epunjabschool.gov.in Login 2021 (School/ Office, Staff, PSEB)

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With the advent of technology in every field, schools have also taken many of their processes online. A similar initiative is launched by the Punjab government called the ePunjabSchool Login 2021. Therefore, we shall help you in knowing more about it.

ePunjabSchool Login 2021

You know how far digitalization has reached today. Authorities use it for solving little purposes and even for managing bigger tasks. Now, even schools have started using digitalization as a means of managing. The Punjab government has launched a portal called the ePunjabSchool portal. The government in Punjab uses this to manage and operate different operations of the schools. With the help of this portal, the teachers and school authorities can manage functions like grievances, attendance, Infrastructure, etc. To use these benefits, you can either go for ePunjabSchool Login 2021 or download the application directly. This portal comes as a great help during the pandemic when teachers are taking classes online. In fact, students are made to sit for online exams these days.

ePunjabSchool Login 2021 (School/ Office, Staff, PSEB, and Others)

epunjabschool.gov.in School/ Office Login

Now, we would like to inform the people about the process of logging in on behalf of schools and offices.

  • Go to the epunjabschool website.
  • On the website homepage, you have to select Login.
  • Now, select the School/ Office option from the drop-down menu.
  • On the page in front, enter your credentials.
  • Then, after filling in the captcha, complete the login process.

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If the captcha code is not available, wait for a while and then try again. After successful login, you can check the information in Student, Report, Staff, Infra, etc.

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ePunjabSchool Staff Login

For ePunjabSchool Staff Login, read the steps here.

  • Visit the epunjabschool website.
  • When you go to the login option, select Staff as an option.
  • Now, again, provide the user ID, password, and captcha.
  • Once done, submit the page, and you will log in.

Here, you can check options like Identity Card, Update Information, etc.

epunjabschool.gov.in Vocational Login

In this option, you find information and updates on vocational and creative activities. These can be sports or other indoor events. Now a days, people are taking vocational courses seriously and have started building careers in these fields. Now that these are available openly on the portal, teachers can very much help the students in learning the courses.

  • Visit the ePunjabSchool website.
  • When you proceed for login, you will see the Vocational Login opinion in the drop-down list.
  • Choose the aforesaid option.
  • Then, provide the credentials to log in.
  • You also need to enter the security code.
  • Now, you will have logged in successfully.

Mid-day Meal Login epunjabschool.gov.in

A large population of school-going children attends Mid-day meals schools. It becomes the responsibility of the government to help students like these. Therefore, the ePunjabSchool comes as a great help for students like these.

  • After visiting the website, choose a Mid-day meal as an option for login.
  • Then, enter the user ID and password, along with the captcha code.
  • Now, submit the page and log in successfully to the website.

In this potion, you can also fin proper reports on the Mid-day Meal program. To find reports, you have to select the date and go to the Show Report option. Also, you can check stock in hand, grants, income reports, expenditure reports, etc.

epunjabschool PSEB Login

The next option is the PSEB login, which you can find on portal to check reports and progress.

  • Visit the website first.
  • Here, you now have to choose the PSEB Login option on the homepage.
  • This option is available in the Login drop-down.
  • After entering the credentials and captcha, you are good to log in.

Finance ePunjabSchool Login 2021

The people should also know how to check the Finance reports on the portal. In the finance option, you can read about expenditures and received amounts. Also, you can check the amount used for the maintenance of schools.

  • Start with the website.
  • Then, in the Login option available on the main page, choose the Finance option.
  • On the page that now appears, enter the login credentials and the security code.
  • After this, you will login once you submit the form.

ePunjabSchool BM/DM 2021 Login

For the BM/DM login also, you have to follow similar steps.

  • Visit the epunjabschool.gov.in website first.
  • Then, select the BM/DM login option to log in to the website.
  • Then, you can move ahead by providing your credentials on the empty spaces.
  • After entering the captcha code, you will complete the login procedure.

Nodal Login ePunjabSchool 2021

Lastly comes the Nodal login option. The procedure again is similar to the above ones. However, you can still follow the steps below.

  • Once you visit the required website, go to the Login option.
  • From the drop-down list there, choose Nodal Login.
  • When the page entries appear, start filling in the details that you have.
  • Complete the submission by entering the security code.
  • You will then log in to the Nodal portal.

Links For ePunjabSchool Login 2021

epunjabschool.gov.in Login 2021Click Here To Login

epunjabschool.gov.in Login 2021 FAQs

In which login option can we find the information on vocational courses?

The readers can find the information on the vocational courses under the Vocational Login option.

Can we also know about the maintenance and finance information of the schools from the portal?

Yes, the readers can know about the maintenance and finance information of the schools from the official portal.

Does the website also have a separate Mid-Day Meal Login?

Yes, the website has a separate Mid-day Meals login for proper management.

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