8th Beneficiary List 2021 Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana VIII Installment Status

Since 1st December 2018, PM Kisan has been in effect. Also, the government has helped lots of families in fighting poverty. So far, the government has made seven installments. Now, you can read about 8th Beneficiary List 2021. 8th Beneficiary List 2021

You must be knowing that the Central Government started the Pradhan Mantri KIsan SAmman Nidhi (PM KISAN) in December 2018. Since then, the government has been providing benefits to the people in different phases. So far, seven phases have taken place till March 2021. Now, the eighth installment is about to be made. We will talk more about the PM KISAN scheme so that you get a better idea about it. You will also know the different phases that have taken place so far. Through the PM Kisan scheme, the government pays Rs. 6,000 per year. However, this money is paid in quarterly installments. These are three equal installments and the money is paid directly to the bank accounts of the holder. 8th Beneficiary List 2021 Installment Status

PM KISAN 8th Installment Status 2021

PM KISAN is a scheme by the central government, which is there to help all the small and marginal farmers. This is like minimum support that the government pays the farmers to help. The farmers who have applied for the scheme get Rs. 6,000 per year in three equal quarterly installments. PM Kisan is an Rs. 75,000 crore scheme and with its help, the government has the aim of covering 125 million farmers in India. Also, this does not depend on the landholding the farmers have. When the Prime Minister launched the scheme, he made it clear that the farmers will get Rs. 2,000 directly into their bank accounts. This means they get this money every four months. This further means that the wives and minor children of the farmers get helped by this.

Now, you must also understand that only certain people are eligible for this scheme. Not every farmer can get a share from the government’s fund. The farmers who have cultivable landholdings can be eligible under this. Farmers from both rural and urban areas are also eligible. Lastly, the small and marginal farmers can also apply for the scheme. Now, another important thing to note is to know who all cannot be eligible for this. Farmers who pay income tax or are institutional landholders or the ones who have constitutional posts and many others.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi 8th Installment Beneficiary List 2021

SchemePradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi
Short NamePM KISAN
ByGovernment of India
BeneficiariresSmall and Marginal Farmers
BenefitRs. 6,000 per annum in three equal installments
ObjectiveFinancial Assistance
InstallmentsSeven so Far
CategoryEighth Installment 8th Beneficiary List 2021

We would now like to talk about the importance of the scheme during challenging times. We all have seen how the country suffered last year due to the pandemic and increasing lockdowns. The same situation has arisen again this year. Not to forget, during these tough times, the PM KISAN scheme has come as a big help for the farmers. This time also, when the people are waiting for 8th Beneficiary List 2021, they are hopeful that it will again be helpful for them. Furthermore, there are many objectives behind this scheme. You can check them below along with the Installments so far.

SeventhDecember 2020-March 2021
SixthAugust – November 2020
FifthApril-July 2020
FourthDecember 2019-March 2020
ThirdAugust-November 2019
SecondApril-July 2019
FirstDecember 2018-March 2019
  • The scheme helps the farmers in the procurement of various inputs so that the good health of crops and yields can be taken care of.
  • Furthermore, this also prevents the farmers from getting burdened by the moneylenders.

PM KISAN 8th Installment Status 2021 Steps to Apply

Now, here, you have the steps that you can follow to get the 8th Beneficiary List 2021 that will soon be released by the government. Like previously, the government will release the Installment to fulfill the quarterly requirement of the farmers.

  • Visit the website.
  • Now, on this website homepage, you have to go to the Farmers Corner tab.
  • Once you are there, click on the Beneficiary List link on the screen.
  • Now, when the link opens up, you have to choose the state, block, district/ sub-district, and village.
  • Next, you have to go to the Get Report tab.
  • Then, you will see that the 8th Beneficiary List 2021 is available.
  • You can check for your name in it and then confirm it.
  • Further, you have to visit the PM KISAN website again.
  • Now, you have to click on the Beneficiary Status link.
  • Then, enter your account number, Aadhaar number, mobile number, and other requirements properly.
  • Finally, you have to click on the Get-Date Button.
  • Then, the status of your installment will be available on the screen.

Terms Related to PM KISAN VIII Beneficiaries Installment List 2021

Request for Funds Transfer State Uploads (RFT): Here, the government uploads the details of farmers and system checks the data for duplicity or junk.

Fund Transfer Order (FTO): This means that the farmer’s information, i.e. Aadhaar number, IFSC code, Account number are verified and that the amount will soon be transferred to the bank account.

If the FTO has been generated and you haven’t received the payment yet, that means the amount will be visible in your account.

Links Related to 8th Beneficiary List 2021

PM KISAN 8th Beneficiary List 2021Will be Released
Website 8th Beneficiary List 2021 FAQs

Is it possible for the public or the farmers to check their Beneficiary Status on the website?

yes, the public and the farmers can easily check their Beneficiary Status on the website, by following the steps above.

Can the person edit details once he has registered for the scheme?

Yes, the farmer or his family can edit the details once they have registered for the scheme by visiting the website.

If a farmer is below 18 years of age, will he get the benefit?

If a farmer is below 18 years of age, he won’t get the PM KISAN benefits.

What can we do if we don’t receive the PM KISAN installment?

In such a case, you can contact the authorities on the helpline number- 155261 or 1800115526.
Also, you can contact the Agriculture Ministry on 011-23381092.
Or, you can contact the Agriculture Officer of your district.
Or, visit the website.

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