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Transportation often requires the generation of an electronic waybill. There are many questions put forth regarding What is the EWay bill Online Login 2022? It’s requirement in transportation of any consignment. Also, there are circumstances in which the e-way bill generation becomes of utmost importance. All these questions shall be answered. Additionally, we shall also be highlighting the cases when an e-way bill is not required. In fact, the transporters can apply online for e-way bill generation using the simple steps explained in our article.

Eway Bill Login, Registration, Apply online at ewaybill.nic.in or at ewaybillgst.gov.in.

As per the recent government regulations certain amendments have also been introduced in the EWay Bill Login Online 2022 in GST officially on ewaybill.nic.in. To know about all the details as well as the new rules about the Electronic way bill the readers must check the article below.

Eway Bill Online Registration

Both Login and Registration links for E-Way Bill 2022 are now given below, those who wants to apply and check previously registered bills for Eway Bill 2022 can visit official website at ewaybill.nic.in or at ewaybillgst.nic.in. both are official websites of government of India.

Eway Bill Online Login 2022

If any consignment is more than Rs. 50,000 that has to be transported within a state or from one state to another, it required an e-way bill. The basic information included in the electronic Eway bill Online 2022 is about the consignee, the consignor, the route to be followed, the origin, and the destination of the goods to be transported. The E-way bill Online Login 2022 is a part of the Goods and Services Tax ( G.S.T). This bill became crucial in order to prevent the evasion of tax.

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PayManager (Login for Employee, DDO, Bank, Department)

Need of an E-way Bill Registration 2022 ewaybill.nic.in

According to Rule 138 of the CGST rule book, it is mandatory to enter all the information regarding the transportation on the official portal ewaybillgst.gov.in. The details about the consignment have to be mentioned before the transport begins. Now, the same has to be done in all cases i.e. of supply or domestic transport or any other category.

Situations where E-way bill 2022 is not required

In the following cases, E-way bill Registration 2022 at ewaybill.nic.in or ewaybillgst.nic.in generation is not required:

  • The consignment amount is less than Rs. 50,000
  • The transportation is carried through non-motor conveyance
  • Goods are sent from ports/airports to inland areas.

E-way Bill Validity 2022

When we discuss the validity of the E-way bill Online then it purely depends upon the type of vehicle and the distance to be covered. In the case of over-sized cargos, for each 20 Km travel, EWay Bill Validity is 1 day and it increases by another day for an additional run of 20 more Kilometers. In the case of vehicles other than cargo, for less than 100 km the validity is for 1 day and it increases similarly by 1 day for every 100 km.

New Feature E-way bill Expiry Date 2022

All the transporters and the registered people can now look for the e-waybill registration on the official portal ewaybill.nic.in which are about to expire soon in the near future or which have been recently expired. This is a newly added feature on the E-way bill official portal ewaybill.nic.in in which there is an Ewaybill online EWS Expire Tab which highlights the bills that have expired a day ago or two days after the actual date of the document.

Who generates E-way bill Online 2022 Login ?

Eway Bill Online Login

The registered, unregistered, transporters can generate the EWay bill Online 2022. All the form numbers for different categories are mentioned on the E-way bill portal ewaybill.nic.in. Those who wish to download the forms can check the website of the GST E-waybill. The following people can generate the electronic way bill according to the cases as specified:

  • The registered GST persons must fill the Part A of EWB-01 before the movement of goods is initiated.
  • The registered GST persons: a consignee or consignor or goods recipient fill the Part B of EWB-01 before the movement of goods is initiated.
  • Transporter of goods can generate the E-way bill using the information mentioned by the registered person in Part A of EWB-01.

Documents Required :Online E-way Bill Registration 2022

The following documents are required in the process of generating an E-way bill online @ ewaybillgst.gov.in.

  • In the case of Transportation by Road: Vehicle Number and Transporter ID
  • Transportation by ship/railways/airways: Date of Document, Transporter ID, transport Document No.
  • The Invoice issued, Challan, Supply bill with respect to the consignment to be transported.

EWay Bill Registration 2022 ewaybill.nic.in

  • Now, the transporters will be able to check the expired E way bills or those bills that are going to expire in one or two days after the issue date.
  • Another important feature that has been added is the automatic calculation of the distance done on the basis of entered PIN code information.
  • Extension provided for the consignments that are in movement.
  • You can know the distance between two PIN codes.
  • Also, one can block the generation of more than one e-way bill based on a single invoice or document.

How to generate the Electronic Way Bill Online on ewaybill.nic.in ?

Follow these steps to generate the Electronic Way Bill System using the GST E way portal ewaybill.nic.in link:

  • Open the official website “www.ewaybillgst.gov.in”
  • Eway Bill Online Login to the official portal ewaybill.nic.in using the Username , password and the captcha as asked.
  • Click on the tab to apply for the E-way bill generation.
  • You will be redirected to a page to fill in the complete details of transportation.
  • Enter the transportation number, name of the consignee, consignor details, date and other details.
  • After rechecking the filled details , click on the submit button.
  • The e-way bill generation details will be successfully submitted.

Important Links For Eway Bill Online Login & Registration 2022

ewaybill.nic.in LoginVisit Here
ewaybillgst.gov.in LoginVisit Here

FAQ’s about EWay Bill Online Login & Registration 2022 @ ewaybill.nic.in

Q1. Where can I generate the E-way bill Online Login ?

Ans. You can generate the E-way bill on the official portal www.ewaybillgst.gov.in

Q2. For how many days the e-way bill is valid 2022 ?

Ans For different cases of transportation the validity of E-way bill is different. Please refer to the article for the complete details.

Q3. What are the documents required for Electronic way bill generation ?

Ans. Vehicle Number ,Transporter ID, Date of Document, Challan, Supply bill, Invoice Issued

Q4. My consignment is more than Rs. 50,000 , do I need an e-way bill ?

Ans. No, any consignment less than Rs. 50000 will not need the e-way bill generation.

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