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The Ministry of Labour & Employment started the ESIC Relief Scheme for the insured people. Through the scheme, all those who are employees under section 2(9) ESI Act get relief from the government. Since the scheme has been launched recently, you should know about it. Thus, we have talked about the ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022 here. You can know about it here.

ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022

The Government of India under the Ministry of Labour & Employment has started the ESIC scheme for the insured persons and their dependent families. To get the benefits of the ESIC Relief Scheme, a person has to register on the ESIC website. Once registered, the dependent family members of the insured person get relief from the government. However, this has to be done before one starts his Covid-19 diagnosis and succumbs to the same. In cases like these, the government will provide monthly pensions to the family members to support their livelihood. The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has launched this ESIC Covid-19 Relief Scheme. Through this scheme, the government will pay around 90% of the wages of the Insured Person who died of Covid-19.

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Insured Person’s ESIC Relief 2022

The second wave undoubtedly has been seen as a more deadly wave than the first one. Also, because of the second wave, the country has dealt with a lot of deaths and we are still dealing with it. Especially the families who have faced the deaths are still traumatized and to support them, one thing that could be done was financial help. Thus, the government decided to take the steps. Also, all states have different sets of regulations to follow. In any way, the main objective of the government is to provide financial support to the family of a deceased person during the pandemic. The members get the amount directly in their bank accounts. Last year, the government announced that the scheme will be effective for a period of two years from 24th March 2020 onwards. In this post, we shall tell you the requirements and other details.

One of the other objectives behind the launch of the scheme is that the government intends to promote health improvement measures. Also, with this, the government will be able to look after the welfare of Insured Persons. Talking about the conditions that make one eligible, it is important to note that a person has to be registered with the ESIC website. Secondly, the registration should be at least three months before the Covid-19 diagnosis begins and causes the person’s death. Other than this, the person should be employed during the registration and diagnosis of Covid-19. Also, the contributions should be paid for 70 days minimum and should be payable in his respect during one year period.

Labour and Employment ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022

In addition to this, we shall tell you about the implementation of the scheme.

  • The person who claims the relief fund will have to submit the claim by filling up the form CRS-I at the nearest ESIC Office.
  • Also, the age proof and identity proof of the dependants should also be submitted. These can be Aadhaar Cards or Borth certificates.
  • Those Insured Persons who availed Maternity Benefit or Temporary Disablement Benefit or Extended Sickness Benefit are eligbile. However, he is eligible if one has died of the virus will be eligible for the Relief Scheme.
  • It is completely on the Regional Director/ Sub-regional Office Incharge to decide if the claim is to be provided.
  • In addtion to this, there may be also be cases of a person’s death after he recovered. If a person dies within 30 days of recovery, the Regional Office decides the case. For this, the Medical Superintendent and Specialist recommend the case to the Regional Head.
  • However, if the death takes place 45 days after the recovery and is not ascertained of a Covid-19 negative certificate, the office considers the case.
  • Furthermore, the spouse of an Insured Person is eligible for the relief scheme after submitting Rs. 120 as a lump-sum for the year.
  • Lastly, it is important to note that the authorities settle the claims within 15 days of receipt.

Here, we shall also tell you that to provide payment from the government, the authorities check certain requirements in the IP’s family. These conditions talk about the eligible family members and cases of receiving the claim.

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ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022 FAQs

How much amount does the government pay to the family members of a deceased Insured Person under the ESIC Relief Scheme?

For the deceased Insured Person, the government pays about 90% of the average daily basis that he was earning earlier.

What are the conditions required to get the 90% of the wages of the Insured Person?

To know the conditions required to get the 90% of the wages of an Insured Person who has deceased, you have to check the website.

What are the rules for the implementation of the ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022?

The rules and conditions required for the implementation of the ESIC Covid 19 Relief Scheme 2022 are mentioned above.

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