Cowin Certificate Verification @ For 1st/2nd Dose

Cowin Certificate Verification Process Online at Check and Verify your 1st dose and 2nd dose certificate online on Cowin App. So, now you can verify your Covid Certificate Online at, just follow the simple steps provided below. In March 2021, India became the first country to use Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates.

This initiative has helped the government make the process of vaccination easier for such a large population. In addition to this, now there are many moderation with regard to the certificates. Thus, we shall let you know about the Cowin Certificate Verification online available at

Cowin Certificate Verification Online

At the beginning of the second phase of the vaccination program, the Indian government started providing provisional certificates. Especially, the recipients of the first dose of the vaccine had to occupy a certificate from the website. Then, they had to carry this certificate for their second dose. On completion of the second dose, the recipients received the certificate of completion of the vaccination. Now, when the vaccination drive has completed months and the authorities have provided millions of certificates already, modifications are now welcome.

Currently, the government provides multiple ways of downloading the covid 19 certificate from the portals. Other than this, the government has allowed making changes in the certificates, in case of mistakes now. This shows that the government is taking vaccination certificates seriously.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

Wrong Name, Address, Dose Info, Phone Number, Fathers Name, Beneficiary ID, Age, Date of Dose

Cowin Vaccination Certificate Download

Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Verification Process At

Initially, when the government started the vaccination program, the hospitals used two vaccines which are Covihshield and Covaxin. These are from Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India. With the increase in the usage of the certificates today, there might be a chance of false certificates. Also, now, Sputnik V is also available and thus, the authorities have to be sure of preventing frauds. To help you know if the certificate provided to you is original, we have provided the steps below.

Cowin Certificate Verification
  • As soon as the website page is available, you will see a page with the Verify a Vaccination Certificate option on the screen.
  • Along with this, a QR code scanning option is also available.
  • To check your certificate, you have to go to the Scan QR Code option.
  • Then, you will receive a notification to open the phone camera.
  • Once the camera is open, you have to take out your vaccination certificate.
  • Now, you have to point the phone’s camera at the QR code on the certificate.
  • Then, proceed to scan the certificate.
  • After the completion of the scan, if the certificate is original, you will receive the message of the ‘Certificate Successfully Verified’ statement on the certificate photograph.
  • Now, if your certificate is fake or not uploaded to cowin portal, you will receive the notice ‘Certificate Invalid’ text there.

Also, on successful completion of the verification, the person receives the following details on the screen.

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Cowin Registration (1 Click)Covid Vaccination Certificate Download (Now)
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Date of Dose
  • Beneficiary Reference ID
  • Vaccination Location
  • Certificate Type- Provisional/ Final

Video: Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification 2nd Dose Registration

Cowin Portal Self Register

NCS Portal Registration Vaccination Certificate Verification Online

The certificates that the government provides on completing the vaccine doses consist of details of the beneficiaries. These include the name of recipient, batch number, beneficiary ID, location & date of dose, and also the date of the second dose. All those who receive their vaccine doses can now download the certificates from various websites or portals. For these, we have mentioned the ways in some of our previous posts. If we talk about the vaccination program, the government has made it mandatory for the recipients to carry the certificates. There are organizations that ask for the certificates while opening again. Also, at this point in time, the government has made it possible for people to receive vaccines easily. Now, people can book their slots depending on their time and availability of slots.

Cowin Certificate Verification

With the new wave hitting us and the markets and businesses opening again, certificates become very helpful. With the availability of certificates, organizations can now check the doses of their employees. Now, when the certificates can be downloaded easily, there may be chances that some people create fake certificates. To prevent this, the government has created a portal for Cowin Certificate Verification. In this post, we shall tell you the verification process.

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Cowin Certificate Verification At FAQs

If a person has received a fake certificate, what will the portal show?

After the scan, if a person has found that the certificate is fake, the portal will show ‘Invalid Certificate on the screen.

What happens when the scan is successfully complete?

When the scan is successfully complete, the portal shows a’ Certificate Successfully Verified’ statement on the screen.

What details are shown on the screen after successful verification completion?

The details that the website shows on completing successful verification are present in the post above.

Direct Certificate Verification on Cowin Portal Link ?