Fix Windows 11 TPM 2.0 Chip Module Error Motherboard How To Process

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Nowadays almost everyone has the access to either desktop or laptop, be it in school, colleges, offices or at home. So, recently the Microsoft company has released new version for the Windows. On 24 June, 2021 it rolled out its Windows 11 officially. Indeed the users were waiting for the new version. Thus, Microsoft didn’t let them down. They bought this new version with stunning graphics and amazing features. But to their surprise even the new gen computers were unable to cope up with the new OS. Reason being the TPM chips.

As we have Windows 11 here, so there are few things you must know like What is TPM 2.0 Chip Motherboard. How to install in on your older version etc. We will give all the reliable information at once, thus continue till the end. Do post your queries below in the comment section. We will answer them all.

Trusted Platform Module: TPM Error

TPM or the Trusted Platform Module is nothing but the enhanced security module for the Windows 11. It is a kind of hardware based security in easy terms. Most importantly you must see that all not the motherboards have TPM connector. Thus do check before if you are thinking of attaching the TPM chip to the motherboard of your device.

TPM 2.0 Chip

If you are not form a techie background and often wondering why is this so important now? Then do not worry, as I will explain everything in lay mans word hence you will get it easily.

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So, as we know the current need of the data privacy to save our personal important data from online hackers or breaches. That is why we have TPM 2.0 chip which acts as a way to save our encrypted messages or passwords while converting them into encrypted messages. It gives both software as well as the hardware level security to protect our files from data breaching.

Need for the TPM Chip 2.0

We are indeed aware of the fact that worldwide there are numerous cyber attacks cases coming daily. And the outreach of Windows 10 is impeccably higher close to 1.5 billion PC’s .Hence it becomes important for the Microsoft to give their users top notch security much needed as of now. Thus, with the latest Windows 11, the Microsoft hints of changing its security flaws with the TPM 2.0 chips.

Furthermore, Chips which are 8th Gen Intel and AMD Ryzen 2000 and the latest versions will definitely support the Windows 11. This then also created an urgent demand of the modules, which finally led to their hike in price close to 3 times.

You must note that, in numerous desktops/ PCs, it is disabled and you can thus easily enable it from the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings.

Benefits of TPM 2.0 over TPM 1.2:

If you see, the new TPM 2.0 is more preferred over TPM 1.2 mostly because of its advance security features. these features were missing in TPM 1.2.

  • The TPM 2.0 provides way better “Crypto agility” incomparable to the previous type. Now this ability allows the security system to quickly switch from algos to encryptive mechanisms without affecting the other system infrastructure majorly. Thus giving lightening speed response to a cryptographic threat.
  • It provides a consistent system security against any cyber attacks or breaching.
  • It helps in giving us a safe storage option for our encrypted keys, passwords etc.
  • If it senses any malware attack or security breach, it then thus start its functioning and fix the problem immediately.

To check if your System has TPM or not:

The question of TPM availability arises when you run the “Windows Health Check Tool” in your desktop. You will see the “error” and you will not be able to install the latest Windows 11. irrespective of the other requirements as fulfilled by your system.

Thus in order to see if the Trusted Platform Module is there on your system just follow the steps here:-

  • Firstly, go to start menu, now tap on “Run”.
  • Secondly, you have to type “tpm.msc” in the run button itself. Now click enter.
  • Finally, if you see on your screen that, “TPM is good to go”, then that means your system ahs TPM.
  • Else, you will see the message “Error, Compatible TPM is not found”, which clearly indicates it is missing.

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Fixing TPM 2.0 Windows 11 Installation error in PC’s:

Intel comes with the in-built technology that allows you to fix TPM 2.0 on CPU. Hence you can activate the same through BIOS that is Basic Input Output System with the given steps here:-

  • First step is to “restart your PC” in order to access your BIOS settings.
  • Next step is to enable PTT (Platform Trust Technology) in BIOS by searching it under “Advanced Configuration” Section.
  • After this, you have to save the upper changed settings.
  • Lastly you can again re check the TPM status as stated above and now you are good to go.

FAQ’s on TPM 2.0 Updates and Fixing Module Error

Is Trusted Platform module a hardware or a software module?

with the advanced features that TPM 2.0 offers, it is found in both of the above that is hard ware and in software module.

If i don’t have the TPM 2.0 in my PC will I be able to install the latest Windows 11?

I am afraid you cannot. Reason being it is the top notch security level and thus it is the minimum requirement for installing the windows 11 in your system.

Is my system completely safe with TPM 2.0 chip module?

No module can give 100% security anyhow. Because we have hackers so impatient to find the way to breach the top notch security anyhow. But yes it do gives us the maximum security and keep your unencrypted passwords, and other important data encrypted.

Can I fix The TPM error in my system on my own?

yes you can. I have mentioned the required steps in the article above, go through them and do the needful.

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9 thoughts on “Fix Windows 11 TPM 2.0 Chip Module Error Motherboard How To Process”

  1. Issue:
    When I enabled TPM setting from bios and after this i am getting error message like this “New CPU installed, fTPM/PSP NV corrupted or fTPM/PSP NV structure changed.i have also attached the screen shot of error message. I am not using Bitlocker or any kind of encryption in my PC and i have used Y and N both option but and I have used TMP clear option from bios but after this i am continuing getting error while i power on my PC.

    I have talked with Customer Care and Gigabye eSupport they guide me do follwing steps:
    1. Update bios to F34 to and after update bios load optimized default.
    2. csm as disabled and set AMD CPU fTPM as enabled for TPM

    After doing this the issue has not been solved.

  2. Hi. I’m running Windows 11 since it releases on the Dev server. I got this error when logging in that Reset for Y or N. I choose N and my login credentials are lost. What can I do. TPM is not found but when I go to BIOS it said enabled. Is it okay to reset the TPM?

  3. I have Lenovo G50-70 model laptop and I checked TPM but in my laptop no have TPM 2.0, while I checked through BIOS, there’s no any advance configuration option and no PTT I found. Kindly help me to solve this issue.


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