UK Kisan Pension List 2021 Uttarakhand KPY Status Check

UK Kisan Pension List 2021 is released and published here you can now check Uttarakhand KPY Status for pension list online here at this page.

The plight of Uttarakhand many such hilly regions are same, that is seeing its people moving to big cities and leaving them behind. Thus to stop that and keep the place livable and attractive for all. The state government is now coming up with various schemes in interest of the farmers/ people of the village. And it is called the UK Kisan Pension Scheme 2021. Now the main reason behind the fleeing of farmers or other people from the villages to towns is very genuine. Due to climate change and over population, the natural water resources are now vanishing. Moreover, still there are places where all the active government schemes/ yojana has not reached yet. They are lacking behind due to insufficient hospitals or educational institutes. And if they are there, then very less in no. and also not in reach of all.

Hence all this has currently made the situation worse, especially for the farmers. Thus to make their living easy and help them sustain in the distant places. The UK Govt. has thus started the scheme and so you can check the UK Kisan Pension List 2021 here.

Check more on the Pension scheme’s eligibility, registration, beneficiary list and more below.

UK Kisan Pension List 2021:

As we have seen that young generation is often leaving the village to settle in big cities for sustaining lives. In this process, they ask their parents to move with them. But many a times, these people living in villages for almost 50 yrs refuse to do so. Thus t make their life easy even in their old ages, the UK Govt. has started the Pension scheme for all the people above 60 yrs of age. Moreover, they must have the land under their name. This should be min of 2 hectares to avail the pension under Uttarakhand’s Farmer Pension Scheme/ Yojana. Thus, if you also know people who can avail the benefit of this scheme. Then you must refer them to our page or tell them more about the same from here.

PM Kisan Tractor Yojana 2021

The Kisan Pension Yojana or KPY was thus initiated to help them recover from the crop loss due to weather or any other reasons. Thus, through this they can also buy / purchase new crop machineries or high quality seeds. Moreover, they can repay the loan thus taken for their crops.

Therefore with the KPY scheme of Uttarakhand govt., the farmers thus will get a monthly amount of Rs. 1000/- after they reach the 60 yrs of age.

Uttarakhand KPY Eligibility Criteria 2021:

  • The farmer should be of age 60 or more than that.
  • He/ she should not be enjoying the same benefit from any other scheme.
  • The total agricultural land must be above 2 hectares or 4 Acres.
  • He/ She should a permanent resident of Uttarakhand state. And must not flee away to other cities after getting the pension.
  • He/ She must fall under the BPL to avail the pension benefit.

Kisan Pension Yojana (KPY) Online Application Form 2021

Following the steps now you can also help your near ones to avail the benefit of KPY 2021 Uttarakhand state scheme. But before that have a look at the list of documents you will be needing for application.

  • Aadhar Card of the farmer/ applicant.
  • Original land papers under their name,
  • Affidavit of Rs. 10/- for the same piece of land.
  • All bank account details, like Name, branch IFSC code, Acc no. etc.
  • Lastly a photograph of the farmer/ applicant. KPY Registration Steps:

  • Firstly you have to visit the site to be able to download the forms for the KPY scheme. Thus visit here directly. I have also shared the form below, which you can easily download and thus take the printout from here.
  • Then as you have the form with you. Thus start by adding your details there. For Instance, your full detail with the address and all the document details as I have written above.
  • After this, you must visit the Village Development Officer (VDO) office. And thus get it verified and signed by the same authority.
  • Lastly, with the final verification of the Officer, you application will thus be registered successfully. And finally this will open the way for your monthly pension.

NOTE: If after taking monthly pension, a farmer stops farming or growing crops, then his candidature will be permanently cancelled. Hence he will not receive any of the pension benefits thereafter.

Check UK Kisan Pension Status 2021:

Now after you have registered for availing the KPY Schme. Thus you must be curious to check the 2021 UK Kisan Pension List. Thus you can do it online for yourself or your ner ones.

  • Firstly visit the Uttarakhand’s Social Welfare site for availing the benefit at
  • Now in the homepage of the UK site, you will see “Know your Uttarakhand KPY Status Check” under the Citizen Service tab.
  • Thus proceed with it, and in the new page, you must then select your applicable scheme. Along with this, either you can fill the mob. no. or the bank acc. no.. Both are allowed.
  • Then the code which is given there must be filled in the bar and press submit.
  • Finally you can see the Uttarakhand KPY Status Check of your UK Kisan Pension List 2021. Moreover, you can see if or not the pension has started.

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UK Kisan Pension List 2021 FAQ’s:

How To Check Uttarakhand KPY Status Check ?

you can visit to check UK KPY Status Check.

Is UK Kisan Pension List 2021 Released ?

yes it is published here, please visit the page.

Age limit for this UK KPY scheme is?

Only applicable to farmers of 60 yrs age or more than that for UK KPY 2021.

Is this Scheme available to Himachal farmers as well?

No. Only UK farmers can apply. However you can check your state service for such for kisan pension.

Can you share the contact details of UK Social Welfare Dept ?

Yes sure. Try reaching them at 05946-297051.

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