In other points, with the aim of Gati (Speed) and Shakti (Power), this scheme is made public by PM Modi. Moreover in the points below, check out some of the salient features of Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021.

National Infrastructure Pipeline Scheme 2021

See the points below for National Infrastructure Pipeline Scheme 2021 and its relation to PM Gati Shakti Master Plan. Go through these points below for complete understanding of this new policy or Gati Shakti Platform.

  • Firstly, PM Gati Shakti gives the National Infrastructure pipeline a well framed structure to be act upon.
  • Secondly, National Infrastructure Pipeline which was announced earlier by Nirmala Sitharaman aiming to give 100 Crore projects.
  • Gati Shakti Yojana is going to improve productivity of Industries.
  • It also emphasizes on creating Economic Zones in India.
  • After That, Structural Development is going to take place in this GatiShakti program. It is a kind of umbrella for all the ministries which allow them to work together.
  • Finally, It gives support for the National Infrastructure pipeline scheme for better implementation.

FAQs on PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF

What is the budget of Government of India for PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021?

As per the Speech of PM Modi, a total 100 Lakh Crore of budget is set for implementation of Schemes through Gatishakti National Infrastructure Scheme. Government is going to combine all the projects under one umbrella which is the PM Gati Shakti program. 

What is the official Website for PM Gati Shakti Master Plan Yojana 2021?

Official website for this portal is not yet unveil by the PMO. However, we are liable to provide you the same as soon as it is available.

What is the overall aim of PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 2021 PDF?

It aims to combine all the infrastructure works of State and Central projects to give them better pace. As the name of the scheme suggests it aims to bring speed and power to development works of India.

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  1. Thanks to our visionary PM for boosting the trillion dollar economy infra is the key issue and he did tremendous work but need of the hour to make coordination among the various departments through the digitisation and more transparent and accurate manner .
    we all know that a road had been built many times because of dogged by various departments like electricity , water , telecom and for sewerage . This is an absolute waste of money and time for a developing country .

  2. There is nothing new about implementation of Govt.Infra Projects.The problems of inter department or inter ministry ,how the are envisaged to be solved ,there is no clarity.Even the details how this portal will work and whether it will be interactive between the stake holders is not at all clear PM is interested only to declare this platform without making a detailed working and without discussing with all the stakeholders including the Financial institution.

  3. It is a notable step towards being ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’. I think it is necessary
    to be self sufficient as independent economy, which is not depend on export.


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