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UP Krishi Subsidy Yojana Registration Form 2021, upagriculture.com Token Generate 2021, कृषि यन्त्र टोकन Apply Online, Uttar Pradesh Krishi Subsidy Scheme Application Form 2021.

The farming nowadays has become much easier to what it was in 90’s decade. Reason being definitely the strong support of the agricultural tools and machineries. Thus this has surely helped the farmers to maintain their crop. Moreover, now they can easily do the irrigation in large areas, and with that even sowing and harvesting has now become an easy task.

upagriculture.com Token generate 2021

But this surely needs the best of the latest technologies and they cost high! Hence to lesser the equipment cost burden on the farmers. Now the state govt. are playing their part in providing schemes related to the same. So, the Uttar Pradesh govt. is also working in the same lane. With their new portal Krishi Vibhag, UP they are aiming to help the state farmers get the machineries at lower cost/ subsidized rates. So, we will now see the Krishi Token generate 2021. Along with the UP Krishi Kisan Seva yojana 2021 and the Application form in detail.

upagriculture.com Token generate

Hence you must check the entire article if you too belong from UP state and have the farming background. Also at the end you can ask your doubts in the comments and we will try to answer them all.

कृषि यन्त्र टोकन Krishi Token generate 2021

upagriculture.com Token generate 2021

Indeed the farmers are our lifelines. Truly as they are called “Annadata” of the nation. However, they manage to save very little or sometimes have to depend on the loans to sustain their livings. All this is because of failure of crops, or unable to save them from the unprecedented climatic conditions. And many a times due to unavailability of the proper machineries to get good output. Thus to resolve their problems and most importantly financially support them for buying latest machineries. The govt. of UP has started the Krishi Vibahg Portal that will acknowledge all of these issues at once.

कृषि यन्त्र टोकन Krishi Subsidy yojana Registration Form 2021

Therefore, the subsidy scheme will then help the UP farmers to overcome the issues faced due to the traditional methods of farming. The govt. is set to provide 50% of subsidy on buying the machineries for the agricultural purpose. For instance Tractors, combine harvestor, trailer sprayer, manure spreader etc.

upagriculture.com Token generate 2021

Scheme nameAgricultural Equipment Subsidy Scheme, Uttar Pradesh
BeneficiariesUP Farmers
Regulatory DepartmentAgriculture Dept. of UP
Benefit of SchemeAgricultural Equipment Subsidy

upagriculture.com Equipment Subsidy

In this subsidy, the farmers are thus set to get TOKEN from the agricultural Department. The upagriculture.com Token generate 2021 is therefore issued by the UP Govt., so that farmers can use this to get subsidy in the machineries they wish to buy. So, let us now check what all subsidies are being provided here. And finally how you can get your Krishi Token generate 2021.

Machinery NameSubsidy Provided
A. Power Tiller (8 Horse Power)40% of the MRP or Rs 450. (Whatever is less, will be given)
B. Sugar Cane Cutter, drill, Reaper & Binder40% of the MRP or Rs 200. (Whatever is less, will be given)
C. Pump set (7.5 Horse Power)50% of the MRP or Rs 150. (Whatever is less, will be given)
D. Pump Set50% of the MRP or Rs 400. (Whatever is less, will be given)
E. Sprinkler Set50% of the MRP or Rs 750. (Whatever is less will be given)
F. Tractor (40 horse power)25% of the MRP or Rs 450. (Whatever is less will be given)
G. Power Thresher25% of the MRP or Rs 120. (Whatever is less will be given)
H. Chef Cutter/ Winning Fan25% of the MRP or Rs 200. (Whatever is less will be given)

UP Krishi Subsidy Yojana Eligibility Criteria 2021

So if you too are the farmer of the Uttar Pradesh then you can also avail the benefit of the Equipment subsidy scheme. Therefore you must now check the eligibility of the same below:

  • You must be the permanent resident of the UP state.
  • The farmers who wish to apply under the scheme must have an active bank account.
  • Moreover, you have to link the Aadhar Card with your bank account.
  • Lastly you must not be availing the same benefit from any other scheme. This is very important. As in this case you will not be able to apply under this scheme.

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UP Krishi Scheme Token generate 2021 Documents List:

You will have to ensure the availability of the following documents for Krishi Token generate 2021:

  • Firstly you must have the Aadhar Card as the ID proof.
  • Thereafter you will have to have the Bank account no. and details.
  • Passport size photo of the applicant is also required.
  • Active Mobile no. of the applicant.
  • Your PAN card is also needed.
  • Most importantly you must have the land papers. As the agricultural land must have to be under your name to apply for the related scheme.

Uttar Pradesh Krishi Subsidy yojana Registration 2021:

upagriculture.com Token generate 2021
upagriculture.com Token generate 2021

Finally now let us move on to register for the Krishi subsidy here. As after the registration thereby upon verifying the same. The Agriculture department of UP will then provide the Krishi Token generate 2021.

  • Firstly you will have to enter the कृषि यन्त्र टोकन portal using the link http://upagriculture.com/.
  • Secondly you will then have to check the home page of the Krishi Vibhag portal and thereby open the Registration page.
  • Now enter your personal details to register on the portal and save the details for login purpose.
  • Afterwards you will see the yantra token यन्त्र टोकन, thereby you can select the Farming equipment and check the subsidy beside it.
  • Thereafter you will have to fill the Registration no. and the District of the applicant.
  • Now search the same.
  • Afterwards you will have to identify the equipment and then proceed for the next step.
  • As you enter the mobile no. Thereafter the TOKEN will be generated.
  • Finally you will get a text confirmation for the same and accept it for pre booking your equipment.
  • Lastly with this the upagriculture.com Token generate 2021 procedure is over.

Links For Upagriculture.com Token Generate 2021

UP Krishi Yojana Generate Token 2021 LinkVisit Here
http://upagriculture.com:81/login.aspxLogin Here
Generate Token HereClick Here
Generate Token here for Farm PondClick Here

UP Krishi Token generate 2021 FAQ’s:

What is the use of the कृषि यन्त्र टोकन Krishi Token?

This is provided to you after you have filled the form. Afterwards the token is given as it will let you apply for the equipment you wish to purchase.

How much subsidy is provided for the agricultural tools and equipments?

I have shared the complete list of the tools and their subsidies in the above article. You can check the same there.

How can I generate Krishi Token upagriculture.com ?

you can check the steps as mentioned above for generating the token.

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