Covid 19 Whatsapp Vaccine Certificate Download 9013151515

Download Covid Vaccination Certificate on Whatsapp PDF by sending a text message to government Phone number at 9013151515. Check the complete procedure for Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp PDF. In this Post, We will discuss about Cowin Vaccination Certificate and how to download certificate pdf through whatsapp. Yes friends you heard it right, you can download your Vaccination certificate on your WhatsApp by doing some simple steps which are mentioned below. As we all know vaccination certificates are mandatory nowadays for entry in some prime locations and also to show assurance of your vaccination you need a certificate issued by the Government.

Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp PDF Cowin App
Whatsapp Vaccine Certificate Download

Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download On Whatsapp PDF @ 9013151515

Now this process is very simple as the Government has started Corona Helpdesk from where you can Important Information on Corona Related Issues. Below we have details on How to download Certificate Pdf on WhatsApp and Important Links to Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp pdf.

Vaccine Certificate PDF on WhatsApp No 9013151515

  • Whatsapp Covid vaccination certificate is mandatory to travel abroad so individuals who want to get their vaccination certificate can download it Online through WhatsApp Handle.
  • This Handle is linked with the CoWin App from where user data is collected and then Certificate is Generated.
  • You can download your certificate pdf file through WhatsApp by sending a text “Download certificate” on 9013151515.
  • This system is automated which means you will automatically get a reply about your query.
  • You can use this certificate as a valid document of vaccination and moreover it is issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

You can download the Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp through the WhatsApp application and get it printed for future reference. See the points below for Vaccine Certificate PDF on WhatsApp.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

Link Passport Number To Vaccine Certificate

Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download

See the table below for Helpdesk on WhatsApp and then use its features like Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp.

How To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate Via Whatsapp

Initiative ByMinistry of Health and Family Welfare
Name of facilityMyGov Corona Help desk
MyGov Corona Helpdesk Number9013151515
Text to Send“Download Certificate”
Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp PDFAvailable On WhatsApp
Developed byMoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

Whatsapp Vaccine Certificate Download Number

You can download Covid vaccination Certificate through WhatsApp by following some easy steps mentioned below in points.

  • Very first step is Save Number 9013151515 as contact.
  • Open your WhatsApp and Search for the name you saved.
  • Message “Download Certificate” on this number.
  • Now you will get an OTP (One Time Password) On your registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the OTP and Press Send button.
  • Now a list of members will display from where you have to select the name and reply accordingly.
  • Now you will receive a pdf file in your chat box from where you can download the Whatsapp Covid vaccination certificate in pdf format.
  • Repeat these steps to download a certificate for another member.

Whatsapp Covid Vaccine Certificate Phone No

There are many Benefits of Vaccination certificate, some of them are detailed below-

  • First of all, If you want to visit any state in India from another state the you must have your Whatsapp Covid vaccination certificate and it varies from state to state policy. So it is better to get your vaccination certificate which is mandatory for some states.
  • If you want to travel abroad then you also have to show your Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp.
  • Some Countries’ visas require 14 Days prior Certificate of vaccination so much download it through WhatsApp and travel freely abroad.
  • Apart from this, there are many other perks of being vaccinated like in cinemas you have to show your vaccination certificate. So in these cases it is very helpful and you must have its soft copy or hard copy.

Process To Download Whatsapp Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate

CoWin Portal Visit Here
Contact Number9013151515
Text to SendDownload Certificate

FAQs About Covid Vaccination Certificate pdf Download on WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp number of Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Whatsapp?

WhatsApp Number to download Covid Vaccination certificate is 9013151515.

Is it compulsory to be registered on the CoWin App to download certificates?

No, you can directly download your certificate from WhatsApp through above number by sending Download certificate text from your WhatsApp.

Can I download the vaccination certificate on the CoWin App also?

Yes you can download your Whatsapp Covid vaccination certificate from CoWin App also by entering your details as prescribed over there and then by clicking on submit you can download your certificate.

Can we download Cocktail Covid Dose Certificate?

Yes you can download Cocktail covid vaccination certificate but you have to keep a certificate of both the doses in order to attain certification. As we all know the Government has encouraged the Mixing of Both the doses, so a certificate is also available for the same. 

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