SACRED Senior Citizen Employment Portal 2022 Jobs For Retired Login, Registration

SACRED Senior Citizen Employment Portal 2022 by Government of India: Sacred Senior Citizen Jobs Portal By GOI – A lot many people retire at the age of 60, despite that they have huge potential and will still left for working. Yes, other than doctors, we hardly see in any govt. organizations where the people of age higher than 60 yrs are working. But the main question here is, does the person really wants to retire at 60? Are all his aspirations over? Well, who doesn’t want to earn more and achieve more.

We generally see the unorganized sector as the only place where even after being 80 yrs old, still they have energy to do more. And why that so? To continue their livelihood, which does not fears the one receiving active pensions.

SACRED Senior Citizen Jobs Portal

SACRED Sr Citizen Jobs Portal 2022

Moreover, if you see, people often retiring from Govt. sectors try out their luck in the private organization. But this becomes quite difficult here, as the competition is too high. And on top of that, the country is already facing acute shortage of skilled labors. So now to deal with this situation and letting even old people explore their areas and interests. M. Finally the govt. is bringing a major change by planning to launch Senior Citizen Employment Portal soon.

Senior Citizen Employment Portal Registration 2022

So here, we will understand everything behind the idea and the need for the same. Moreover, we will get into the details here. Thus you must check this out and you can one of your elderly relative in this regard. Finally let us know what you as a young, middle age or old age reader thinks about this step of the government in the comments here. Do you will it is good step or otherwise, your thoughts are appreciable.

Senior Citiz Job Portal 2022 – SACRED

To let the senior citizen feel independent and use their maximum skill and will to work. As with the recent survey more than 50% of the senior citizens are quite active to still keep up with the work. The central govt. is now planning to bring the Senior Citizen Employment Portal so that they have a distinct place to search and apply for the jobs. Thus it will be known as the “Rozgar Exchange” and will finally come under the new policy known as the SACRED. Thus it means Senior Abled Citizens for Reemployment in Dignity.

So finally it was launched by the Min. of Social Justice and Empowerment on 01st Oct 2022 (Friday). This will indeed be the first of such kind of platform totally dedicated to the senior citizens. Thus will let the stake holders to hold a virtual meet and thus discuss the employment opportunities for elderly people. Thus a lump sum of around 10 cr. is being injected for the funding of this platform by the govt. Moreover for every 5 years their will be an additional grant of 2 Cr. as the maintenance fund.

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So already India is being known as the youth country, with so much of workforce as the youth in the country. However if you see the other side, then surely we do have a good no. of population of the senior citizens too. Currently as per the 2011 census, we have around 10.98 Cr. senior citizens and now even more to that no. The main reason can be the improvement in the health infrastructure, thus adds to the active life of the elders.

SACRED Government of India 2022 Sr Citizen Jobs Portal Registration Form

So basically to empower our citizen and thus include them in the country’s GDP. And thus finally letting them use their experience and knowledge in the same or other fields, will thus improve their social life. They will thus feel more financially independent and soon this will somehow see a decrease in the no. of senior citizens being shifted to the Old age homes. Well for now let us understand the scopes of the scheme in the following points:

One stop platform to cater the job search for the people of age more than 60 yrs.

He/ she can add his/ her education, work experience, areas of interest and finally some skills too. Moreover just like any other job portal that we have, you will also find the keywords for the job roles you are seeking.

Moreover, it is also open to the firms or the company etc who wish to register them on the portal. Thus they can directly share the job role and the expectations there and then only.

you will thus find short term employment, contact jobs, teaching jobs or even counselling or management related jobs mostly.

Finally a helpline number is also available for the senior citizens, where in they can ask all their queries. This is 14567 and is known as Elder Line. Moreover, they can also share any type of harassment they are feeling or in case they are home less. Then surely this helpline will listen to their needs.

SACRED Portal Registration, Login Links

Senior Citizen Employment Portal FAQs:

I am so grateful for such step by the govt. Can you share where can I find this SACRED portal?

Indeed it is a very welcoming step. However it is still under progress. Thus soon you will find the SACRED portal active, and then you can register yourself there.

What all I need to submit for registering myself at SACRED?

All you need is your educational certificates and marks. Then you can add your work experience along with the skills that you have.

Is there any help line no. too in case we want to refer to for any issues during the registration?

Yes you can use this no. 14567 to register any issues that you are facing. Be it related to the registration or any harassment etc.

What are all the benefits of this SACRED portal?

I have mentioned all the related benefits and the scope of the SACRED portal in this article. You can check them now.

What is the official website?

24 thoughts on “SACRED Senior Citizen Employment Portal 2022 Jobs For Retired Login, Registration”

  1. Sir,
    Good evening! Iam from Andhrapradesh & retiring on 31.12.2021 from a Nationalised Bank. I tried thrice to register myself in official SACRED portal: but could not.After filling all the columns like Name ,mail id,, state, city,password creation &confirmation & skills & then “submit”. i have done all the three times very correctly, but no signs as accepted registration.NO message or any info appeared on screen. please guide me how to resister, so that i can login and apply for jobs.

  2. I am presently 63yrs retired from Eastern Railway/kolkata as Asst. Comml. Manager. I am physically and mentally fit to involve myself in work . Of late, I have registered my name furnishing all information as per projected columns and submitted the same. But I could not understand whether it actually submitted or not, as there is no feedback or acknowledgement message/mail. Sir, can you please confirm the same and oblige.
    Madhusudan Mukhopadhyay.

  3. Sir I am age of 63 retired from Indian postal dept and iam a post graduate and completed 39 years of service in the deprt and physically mentally fit for marketing publicity field in the same dept was called the for posts how to enrole and get the job.

  4. I am retired Person & worked 28 yrs + in investment banking with experience in administration, controlling & team motivational skills. I am physically fit & fine. Now how can I engaged & take benefit through this scheme?

  5. A good venture. Senior citizens still do have potential to contribute to society. A good number of them still aspire for compatible engagement in community service, share experiences, outlooks, participate in community avtivities and gain mental well being.

  6. Sir, I am an central govt. Officer (Private Secretary) and due for retirement in Dec,2021 and I am physically & mentally fit for doing job in govt. or its undertaking as re-employed employee. Kindly guide for registration in SACRED web.

  7. Sir,
    I am retired from rajasthan, wanted to register in SACRED Sr citizen job portal.Please intimate me about whole process.

  8. I am 63 years govt retired, mentally and physically sound and want to registered in SACRED. But could not as I am from west Bengal. Is the Govt Scheme is meant for 3-states only. Kindly let me know and inform me the way of registration.


    • Sir currently the implementation work is still underway. Hence you must for few weeks as the portal gets active and collects data from other states too. Please keep checking the SACRED Portal once in a week in order to check if the your state is included in the list or not.

  9. My name is Raghavan,R. from Bangalore. I wanted to apply online but the format don’t ve option in the colmn state more than 3 states. Pls.advise me to go about. Thank you,

    • You can wait for few weeks as the implementation work for the scheme is currently under progress. The name of your state will come soon.

    • If your are from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra or Bihar then only you can register for now. Rest for other states, it will be added soon. Thereafter you can add all the necessary details as asked there.

  10. I am an able senior citizen of 73 years . I want to register my name in SACRED senior citizen’s portal online . Kindly advice .

  11. I want to get myself registered with SACRED for suitable re employment.So please inform whenever the portal starts working.

  12. Not able to register as a sr. citizen in the sacred portal. In the state column only U.P., Maharastra and Bihar are appearing. I am from Jharkhand state and therefore, can not select my state.
    Please look into in.
    Thanks and regards,


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