Apple Event Live Watch Time in USA, India, Canada 14 September 2021

Apple Event Live Watch Online on 14 September 2021. on youtube Apple is going to launch all New Iphone 13, 13 pro and 13 pro max. Today Apple is also launching Ipad and Air Pod Pro with the Iphone 13 Launch. Check Apple Event Live Time in India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and various other countries. 14th Sept 2021 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am sharp! Yes you read that right. The Apple’s New/ BIG launch for its brand new iPhone 13 is all set to roll on coming Tuesday. The premium iPhone is now again back with its classic series. And like always its users are much awaited and thus excited for this new launch.

Certainly the users are speculating what will be new in this launch then the previous ones. Will it be worth investing or not? So, yes many questions like that arose in minds of people when they heard the announcement of the Apple Event on 14th Sept 2021. Since then, we can’t wait to check the new features here!

Apple Event Live Watch 14 September 2021

Apple Event Live Watch 14 September 2021

So guys now is the time to set your alarms at 10:00 am sharp, and thus checkout the to check the wholesome event online. Do let us know how you feel about the iPhone series, or what changes you would have expect in its upcoming model. And moreover do not forget to tell which iPhone series you are currently using in the comments below. Let us check how many iPhone users are there!

14 September 2021 Apple Live Event Watch Online

So in the upcoming debut of the Apple’s legacy, the iPhone13, Apple watch 7 and moreover even we are speculating the launch of AirPods 3 this time. Apart from this, we can expect the iPad Mini 6 lunch. And lastly the Apple is set to release the 9th Gen iPad by the month of December 2021.

Apple Event Live Watch 14 September 2021

So for now, there has been 2 events launched by the Apple. Wherein the first was during the month of April 2021. In which we saw some upgradation in the new iPad, AirTags Trackers, iMacs in various colours. And finally the iPhone 12 and much more there. And after this, there was the annual WWDC developers event held on their site. Wherein we had the first look of the iOS 15, MacOS 12, iPadOS 15 and finally the WatchOS 8.

So now if you too are looking for the iPhone 13 Launch Date and updates, then head towards the Apple site at And yes remember the event date its 14th Sept 2021.

iPhone 13 Launch Date in India 2021 Mini, Pro, Pro-max Price

Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max Price in USA, India World Features, Specs

Apple Live Event 14 September 2021 Country Wise Timing

Country NameTime Of Microsoft Event
France07:00 PM (Tuesday)
Russia09:00 PM  ( Tuesday )
the United States01:00 PM ( Tuesday )
Antarctica5:00 AM ( Tuesday )
Australia3:00 AM ( Tuesday )
the United Kingdom6:00 pm ( Tuesday )
Canada01:00 PM ( Tuesday )
Denmark7:00 pm ( Tuesday )
New Zealand5:00 AM ( Tuesday )
Brazil02:00 pm Tuesday
Mexico12:00 am  Tuesday
Chile01:00 pm  Tuesday
Indonesia12:00 pm Tuesday
the Democratic Republic of the Congo6:00 pm Tuesday
Ecuador12:00 am  Tuesday
Kazakhstan11:00 pm  Tuesday
Mongolia01:00 am  Tuesday
Portugal06:00 pm Tuesday
Spain7:00 pm Tuesday
Ukraine8:00 pm Tuesday
Afghanistan9:30 pm  Tuesday
Algeria6:00 pm Tuesday
Angola6:00 pm Tuesday
Armenia9:00 pm  Tuesday
Azerbaijan9:00 pm Tuesday
Bahrain8:00 pm  Tuesday
Bangladesh11:00 pm  Tuesday
Belgium7:00 pm Tuesday
Bhutan11:00 pm Tuesday
Bosnia and Herzegovina7:00 pm Tuesday
Cambodia12:00 pm Tuesday
China1:00 am Tuesday
Colombia12:00 am Tuesday
Finland8:00 pm Tuesday
Georgia3:30 am Tuesday
Germany7:00 am Tuesday
Hong Kong01:00 am  Tuesday
Hungary7:00 pm Tuesday
India10:30 PM Monday
Ireland6:00 pm Tuesday
Israel8:00 pm Tuesday
Italy7:00 pm Tuesday
Japan03:00 pm Tuesday
South Korea02:00 am Tuesday
South Africa7:00 pm Tuesday
Kuwait6:00 pm Tuesday
Macau11:00 pm Tuesday
Malaysia11:00 pm Tuesday
the Maldives8:00 pm Tuesday
Nepal8:45 pm Tuesday
Oman7:00 pm  Tuesday
Pakistan8:00 pm Tuesday
Qatar6:00 pm Tuesday
Saudi Arabia6:00 pm Tuesday
Singapore11:00 pm Tuesday
Sri Lanka8:30 pm Tuesday
Switzerland5:00 pm Tuesday
Thailand10:00 pm Tuesday
Trinidad and Tobago11:00 am Tuesday
Turkey6:00 pm Tuesday
Turkmenistan8:00 pm Tuesday
Tuvalu3:00 am Tuesday
the United Arab Emirates7:00 pm Tuesday
Uruguay12:00 pm Tuesday
Uzbekistan8:00 pm Tuesday
Vanuatu2:00 am Tuesday
Venezuela11:00 am Tuesday
Vietnam10:00 pm Tuesday
Yemen6:00 pm Tuesday

