Delta Plus Variant Covid Corona Virus Delta Symptoms, Vaccine Efficiency

We all know that since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 in India a lot of variants have also come. These days, the nation has been hit by the second wave. With the second wave of Covid-19 has come the Delta Plus Variant Corona Virus. Thus, in this post, we shall talk about the Delta Plus Variant Covid-19 Symptoms, Efficacy, Health Issues and also discuss the Corona Virus Delta Variant Symptoms.

Delta Plus Variant Covid-19

If we start by talking about the discovery of the new variant, it was found in New South Wales for the first time. Mostly, the new variants have come from the UK. Then, the authorities and health officials didn’t know if the new variant is stronger than the previous ones. Talking about the Delta Plus Variant, previously, it was called the Indian variant. Apart from this, it is also B.1.617.2. The WHO came up with the Alphabet naming to avoid countries getting associated.

Delta Variant Covid

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As time passed by and the variant reached more countries, the WHO found that this more dangerous than the previous ones. In UK, the variant outcompete the Aplha strain. Also, this new variant spreads more easily than the former variants and thus, leads to more infections. Since the Delta variant was first detected in India, the Indian government has been working to find out more about the variant.

Covid-19 Virus Delta Plus Variant Symptoms

Since the outbreak, we have seen that Covid-19 has had various symptoms. With each variant coming up, health officials around the world have provided various symptoms. Here, we would first like to mention the Delta Plus Variant Covid-19 symptoms. Since the beginning, we have been reading about the general symptoms regarding the virus. Self Registration

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Common Symptoms: Dry Cough, Fever, and Tiredness

Common Symptoms (Less): Apart from the symptoms that we have mentioned above, the health authorities like WHO have also provided some less common symptoms. Aches and pains, skin rashes, toes & fingers discoloration, sore throat, conjuctivities, taste & smell loss, diarrhoea, and headache.

Serious Symptoms: Lastly, in addition to the ones mentioned above, there are certain deadly symptoms of the virus too. Chest pain, breathlessness or shortness of breath, and speech loss are these severe symptoms.

Now, if we talk about the Delta Plus Variant, the latest risk assessment reports on SARS-COV 2, PHE said that approx. 61% cases today are of B.1.617.2. WHO has called the variant a Variant of Concern. Also, the variant has more transmissible.

In addition to all this, there have been changes in the symptoms of Delta Plus Variant Covid-19 as well. The researchers and the patients have observed symptoms and issues like stomach ache, nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, joint pains, hearing impairment, etc. Thus, you can see how severe the new variant has been.

Covid-19 Delta Plus Variant Vaccine Efficiency

All of you must be knowing already that the vaccines that India is using majorly are Covishield and Covaxin. Initially, it was believed that the vaccines will provide resistance against the virus once taken. However, recent studies show that the vaccines once taken prevent the person from the deadly symptoms, even if not completely resistant. Now, if talk about efficiency, we would tell you about Covaxin. 2nd Dose Registration

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Covaxin or Covishield ? Better Vaccine

Recent reports say that Covaxin protects people against the Beta and Delta Plus variants. These are scientifically the B.1.351 and B.1.617.2 variants. NIV, Bharat Biotech, and ICMR are the teams that conducted the research. Through this, Covaxin provides a 2.7 fold and 3 fold neutralization reduction against the Beta and Delta+ variant. Also, as per the reports, the vaccine decreases the magnitude (reduced neutralization) against emerging variants.

Another research says that the Pfizer vaccine has produced lower levels of antibodies against the new variant. The Delta Plus variant has been the main reason behind the second wave of the pandemic and has shown 50% transmissibility. However, major studies have shown that overall, vaccines provide protection against the Delta Variant Covid-19 and their symptoms.

Delta Plus Variant Covid-19 Health issues

It is known that people are having mild side effects and health issues. WHO has laid out rules stating that it’s completely normal for people to these side effects.. WHO also states that the major reason behind these side effects is that our immune systems instruct our bodies to react to the vaccines in certain ways. The vaccine increases blood flow and this leads to circulation of more immune cells and also raises the body temperature, finally killing the virus.

Talking about the symptoms, these are of three types. Some people have common symptoms and less common symptoms. While the others have long-term side effects. The common symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, chills, muscle pain, and diarrhea. While the less common symptoms are allergies like anaphylaxis and don’t last for more than three days. Lastly, the long-term side effects observed vary from person to person. However, side effects show that the vaccine is showing its effect on our body.

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Delta Plus Variant Covid-19 Symptoms FAQs

How does the virus mutate into a new variant?

When a virus circulates among a population and causes infections, it becomes easier for it to mutate and become a new variant. This way, the virus replicates with mutations and spreads.

What is the impact of new variants of the virus on vaccines?

WHO says that the variations and mutations shouldn’t affect the vaccinations much as the vaccines have enough antibodies to fight.

How to prevent future variants of the virus?

The best possible way is to follow the social distancing norms like hand washing frequently, social distancing, wearing masks, ventilation, etc.

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