WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking: 9013151515 Book mygov.in/covid-19

WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking: 9013151515 Book mygov.in/covid-19: Now you can book your Vaccination Slot on whatsapp online from today onward. Check Whatsapp Vaccine Slot Booking Phone number and process by mygov.in/covid-19. Indeed WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life. Our day starts with it and so it stops on it. And with times, there have been certain developments in the WhatsApp as the new updates it brings. For instance, now even the doctors can check the spread of the virus in the lungs of the candidates using the X-Ray Setu App.

Whatsapp Vaccine Slot Booking
Whatsapp Slot Booking

WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking

Likewise now using the best use of the AI technology, there is again an excellent news coming in. As the people now no need to check here and there or keep many apps for checking the Vaccine availability. As now we can use WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking feature. Therefore, this will be very beneficial to use. And finally we will see more people getting vaccination now.

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mygov.in/covid-19 WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking:

Though from 2020, we have seen nearly 59 cr. people of our country have been vaccinated with the first or even both the doses. But if you see, then many of them went for vaccine without any registrations. Reason being they could not comprehend the process of booking and by then slots used to get booked already. So, they once got relief when the govt. announced the facility for on the spot booking.

But now, a great news is coming, that with the new update of the WhatsApp, you can thus book online your WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking here. Therefore, almost everybody who is using the instant chat service can thus book their slots on their own. Without facing any hustle. This 5th August, the MyGov and the WhatsApp started the facility of downloading the Vaccination certificates using the chatbox. Thereafter as many as 32 lakh certificates were downloaded by the people.

Whatsapp Number For Vaccination Slot Booking 9013151515

The Health Ministry along with the MyGov, will start the Helpdesk on their site, hence the users can easily book their slots through the same. Moreover, as soon as the MyGov Corona Helpdesk was out on WhatsApp in March 2020. Since then it has become an authentic source for the COVID related info. Thereafter, it has helped in fighting the crisis for its users.

Since the MyGov Corona Helpdesk, was formed. From then it is being a vital source of the corona related, vaccine related information to its users. Moreover, it has also thus helped them to check and book the upcoming slots for getting the Jabs (first or the second one). Along with that it has helped in extracting the vaccination certificates too from their portal.

MyGov Corona Helpdesk WhatsApp Vaccine Book Online

Already the country’s CoWin is getting the worldwide attention. As it was the country’s first step towards spreading information regarding the same and booking vaccination. Also, many countries thus tried doing the same. And now we are here again with our new collaboration. This is however more handy and so will be very beneficial for the people who are on the WhatsApp platform. This will indeed cater a large population, as originally if you see, around 50 million people were associated with the My Gov app.

So now even the 390 million users of WhatsApp will be able to directly access the MyGov services. This is going be a biggest collaboration for fighting this deadly disease. Moreover, even the Shivnath Thukral who is the Policy director of WhatsApp also released the statement. That they are committed with the government’s tie up and will surely work together in this regard.

Book Vaccine Slot from WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking

As by now you have read how the WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking will be beneficial. Moreover, we have also seen how the MyGov App is the now collaborating with WhatsApp, to make things easier for the common man. So, now every user can process the simple booking steps to take the jab and finally then download their respective certificates.

  • Firstly you all have to visit the site https://www.mygov.in/covid-19, that is the My Gov site.
  • Secondly now you can see the WhatsApp Helpdesk no., which is thus given in their site. Therefore, you need to add +919013151515 in your contact list.
  • Next step is to thereby search the no. in the WhatsApp list. And thereafter you then have to text “Book Slot” there and send the same.
  • Afterwards you will then get the OTP of 6 digits on your no, which is associated with the WhatsApp.
  • Thereafter, just select the date of the Covid vaccination and thereby add the PINCODE. Using that it will suggest you nearest vaccine centre. Afterwards you can select the vaccine, you wish to take. Finally confirm the details and thus proceed.
  • The WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking process is thus finally complete. You can do this in your family’s whatsapp no. too.

WhatsApp Covid-19 Vaccine Booking FAQ’s:

Can I start booking the vaccine on Whatsapp?

Yes you can. Just follow the setps from the above article.

Please share the whatsapp no. for booking the vaccine now on whatspp.

Yes sure. It is 9013151515. You can use it for WhatsApp Vaccine Slot Booking now.

Which portal has collaborated with whtaspp for providing the online vaccine booking facility?

The MyGov portal is collaborating with whatsapp to let people book their slots through the same.

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