UAE Covid 19 Vaccination Card Download Free Vaccine For Tourists

Since vaccines became available to the normal public worldwide, the governments started providing Dubai vaccine certificate Card to the people. This made it easier for the authorities to maintain the vaccination program and to keep it going hassle-free. Similarly, UAE authorities also did the same, so we have mentioned the UAE Covid 19 Vaccination Card Download here. Check Guidelines for UAE Free Vaccine For Tourist from India and across the world. Download Dubai Vaccine Certificate 2021 Online.

UAE Covid 19 Vaccination Card Download

Today, everyone knows about the usage of Covid vaccination certificates. Also, people know why it’s important to get the vaccination cards these days once one receives a vaccine dose. And, now, the government provides vaccine certificate after the completion of both the doses. This card is also needed for travel and work purposes also. Thus, you know how important it is to get the vaccination certificate. Also, it acts as a proof for a person that he has both the doses now. In addition to this, the beneficiary also received all his important details on the card. The person receives this after 28 days of the second dose. The card also talks about the vaccine which the person has received and at what place, including the date and time of vaccination.


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Abu Dabi Dubai UAE Covid 19 Vaccination Free Vaccine For Tourists

The Government of the UAE has an official portal that works for the vaccination program, The website is and the government has been able to fully vaccinate a large population. For this the government provided vaccines like Sinopharm, Pfizer, Oxford/ Astrazeneca, and Sputnik. After vaccination, the next important step is to obtain the vaccination certificate from the portal. In this post, we shall tell you about the vaccination program in the UAE for the citizens as well as for the tourists. Also, the government has made an app called the Al Hosn which it will use as a national Covid 19 vaccine registry. Moreover, those who have received vaccine doses at Dubai Health Authority centers can download the DHA app. After logging in in to the app with the MRN number, they can receive the vaccine card.

Dubai Vaccine Card 2021 Download Certificate

In this post, we would like to tell you that Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates will vaccinate tourists at the airports. Earlier, the government allowed these vaccines for the citizens only, but now tourists can get them too. For this the tourists have to book their slots at the airport, as soon as they reach Abu Dhabi. Also, as per the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the tourists with Abu Dhabi visas can book free vaccine slots. In fact, those with expired residency will also be able to get free slots. In Abu Dhabi, the vaccines used are Pfizer/ BioNTech and China’s Sinopharm.

UAE Covid 19 Vaccination Card

In May 2021, the United Arab Emirates observed an increase in the Covid-19 cases and thus announced restrictions. People had to follow these restrictions on entry, go under quarantine, and get RTPCR tests done. However, now, the Emirates have allowed 27 countries including China, US, and Germany travellers to enter without quarantine procedure. So far, the country has been able to vaccinate more than 85% of the public with first dose of vaccination. This is a positive sign when the authorities are getting ready to organize events in the near future.

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Along with that, the government has allowed many activities to take place now. These are entertainment and activities. The government has allowed these to be held in cafes, restaurants, shopping complexes for a period of a month for the time being. But, the entertainers have to be vaccinated beforehand. Other than this, weddings with 100 guests can take place with all attendees vaccinated. Moreover, bars, concerts, and sports will start in the Emirates too. For these, the staff, customers, participants, and attendees have to be vaccinated.

The UAE has also notified that for the coming few years, the vaccine certificates will be of use to the people. In fact, resorts, airlines, tourist areas, and ships have already started asking the tourists for the vaccination certificates. Now, many countries have allowed fully-vaccinated travellers to visit them, even without quarantine procedures. Thus, you can see the importance and the progress that the vaccination program is making.

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Covid 19 Vaccination Card Download UAE FAQs

Which portal is available for the download of UAE Vaccination certificates?

The official portal for downloading the UAE vaccination certificates is

What is the app for the Corona virus testing the UAE?

The app that the Emirates are using for Corona virus testing is Al Hosn UAE App.

Are sports stadiums and cafes opening up in the UAE?

Yes, the government is opening up sports stadiums and cafes in the UAE.

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