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Earlier, we talked about the Windows 11 update that Microsoft is about to launch. Then, we also mentioned about the Watch Windows 11 Event Live 24 June 2021 that is to take place on 24th June 2021. Now that the event is about to take place in the coming days, it’s important to know about it. Therefore, we shall mention about the Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021.

Update: Microsoft Windows 11 Event Live has been started, link is given below, just click on it and you will be on Microsoft Live Event Page.

Great News: Microsoft has one of its biggest event today for launch of their once of the best creation Windows 11. To watch the Microsoft Event Live Today, just stay connected, we are going to share all links related to it here.

Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021 Watch Microsoft Windows 11 Event
Windows 11 Live Event

Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021

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A few days ago the Windows 11 operating system leaked. Then, there were updates that Microsoft will soon launch the new version. Also, Microsoft announced that the officials will participate in an Microsoft Live Event 24 June 2021 and it was suspected that the launch may take place in this Microsoft Windows Live Event Online Watch. Therefore, for all the tech geeks, Windows 11 Live Event is very important, as it might come with the launch of the new version.

A few days ago, the screenshots of the Windows 11 update were seen on a Chinese site. After that, a complete new interface of Windows 11 was observed online as a leaked version. Since the beginning, Microsoft has worked on simplifying Windows for the users. In the upcoming version, it has been reported that the major changes will be on the taskbar. Furthermore, this is more simplified than the Windows 10 update. Thus, you can find more interesting features in this.

Microsoft Windows 11 Event Online Watch Live

We have given you an idea of some of the basic changes that will take place so far. In addition to these, if you don’t want icons centered, you can move them back to where they were. In the new update, you can also opt for a dark theme, which eventually gives the version a new look. Earlier updates from us talked about features like rounded corners, recent files, pinned apps, shut down or restart Windows 11 devices, etc.

In this post, we shall talk about the upcoming Windows 11 Live Event on 24th June 2021. The tech geeks are expecting more in-built applications in the new Windows, however, there are no updates on this yet. In addition to this, it is expected that Windows 11 is bringing back Windows Widgets for the users. From the leaked news it appeared that the new update also presents quick access to weather, news, and other web content.

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Earlier, Microsoft canceled the Windows 10X update and now the changes appeared in the leaked new version, i.e. Windows 11. The new update will also present snap controls and these can be controlled by the maximize button. So far, there is no news on any major updates or features on the new version. However, all of this can be known after the release only. This release might take place on 24th June 2021. Thus, read about the Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021.

Watch Mircosoft Windows 11 Live Event Online on 24.06.2021

In the history of Microsoft, this Windows 11 Live Event is going to be a big one. The update from Microsoft mentioned that the Windows 11 Live Event 24 June will showcase the next generation of Windows. The tweet from the authorities read ‘Tune in to see what we have in store for developers’. The time for the event is 3:00 p.m. ET. In this, the authorities have also mentioned the YouTube link to the Microsoft Live Event 24 June 2021. Other than this, the officials also talked about big changes coming in the Microsoft store.

These include new inbox apps like Mail, media control overlays, and a Wake on Touch feature. Now, if we talk about the event, you can watch it online. For this, you have to visit the Microsoft Windows 11 Live Event 24 June page of Windows on the Microsoft website. The time will be 11:00 a.m. ET or 8:00 p.m. PT. Before the Watch Microsoft Event Live, a live stream will take place and it can work on any browser. You can also watch it on YouTube.

Windows 11 New Features and Images

Links to Watch Microsoft Windows 11 Event Live

Microsoft Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021Click Here To Watch The Event
Direct Live Stream ReminderClick Here

Country Wise Timings Of Microsoft Windows 11 Event 24 June 2021

Country NameTime Of Microsoft Event
France5:00 PM (Thursday)
Russia6:00 PM  (Thursday)
the United States11:00 AM (Thursday)
Antarctica3:00 AM (Friday)
Australia1:00 AM (Friday)
the United Kingdom4:00 pm (Thursday)
Canada11:00 AM (Thursday)
Denmark5:00 pm (Thursday)
New Zealand3:00 AM (Friday)
Brazil12:00 pm Thursday
Mexico10:00 am Thursday
Chile11:00 am Thursday
Indonesia10:00 pm Thursday
the Democratic Republic of the Congo4:00 pm Thursday
Ecuador10:00 am Thursday
Kazakhstan9:00 pm Thursday
Mongolia11:00 pm Thursday
Portugal4:00 pm Thursday
Spain5:00 pm Thursday
Ukraine6:00 pm Thursday
Afghanistan7:30 pm Thursday
Algeria4:00 pm Thursday
Angola4:00 pm Thursday
Armenia7:00 pm Thursday
Azerbaijan7:00 pm Thursday
Bahrain6:00 pm Thursday
Bangladesh9:00 pm Thursday
Belgium5:00 pm Thursday
Bhutan9:00 pm Thursday
Bosnia and Herzegovina5:00 pm Thursday
Cambodia10:00 pm Thursday
China11:00 pm Thursday
Colombia10:00 am Thursday
Finland6:00 pm Thursday
Georgia1:30 am Thursday
Germany5:00 am Thursday
Hong Kong11:00 pm Thursday
Hungary5:00 pm Thursday
India8:30 PM Thursday
Ireland4:00 pm Thursday
Israel6:00 pm Thursday
Italy5:00 pm Thursday
Japan01:00 pm Thursday
South Korea12:00 am Friday,
South Africa5:00 pm Thursday
Kuwait6:00 pm Thursday
Macau11:00 pm Thursday
Malaysia11:00 pm Thursday
the Maldives8:00 pm Thursday
Nepal8:45 pm Thursday
Oman7:00 pm Thursday
Pakistan8:00 pm Thursday
Qatar6:00 pm Thursday
Saudi Arabia6:00 pm Thursday
Singapore11:00 pm Thursday
Sri Lanka8:30 pm Thursday
Switzerland5:00 pm Thursday
Thailand10:00 pm Thursday
Trinidad and Tobago11:00 am Thursday
Turkey6:00 pm Thursday
Turkmenistan8:00 pm Thursday
Tuvalu3:00 am Friday
the United Arab Emirates7:00 pm Thursday
Uruguay12:00 pm Thursday
Uzbekistan8:00 pm Thursday
Vanuatu2:00 am Friday
Venezuela11:00 am Thursday
Vietnam10:00 pm Thursday
Yemen6:00 pm Thursday

Microsoft Windows 11 Live Event 24th June 2021 FAQs

What will be the timezone for the event by Microsoft?

As per the official page of Microsoft, the time will be 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on 24th June 2021.

How can we get notified of the event so that we don’t miss the event?

In order to get notified of the event by Microsoft Windows, you can visit the Microsoft website. There, you will find the Get A Reminder option. Then, you can get the updates.

What are the new opportunities with the new update?

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadela said that the new update helps to unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. Thus, there will be many opportunities.

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