TS E-Challan Discount 2022, (75% Off) echallan.tspolice.gov.in Pay Online

Telangana E Challan 75% Discount 2022 Online Payment @ echallan.tspolice.gov.in: If you are too from Telangana state, then here you should check this article. As in one of the major developments by the Telangana state police, the residents of state will thus get a one time opportunity to shed off majority of its traffic challans now at a discounted rate. Hence to deal with the current outstanding amount of 1750 cr. from more than 6 cr. traffic challans. The TS E-Challan Discount 2022 will hence benefit the state police in retrieving some amount.

echallan.tspolice.gov.in E-Challan Discount 2022

Therefore catch all about the current discount you will get as you clear your challans, later in this article. Moreover we will also find the timeline during which you can avail the discount. So catch all the story with us in as we have covered all the aspects that you must know before you proceed for e-challans this year. Lastly like always we let you drop your thoughts or queries in the comments below so that we can resolve them for you.

TS E-Challan Discount 2022

So majority of the state residents use their private as well as public transport. Meanwhile they also come across few challans due to overriding the traffic rules as set by the traffic officials. Now in many of the cases they avoid the challans, which later on piles up and this continues. So in order to lessen the burden of the Traffic police department. Moreover to ensure that a huge amount of the left challans are being paid off by the residents. Therefore with the start of new month, as on March 01st, 2022 you can avail the Telangana State E-Challan Discount 2022.

Under this, a whopping discount of 75% & 50%T here can be availed by the residents, therefore if you too have pending challans on your name. Then you must write them off with this new one time discount policy by Telangana State police department. Now with wide range of automobiles, these discount are thus further bifurcated which we will here check in detail. These discounts as announced by the Traffic Police Joint Commissioner A V Ranganath will help the residents in clearing off their challans, especially after covid-19 outbreak.

echallan.tspolice.gov.in E Challan Discount 2022

Let us check some more details regarding the new Telangana E-challan Discount 2022 below:

A. Authority NameTelangana State Police
B. Regarding E-Challan System (New Discount Policy) 2022
C. Total Discounts Rolled OutIn 5 categories:
a) 75%
b) 50%
c) 70%
d) 80%
e) 90%
D. Maximum e-challan discount90% in no mask challan category
E. Time Period for availing discount31 days
(From 01st March till 31st March 2022)
E. Claim your Telangana State E-Challan Discount 2022echallan.tspolice.gov.in

Telangana State E Challan Discount 2022 Categories & Benefits

So depending upon the varieties of the automobile, and ensure the discount is given fairly, the same is thus further rolled out in five categories. Let us check them all below:

  • For Two & Three Wheelers:

In case of the discounts on the e-challan as claimed by the drivers of 2 and 3 wheelers. Here you must note that you will now have to just pay 25% of the total challan in the given time period. This allows you to enjoy 75% of the challan payment here with you. Moreover the challan amount has to be submitted only via online methods. Hence you can find the steps as well as the site to process the TS E-Challan Discount 2022.

  • Cars & heavy 4 wheelers:

Here you just need to pay for 50% of your entire challan receipt so far. For instance, if you had a challan of let say Rs. 8000/-. Hence now just pay the half of it.

  • For Buses:

All the Telangana state running buses who earlier were slapped with thousands of challan for overriding traffic rules. Hence now for you, 75% of the money will be waived off. Thus just pay 25% of the total amount and clear all your active challans.

  • For Push Carts :

There is around 80% challan waived off for all the push cart users. Therefore claim the discount now and pay just 20% of the overall challan amount.

  • Challan for No-Mask:

While during this hard covid times, we witness the no-mask challan. Hence to help the residents in waiving off big challan amounts for the same, now just pay 10% of the entire amount.

Steps to Avail TS E-Challan Discount 2022

Here are the simple steps using which you can now directly pay off all your pending challans with a one time opportunity of discounts in the same. Hence all the residents of the Telangana state if have any active challan must shed off the same in the time limit as discussed above. Now follow the steps here:

  • Firstly use the link to directly visit the e-challan page of Telangana Police department.
  • Secondly now at the home page, you will have to enter the vehicle no. along with the chasis/ engine (last 4 digit no.) in the respective spaces.
  • Afterwards choose the challan you wish to pay as per the new discount policy.
  • Finally use any of the online transaction methods to then pay for you active e-challans.
  • Lastly save the e-challanpayment receipt with you for proof.

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FAQs On Telangana State E Challan Discount 2022

What is the benefit of TS E-Challan Discount 2022?

With its new e-challan discount policy, Telangana state traffic police is waiving off heavy discounts on all types of challans. Find out more inside.

Will there be any validity in claiming the discounts in challans?

Yes, you can pay the minimum possible challan amount as per the category in which your vehicle falls. Moreover the last date to do so is March 31st 2022. Claim it now here.

What is the official website of TS E-Challan?


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