PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme Registration Form 2022 Apply Online, Status

PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme Registration Form 2022, Apply Online Link, CHeck PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Yojana Status Online:- PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme (LYMY) or the Karam Yogi Mandhan Scheme is same that is for providing pensions to all. Thus under this all the small and self employed traders will now get the pension of Rs. 3000 each.

This was thus announced by the Finance Min. Therefore the applications are going for the pensions under the Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme 2022. Hence, now you too can avail the pensions if you fall in this catregory. You can do the same visiting

Therefore if you have a small shop or in retail business then get ready to enjoy the 3000 rs. monthly pension under this PM’s Scheme 2022. Moreover all details for same are thus given for you. Hence get everything at once inside.

PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme Registration Form 2022

This scheme was pretty vision of the finance min. for the welfare of the social security and the old age pension for the unorganized sector. Hence financial aid is given to them under this Maandhan scheme at Moreover, the ones applying must be aged between 18- 40 yrs.. Also they must small shops or other small traders in order to get the pension. This scheme is for the nation and thus it doesn’t matter which state you are from. Just apply if you fall under the eligibility of the same.

Thus, under this yojana, you have to contribute from Rs. 55 to 200/- monthly till you reach the age 60. That is why you can only apply from 18-40 yrs. of age. Then from 60 yrs. get the regular pension like those i organized sector gets.

Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Pension Scheme 2021.

As we have a huge market of these small traders and shop keepers who are very important for the overall country’s economic upliftment. Including the ones helping in mid da6 meals, ragpickers, RickshawPullers etc.. Hence this yojana is for helping those section. It is thus speculated that about 3 Cr. will thus be getting the benefit of PM’s Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme 2022. Also once the applicant turns 60 yrs. of age, he/ she will thus get the given amount under this yojana.

PM LYMS Yojana 2022 Features

Here under this Yojana, all the traders/ Keepers whose annual turnover is under 1.5 cr. are fit for getting this pension. Let us quickly then see in detail, the features of this PM Yojana:

  • In the PM (LVM) Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Pension Scheme. All the eligible beneficiaries to get a minimum of Rs. 3000/- post 60 yrs. monthly.
  • Moreover, all the owners of small shops or traders are thus eligible to get the pension amount.
  • There is a capping of Rs 1.5 cr. annual turnover of these small traders. hence it must be below the given cap.
  • This PM LVM Yojana to cover more than 3 cr. small traders across the nation. Registration 2022

IAY Beneficiary List 2022

PM Modi Yojana List 2022

Laghu Vyapari Mandhan (LVM) Eligibility 2022

The eligibility covers who all can thus apply in PM’s Yojana for national pension benefit under unorganized sectors.

  • Only and only unorganized sector workers are thus eligible here to get the Shram yogi pension yojana.
  • Monthly pay has to be under 15K. Thus it makes sense you aren’t paying tax as well.
  • Age needs to be b/w : 18- 40 yrs.
  • Thus to avail the pension, he/ she must have a savings account in his/ her name. Or even the Jan Dhan bank account will work with the IFSC code.
  • Most importantly, applicant must have a Aadhar ID Card.

Registering under Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme 2022

The process of registering/ applying online and also at offline is now on for LYM Yojana 2022. Thus, all the eligible unorganized sector workers can now apply in the same. Thus by this they can secure their old age, without depending on others. Check out the process now here. Also here you can apply by yourself or at CSC centres. Both we will thus cover her. First let us see how you can self enroll in the same:
  • Firstly check the Site for LYM Yojana at
  • Now at the bottom of the page, you see the “Apply Now” button. Hence proceed with the same.
  • As you are going for self enrolling. Thus click that and move forward.
  • It will then ask for your active no. to start with. Fill and enter OTP and move ahead.
  • Once you get inside the the registration page, kindly fill in the name, email and thereby the code as it is there.
  • Finally you see a list of schemes including PM Shramyogi pension, then Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme. Hence please choose the one you are going with.
  • Now fill the details as below:
    • Your AAdhar no.
    • Complete name, no. , D.O.B and mail id.
    • Next is your gender with complete residence details with PIN code.
    • You also need to mention here that if or not you are a member of EPFO/ NPS or ESIC and taking benefit of that.
    • Also please fill if you are paying the tax yearly or not.
    • You must mention your correct turnover annually.
    • Give your GST no. details
  • Finally after accepting, check the SUBMIT and the process is now complete.

PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme Apply Online 2022 at

CSC or the Common Service Centres aims at helping people to keep up with the digital service across the nation. Thus in case you are finding it difficult for self registering, then we suggest you go for this option.

  • Applicants for the Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme 2022 must take their aadhar id and the bank details to the nearest CSC centre in their area.
  • Now you can pay the initial amount from Rs. 55-200 in cash there.
  • Thereafter he will add your Aadhar details, D.O.B and your name.
  • Next, he will then add the details as shared above in the form.
  • Your chosen nominee, That is the one who will get the amount after you.
  • Moreover, the system will then automatically get the monthly contribution depending on your age.
  • Also, note that only the first amount is payable in cash. Hence after this you have to give a yes/ mandate to auto debit from your account on monthly basis.
  • Finally you will then get your required Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Pension Acc. No.. Thereby you get your Pension card. Thus keep it with you.

Links For PM Laghu Vyapari Mandhan Scheme Registration Form 2022

PM LYM YojanaCheck Here
Login for Pension registrationClick Here Self EnrollmentClick Here to Enroll CSC VLE RegistrationClick Here To Register
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FAQ’s regarding PM LVMY Apply Online 2022 at

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I am working in PSB. Can I apply as well?

No. Being from an organized sector, you can’t apply for this scheme.

can i apply for all the three schemes together?

No. You have to select the one you it in. Moreover you can take the same benefit only once. Thus if you are even getting pension or other benefits under your state scheme. Then also you are not eligible here.

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