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The nation is facing the wrath of the second Covid 19 wave and it has hit us badly. State governments have started announcing lockdowns. Thus, people have to carry Chhattisgarh E-Pass Form 2021 for travel. So, here you can read about the CG Covid 19 e-pass Apply Online 2021 @

CG Covid 19 e-pass Apply Online 2021

You must be knowing that after seeing a sudden increase in the Covid 19 cases, many governments have started announcing lockdowns. Especially in the worst-hit states, the governments have to very careful. Thus, they have restricted unnecessary movements of people within the state and outside it. Similar conditions have taken place in Chhattisgarh. The cities are facing curfews and lockdowns after a long time of seeing a downfall in the cases.

Recently, the state found 12,345 cases of Covid 19 in a day, which came as an eye-opener. Also, the number of deaths has also been on an increase. Certainly, this second wave is more dangerous than the first one. The government of Chhattisgarh imposed curfew in Bilaspur, Raipur, Sarguja, Durg, etc., and has notified an issue of CG Covid 19 e-pass for travel. e-Pass Registration, Status

CG Covid 19 e-pass Application Registration Login Apply Online 2021 Chhattisgarh Covid 19 e-pass Application

Since the government has made carrying an Chhattisgarh E-Pass Form 2021 compulsory for inter-district and inter-state travel, people need to know about it properly. A few categories of people are exempted from carrying the e-pass, but for others, it is mandatory. Also, there are a few guidelines that people have to follow. In fact, while traveling, people have to take care of all the safety norms and social distancing procedures. If you want any update regarding the e-pass, you can visit the website any time. One more thing to notice is that the people who will be traveling by bus, train, flight don’t have to carry Chhattisgarh E-Pass Form 2021. Their tickets will act as an e-pass. Furthermore, those students who have to appear for examination also don’t have to carry CG E-Pass Form 2021. The admit cards will act as an e-pass for them.

Chhattisgarh E Pass Curfew Apply Online 2021

Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi are some of the worst affected states and also the ones with high populations. Thus, the authorities of these states have to be very careful with every decision they make. If the lockdown has been announced, then it’s important to get the essential commodities arranged for the public. For traveling, if the Chhattisgarh E-Pass Form 2021 is required, then also, the people don’t have to go out. They can get it online through the registered websites. Chhattisgarh people can get Login CG Covid 19 e-pass from the given website. Those who won’t follow these restrictions will face strict penalties from the authorities. To provide an Login CG Covid 19 e-pass, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has developed a common website. Also, the people can get it from the separate Chhattisgarh website. Apply Online 2021

ArticleCG Covid 19 E-pass Application

CG Covid 19 E-pass Registration Form

We informed you that the people in the state have to carry CG Covid 19 e-pass with them now. To get the Login CG Covid 19 e-pass, the people don’t have to visit any office or go out. The people have to visit the website to get the e-pass for travel. Here, you can read the process by which you can apply online

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  • Go to the website for Login CG Covid 19 e-pass.
  • The page where you have to mention details to register yourself will appear on the screen.
  • You have to mention your name and mobile number and then click on the Register button.
  • Then, you will be taken to the online application.

The other way is to go to the App that is available on the Google play store. For that, you can follow the points here.

  • Go to the CG Covid-19 ePass application on the play store.
  • You have to download the app and register yourself first.
  • You will need the mobile number to register.
  • As soon as you register yourself, you will receive an OTP.
  • You have to enter this OTP on the app. After this, your mobile verification will be complete.f
  • Now, you will be taken toward filling in the application form. If you will be traveling from your own vehicle, you have to fill a different form.
  • However, for people traveling by train, bus, flight, a different form is available.
  • For the vehicle, you have to enter the vehicle number, the motive to travel, applicant name, address to go to, etc.
  • Then, you have to upload the photo of a government ID and you have to check the size that you should take care of.
  • Before submitting, check all the information.
  • Once you are done completing the form, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number that the application has been submitted.
  • In the next SMS that you receive, you will see that the Login CG Covid 19 e-pass is available for travel.

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CG Covid 19 e-pass Application Online Form FAQs

Is there a central website for the people to apply for travel during a lockdown?

Yes, MeitY has developed a website for people to apply for travel during a lockdown. However, only people from 17 registered states will be able to apply for it.

Do we need a mobile number to register ourselves for the CG Covid 19 e-pass?

Yes, the people applying for an Login CG Covid 19 e-pass need a mobile number to register themselves.

What states are seeing a high rise in the Covid 19 cases?

Delhi, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, etc. are the states that are seeing a high rise in the Covid 19 cases.

Do we have to get an e-pass for interdistrict as well?

Yes, the people of Chhattisgarh have to get an Login CG Covid 19 e-pass for inter district as well.

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