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The government has notified the start of registration for Phase 3 Vaccination. This drive is starting on 1st May 2021 and the registration will start on 28th April 2021. Thus, here you can read about the Portal Via Aarogyasetu, Umang, Phone Number. Portal Via Aarogyasetu, Umang, Phone Number

You must be knowing that on Thursday, the government of India released a notice on starting the third phase of vaccination. This Phase 3 will begin on 1st May 2021. Furthermore, Phase 3 of vaccination is for people above 18 years of age. However, children below 18 years still have to wait to get vaccinated. Now, everyone above 18 years of age is eligible to take the vaccine. But, to take the vaccine, people have to register themselves via Aarogyasetu on the website. You can know about the registration on Portal Via Aarogyasetu. Also, this time, people cannot go to vaccination locations directly. This time, people have to register before visiting the locations. Portal Via Aarogyasetu Portal Via Aarogyasetu, Umang, Phone Number Registration for Vaccination

To be beneficiaries of Phase 3, the population of India that is yet to receive the vaccination has to register beforehand. The government is starting the Phase 3 Vaccination drive registrations from 28th April onwards. Now, people can’t get the vaccine by walking in, directly to the vaccination locations. You must know and understand the fact that India has a large youth population. This means that for the third phase, the government will have to make note of a lot of things and have to manage a lot of others. In the fight of the country against Covid 19, this is one of the major steps that the government has taken. Last year, the government introduced the Cowin app for people to register to get vaccinated. Now, the government has merged Cowin and Aarogya Setu in this fight against Covid 19.

The tweet of MyGovIndia said that only self-registration and advance appointments for people between 18 and 45 years of age will be considered. Self Registration 2021 18 Years+

You can also consider this Phase 3 vaccination drive as the largest vaccination drive as a huge amount of people will get the vaccines now. This process may also take some time to complete because of the number of people in the said age group. Now that you know, a large number of people will apply, you have to get yourself registered before visiting and on time. Also, these vaccination drives have been working under the National Vaccination Programme successfully so far. In this post, you will read about the process of registering yourself before getting the vaccine shot. We’ll explain the complete procedure in detail so that you know what to do well before time. Also, we told you that this Phase won’t be a walk-in Phase. Portal Via Aarogyasetu

You know that the previous phases were walk-in phases. But now, people have to register before going to the registered clinics. This is going to be a confusing process for many of you. In fact, many of you must not even be knowing the process of registration and getting the vaccine. Thus, we can help you by providing the steps here.


The first thing is to register. To do so, you have to go to the website. Now, you have to visit the ‘sign in/ register yourself’ link. Then, enter a working mobile number and get the OTP by clicking on the Get OTP button. Now, you have to enter the OTP within 180 seconds of its reception and then go to the verify tab.


Once you provide the OTP, you will be taken to the registration page. Here, you have to fill in the necessary details and then, click on the register button. Now, you will receive a confirmation on the mobile number.

Book Appointment:

Next, you have to schedule the vaccination drive. Once you do that, you are taken to the Book Appointment for Vaccination link. On this, you have to choose the vaccination center near you, after entering the pin code of your area. After this, the website will show you the available slots. You then have to book the slot. Now, you can choose your date, according to your choice. Then, finally, you have to confirm to book the appointment.


Once you click on the Book tab, you will go to the Appointment Confirmation page. Check the information that you have provided and then, click on the Confirm tab. After this, your Portal Via Aarogyasetu application status will be Appointment Successful. You can now take a printout of the confirmation page as proof of your application.


Now, it’s very well possible for you to reschedule the vaccination date. For this, you will have to re-login on the page. Then, after providing the OTP, you can go to the verify tab. There, on the account details, you can visit the reschedule tab. By following the same steps as above, you can reschedule.

Next Dose:

Finally, once you get the first dose, you have to go for the second dose. Now, the process for the second dose of vaccination is the same. Here, you have to book the appointment again after the required period.

Links on Portal Via Aarogyasetu Portal Via AarogyasetuFrom 28th April 2021

Covid 19 Portal Via Aarogyasetu FAQs

Can we register on 1st May 2021 to get the vaccine on the same day?

Since, this time, a large population of India will be registering, it’ll be difficult to get an appointment on the same day. So, it’s better to start registering on 28th April 2021.

People of what age group can get the vaccines in Phase 3?

People between 18 to 45 years of age can get the vaccines in Phase 3.

Is it important to take the vaccine?

Yes, it is because it reduces the risk of Covid 19.

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