Upcoming IPO January 2022, List of Next IPOs Launching Ongoing Calendar

During an offering, an IPO opens its stocks for sale to the public. These companies are private companies that can be young or old. Companies do so to get listen on exchange. For IPOs, the companies can raise equity shares and issue these to the public or shareholders to sell them. Now that a lot many companies are holding IPOs, we shall tell you about them. Therefore, we have talked about the Upcoming IPO in January 2022. Check List of Next Upcoming IPOs in India NSE and BSE Exchange. IPO Calendar January 2022.

Get Details on Upcoming IPO’s such as Zomato, Nykaa, Paytm, Bajaj Energy, Life Insurance Corporation LIC. Here we have provided latest IPO Calendar 2021 for month of December, January 2022 etc. PAYTM and MobiKwik has filed IPO for ₹16,000 Crore and ₹2,000 Crore.

Upcoming IPO January 2022

When a company offers its share to the public, it is not compulsory for the company to repay the share to the investors. The company that issues an offering is called the issuer and completes the process with investment banks. Once the company has shared, they can further be sold in the open market. All the people who are into IPOs can know about the details of the IPO that are to be held in January 2022. For the first half of the year, around 23 IPOs for Rs. 32,000 Crore were fixed.

In January 2022, almost all major IPOs are taking place. Right now, there are 12 IPOs decided for the month of Upcoming IPO in January 2022. Also, in the coming time, we may get to know about more IPOs that will come this month. You can expect this to happen by the fourth of week January 2022 and last till January 2022.

List of Upcming IPOs Launching January 2022

If all IPOs take place successfully, they will raise around Rs. 31,585 Crore. Also, the IPOs that have taken place just show the beginning. There are many more to come. Upcoming IPO Calendar 2021 names are Paytm, Nykaa, Bajaj Energy, and LIC that may come before 2022. Moreover, the above-mentioned 12 IPOs are into nine different industry segments. Out of these 12 IPOs, only three IPOs will account for 64% of IPO collections.

These three IPOs are Nuvoco Vistas, Aadhaar Housing Finance, and Zomato. Here, you can know the complete details of the companies here. Other than this, the companies are Vijaya Diagnostics, Ami Organics, Clean Science Technology, Glenmark Life Sciences, etc. In a situation like the pandemic, a need for active pharma ingredients (API) has been observed.

Upcoming IPO July 2021

Glenmark IPO Date 2021, GMP

Mobikwik IPO date, GMP

Patanjali IPO Date and GMP

LIC IPO Date GMP Price Band Launch Date

Paytm IPO Date, Grey Market Premium

Now, we would like to inform you about the three major IPOs. The first is Nuvoco Vistas, which is a cement manufacturing part of the Nirma group. With the IPO, it will raise around Rs. 5000 Crore. To create Nuvoco Vistas, Nirma Group acquired Emami and Lafarge and has a capacity of 23.5 million tonnes annually. Secondly, Aadhaar Housing Finance has been backed by Blackstone and owns 98.7%.

This time the IPO is Rs. 7,300 Crore. Also, Aadhaar Housing is one of the biggest low-income housing segment players. The last is Zomato, which is much of a household name today. It has an offer of Rs. 7,875 Crore to make.

Upcoming IPO January List 2022

IPO CompanySectorOfffer for SaleIssue Size
Seven Islands ShippingLogisticsRs. 200 CroreRs. 600 Crore
Ami OrganicsChemicalsRs. 350 CroreRs. 650 Crore
Arohan Financial SvcsMicrofinancingRs. 950 CroreRs. 1800 Crore
Shriram PropertiesReal EstateRs. 550 CroreRs. 800 Crore
GR InfraprojectsEngineeringRs. 963 CroreRs. 963 Crore
Utkarsh SFBSmall FinanceRs. 600 CroreRs. 1350 Crore
Clean Science and TechnologyChemicalsRs. 1547 CroreRs. 1547 Crore
Glenmark Life SciencePharmaceuticalsRs. 540 CroreRs. 1700 Crore
Vijay DiagnosticsHealthcareRs. 2000 CroreRs. 2000 Crore
Nuvoco Vistas CementCementRs. 5800 CroreRs. 7300 Crore
ZomatoEcommerceRs. 375 CroreRs. 7875 Crore
Aadhaar Housing FinanceHome FinanceRs. 5800 CroreRs. 7300 Crore
Total SumJuly 2021Rs. 17,375 CroreRs. 31, 585 Crore
Now, we would share the list of IPOs that you can see in the month of January 2022.

Upcoming IPOs 2021 IPO Calendar Paytm, Nykaa

Patanjali IPOYear 2021
Paytm IPOYear 2021
LIC IPO3rd Quarter 2021
Mobikwik IPO3rd Quarter 2021
Nykaa IPOYear 2021
Bajaj Energy IPOYear 2021
Go Air IPO2021

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Next IPOs Launching January 2022Status
Zomato IPO14 July To 16 July 2021
Clean Science and Technology IPOEnded
AA Plus Tradelink Limited IPOEnded

List of Next IPOs Launching January 2022 FAQs

How many companies total 64% of total IPO earnings?

Three of the 12 companies total 64% of total IPO earnings. These are Nuvoco Vistas, Aadhaar Housing Finance, and Zomato.

Which IPOs have the highest listing gains?

There are five IPOs that have the highest listing gains. These are Happiest Minds Technologies, Burger King, MTAR Technologies, Indigo Paints, and Mrs Bector’s Foods.

Is it safe to invest in an IPO to list gains?

Yes, one can invest in an IPO to list gains.

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