Live Stream Apple Event 2021

Apple always follows a sequence of holding at least 3 to 4 events yearly. Firstly you will find it in the Spring season, near March April time. After that, there will be one saved for the summers. And finally ending it with next events during Sept / Oct time. So currently we have the iPhone 13 Launch Date in this Sept. month. Moreover with the release of the iPhones , it might also release Apple watches or at last their updates.

Apple Event Live 14 September 2021 USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, UK Timing

If we look into last year launches of Apple, then we saw new top launches thus rolling a series of Virtual keynotes for the users. And so we are expecting great launch as the year ends. Now that everything is running virtual this time, so the Apple’s BIG Event will be aired on their site. However Apple is also expected to return with amazing launches in the months like Oct or Nov 2021. This time the products are expected to be a 14 inch MacBook Pro 2021 , a 16 inch MacBook Pro and finally iPad mini 6 by now.

So now let us directly head for the biggest Apple Event Live Time in India of the year this September. You will know more regarding this below.

Apple Event Live Time in India 13 September 2021 10:30 PM

Now we will see some of the speculated features of the iPhone 13 and other products, as expected in this September launch.

iPhone 13:

With the most anticipated launch of the Apple this year, the iPhone 13 will surely be raising the bars. Although even if the company tries to keep it top secret, we still have some leaks, through which we can throw some light on the same here:

  • Size: It is expected to be of same size that of the iPhone 12 with the display size in between 5.2 inches to 6.1 inches.
  • Features: iPhone 13 is to have smaller notch, with faster A15 Bionic chip and big batteries to let people enjoy the online stuff and with the touch of gaming speed. Moreover it will have improved version of 5G for the users.
  • Display: The iPhone 13, might have an always-on display feature, 120 Hz performance. And finally the Ultrawide lens to give a good view of distant places and thus enhance the camera experience.
  • Apart from this, the Apple is continuously working on making this in line with today’s need. That is working on the Face Sensor that even works with the masks on! Thus you now no need to lower your masks in the public space and enjoy this feature. But we still have to wait for the iPhone 13 Launch Date, as to see if this brand new feature is there or not.
  • Moreover, the Apple Analyst also mentioned the use of the “Satellite Communication” facility. Thus enabling the users to exchange messages even in the absence of Phone networks/ connection. However this will one come handy during the emergency time and not always.

Apple Watch 7:

  • The new apple watch is expected to be the best of all until now. There will be new design this time and it will thus come in a curved design. However some reports are also mentioning Flat edges, but this will get clear with the iPhone 13 Launch Date that is on Sept 14.
  • The two new sizes can be seen in 41 mm size or 45 mm.
  • Big batteries to let you use it for a longer duration.

AirPods 3:

  • The final product is going to be the AirPods 3, which might come with the iPhone 13 Launch Date. This is so far claimed by Apple as the Best wireless headphones of the brand.
  • The mass production of the AirPods 3 was seen in Aug month.
  • The new model might resemble with the AirPods Pro however this time with flexible eartips for the best experience of the users.
  • Active noise cancellation will be always the top notch feature here, and might get the support of the Dolby Atmos for great music or voice experience.
  • Finally more focus is there on the hearing health in case of loud sound. Watch Live Event World Wide Timing FAQs:

What can be the expected range of the iPhone 13 ?

Currently the company is yet to throw light on the price of the new iPhone 13. However it is speculated to be somewhere around 59000 in Indian rupees.

What is the expected iPhone 13 Launch Date?

The apple is set to launch the event on Sept 14. However by 24th Sept, you can finally buy the product from the Apple stores or may be online.

Can you share the expected colour variants of the new iPhone 13?

Yes, it might appear in White, Red and Black colour. Rest we will more on the iPhone 13 Launch Date.

Please share the iPhone 13 processor details here.

With lesser knowledge that we have, it is set to have the latest of the Apple technology that is equipped with A15 Bionic system-on-chip. Moreover storage space will be available in variants like 64 GB, 128 GB and finally in 256 GB.

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