Jio Phone Next Release Date, Reliance Jio Smart Phone Feature, Price, Launch

Finally Jio Google Tie up has come to new height, Reliance Jio Smart Phone is going to release anytime. Jio phone NEXT Google 5G Mobile Phone Price, Jio Mobile Phone Launch Date, New Features of Jio Google Mobile Phone. No doubt people are loving this JIO Phone Next and its features are amazing, most probably it will have 5G technology operating system.

Reliance Jio Phone Next is going to Launch officially on 10th September 2021. it is one of the biggest day in India Google Jio Smart Phone 5G is launching on Ganesh Chaturthi 10.09.2021 (Friday). We are hoping this phone to change the future of Smart phones in India.

Reliance Jio Smart Phone Release Date, Jiophone Next Feature, Price, Launch
JioPhone Next

Reliance Jio Smart Phone Release Date

Reliance Jio has not unveiled the date of release for Reliance Jio Smart Phone yet, But according to sources it is being noticed that it will be available in market around September 2021. They told us that it will be released near to Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. We will talk about Reliance Jio New Mobile Phone Features, Jio Phone Next Price, Launch Date along with Jio Google combined Operating System on which this Jio Phone Next will operate. More deep details will be discussed in this post so read until bottom.

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Google Jio Phone Next Smart Phone Launch Date

Reliance Jio Next Smart Phone Launch Date will be available shortly as they have not announced it yet, Officially no dialogue was given by Reliance Group regarding its Jio Phone Next launch date. We have secret information from sources that it will be launched in a festival week. This information gives us the Hint that it will be released in September First week when Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated. Jio Phone Next is named Jio Next and it is developed by Reliance Group whereas Operating system is developed by Google and Jio Combined. We will discuss below the Features of Jio Next Smartphone.

Jio Next Smart Phone Features

Google Jio Next Smart Phone features will be discussed here and you can see the basic information like RAM, Screen Type and more. We will also talk about its Operating System which is first endogenously made Operating system along with Internet Giant Google. Read below mentioned points for features-

  • It will be having a Screen Reader which will be compatible with all the websites and application of Google Play Store.
  • Full Touch Display.
  • It is heartbreaking news for those who expected it to be 5G enabled but actually it is 4G Smartphone.
  • Google Voice Assistant which is created especially for India.
  • Most important it will be an affordable Smartphone which will change life of Rural Persons.
  • Friends it will be having inbuilt ability to read screen and websites, so it will be helpful for Blind Persons.

Reliance Jio Phone Next Release Date and Price 2021

Reliance Jio AGM Meeting 2021 gifted India with a most affordable Jio Phone Next and a new operating system which is based on Android. They released a brand new smart phone which is developed in collaboration with Google. Sunder Pichai tweeted yesterday about some features of Google New Operating System for India. New Smart Phone which is being released by Google and Reliance is named Jio Next and it will be sold in the Market as Reliance Jio Next. Last year Google announced Investment in Reliance Jio, also Reliance Jio has already bagged the Spectrums of 5G in India, so this collaboration will make many changes in Digital world of Indian Internet Users.

Reliance Jio Phone Next Availability

If we talk about Reliance Jio Latest Smart phone availability, then we want to inform you that Reliance Jio Next will be released in September and more close to Ganesh Chaturthi. So get ready to experience New Indigenous Smart Phone which is developed by Google and reliance collectively. Market Availability of Jio Phone Next as said before will begin from September 2021 positively.

Reliance JIO Google 5G Mobile Phone 2021

Reliance Jio Google 5G Mobile phone which was expected by contry people from Reliance but as described in AGM Meeting 2021, it will be a 4G based smart phone. If we say about its main point on which Reliance focused is its affordability, it should be available to every Middle Class and Poor Section of Society. Hopefully if this Smart Phone works, then they can develop a new 5G based Jio Phone Next.

Reliance Jio Google Price and Launch

Reliance Jio Google Next price will be disclosed later, but it was being said that it will be very affordable and would definitely hurt the markets of Mi, Samsung, Vivo and other Brands. Talking about Launch as discussed earlier it will be available in Mrket around September 2021. We will share each and every latest update about New Jio Phone Next released by Jio.

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FAQ’s About Reliance Jio Phone Next 5G

How many months will it take to get Reliance Jio Smartphone from Market?

You can buy Jio Smart Phone from market by the end of September and it will be available on a nominal price.

Is reliance Jio new Smartphone actually 5G?

No friends this Smartphone will be not 5G based, actually it is 4G mobile phone which is focused on shifting people from 2G to 4G generation.

What will be the price of new Jio Next Smartphone 2021?

JioPhone Next Price released by Reliance group will be available at a very nominal, which you can check on our website as soon as it is disclosed by Reliance Jio.

How can I check Image of Latest Smart Phone released by Reliance Jio?

We have uploaded image of new Smartphone you can see the basic features from its image available above.

How can I Buy Jio Latest Smart phone online?

You can buy jio latest Smartphone from whenever it will be available in store.

What is Reliance Jio next big step?

Reliance Jio will focus on giving access its products to deprived section of society which is still using 2G phones, so next it will make its market and production huge.

What is the Name of Reliance JIO New Smart Phone ?

JIO PHONE NEXT is the name of new Reliance Jio Google mobile phone.

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