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tsbonline.kerala.gov.in Login and Registration Form is available to fill up for TSB Bank. Check TSB Online New User Registration Form is available below. Kerala TSB Bank Online Login page updated.

The Kerala State has opened the unique TSB that is Treasury Savings Bank in the state. This thus allows their customers to enjoy the Savings Account or Fixed deposits there. Moreover, this is trustworthy as it is serving its people seamlessly for more than 50 yrs. Therefore now anyone thus can open their Savings account in any of the Kerala State treasuries. Moreover, there is no hidden transaction while using the Internet banking facility for transferring funds. Hence, it makes it the customer’s first choice.

tsbonline.kerala.gov.in Login 2022

tsbonline.kerala.gov.in Login

The Kerala’s TSB lets people enjoy various accounts under its banking facility. Hence it is suitable for all type of customers. Later on we will thus see the no. of accounts that people can open here in Kerala Treasuries. Check this below:

  • Treasury Saving Bank account (TSB) : This is the account which almost all individuals can thus access for keeping his/ her money safe. Moreover, the only eligibility for opening the TSB is 18+ yrs of age.
  • Treasury Fixed Deposits (TFD): this is also accessible by all the individuals. Moreover it is backed by the Kerala Govt. Hence it makes it 100% safe. Also it lets you enjoy the fixed ROR (rate of return) over a given period of time.
  • Pensioners Treasury Saving Banks Account (PTSBA): just like the name suggests, hence it is only for the pensioners. As they can thus enjoy their pension in this account of the Kerala Treasuries.
  • Employees Treasury Savings Banks Account (ETSB): Now this saving account facility is only available to the govt. employees. Thus now this option is more prevalent in many states now, as the govt. is thus keeping their employees salary for few weeks in ESTB. This will thus enable them to enjoy more monthly interest on them.

TSB Online New User Registration 2022

As you are now about to register yourself for availing the online banking services of TSB. Thus you must also read the benefits that you get afterwards as shared here:

  • Now no need of going to the bank every then and now for making payments. Hence you can do it now by visiting the https://tsbonline.kerala.gov.in/login.
  • Apart from the payments, now you also get to see the transaction history of your TSB account. Now please note that only last transaction history is available. And therefore if you want to check more, then visit the TSB Bank.
  • Payment using the NEFT/ IMPS facility is also there.
  • Also check the MOD balance or the total balance of your TSB account now online.

TSB Online Kerala Login at tsbonline.kerala.gov.in

Now you can enjoy the internet banking facility as provided by the Kerala TSB. Thus for that you must first get yourself registered for availing the Treasuries services here. Therefore, you must make sure the following details/ documents to let you register for the TSB in online mode only.

  • Firstly you must be having the TSB Bank Account no. for availing the internet banking facility.
  • Moreover, you must have the mobile no. which is registered with the TSB account.
  • After this, the Aadhar Card is imp, in case you are registering with the TSB online services, for the first time.

Please note that, now you can register for the TSB Online services either in online mode or in offline mode, thus by filling the forms. Do not worry, as I have explained both the steps in detail here. Hence, as per your suitability you can go with any of these below.

TSB Kerala Online Registration Form tsbonline.kerala.gov.in

tsbonline.kerala.gov.in Registration

Now here you can thus avail the TSB Online services by performing the following opertions here:

  • Firstly check in the Kerala Treasury Site at https://tsbonline.kerala.gov.in/.
  • After this, now proceed towards the “New Registration” as you can thus see right at the home page of the site.
  • later on , you must fill the existing TSB account details details. Furthermore, give the Aadhar no. with the mobile no. which is thus registered already with the TSB acc.
  • After this you can choose any username for availing the TSB Online services.
  • Now enter the mail id to get the updates or necessary notification on that.
  • Finally submit after verifying once.
  • Lastly enter the strongest password after you have finished the mobile OTP verification.

Caution Note: Keep the TSB username and password safe with yourself. Also never share the same with anybody for avoiding the misuse of your funds.

Kerala TSB Offline Registration:

This is simple, as you can fill the same form, now offline by downloading directly from here.

The TSB form is thus shared here, download it to fill it and thus submit it in your respective TSB bank. To get the access to the online bank facility.

Kerala Online TSB Banking Login, Registration Links:

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Offline Kerala TSB Online FormDownload Form
tsbonline.kerala.gov.inVisit Here
TSB Online LoginLogin Here

Treasury Savings bank Online Login and Form Kerala FAQ’s:

What all services can I enjoy with the TSB Online banking facility?

All the online TSB Banking is thus shared in the article above. Please go through the same to know it all.

I have registered yesterday, but when I tried to tsbonline.kerala.gov.in Login, I could not do that. What to do now?

At least wait for 24 hours after you have registered for Online TSB for availing the fund transfer services. After that try again. It will work fine.

Can you share with me the TSB online customer care details?

Yes now you can contact anytime from 10:15 am to 5:15 pm in all working days. at 18004255176 or also at 9496003023.

I cannot remember my TSB online banking username, Please help?

Do not worry, as you can retrieve it or make a new one. Start by choosing the Forgot username option. Later now add the TSB acc. no along with the mobile no. thus registered there. Now with the OTP you just received, kindly verify your identity. Lastly now enter the new username and now keep it safe.

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