Go Air IPO Date, GMP Share Price, Allotment Status Grey Market Premium

Go Air IPO Date are going to be in the month of August 2021. Go Air has already filled initial public offering applications for 3600 Crore. Go Air IPO GMP updates are provided here in this article. once Go Air IPO Date is announced we are going to update GO AIR IPO Grey Market Premium too.

Go Air has already initiated the process of IPO by filing its preliminary document. Or DRHP as we call it, with the SEBI of nearly 3600 Cr worth. Thus this clearly tells that in no time, the company is thus ready to begin its IPO. And thus those who are interested in Stock marketing can now turn their eyes on the Go Air IPO Date.

Now currently what information we have is that, by the end of this July. We can see the clearance to the Go Air’s DRHP by the SEBI. And thus, the following IPO in August most probably. Also. this time the Go Air has finally rebranded itself for the next IPO to “GO FIRST”. Now more we will be seeing in this article about the Go Air IPO date, its GMP, what the Share prices are likely to be . Thus overall aspects of the IPO of Go Air is coming next for you below.


Go Air IPO Date 2021

We know that the two biggest hit of the times during Covid was the tourism with hotel industry. And the second was definitely the connectivity. With thousands of lakhs of people frequently taking the flights to reach their places. Thus we have seen how badly this has hit the rail and thus the air journeys. However after the second wave, now when the cases are coming down significantly. Again the Airline industry has seen some upliftment in terms of air travel, thus we can see some hope of upcoming stable situation in this sector.

The Wadia Group which thus started the Go Air in 2005 is capable of successfully operating nearly 300 flights on a daily basis. Also if we see, the debt of Go Air in 2020 was around Rs. 1780 Cr. This we can understand from the fact that this airline is very economical. Thus targeting the general public of India. And the IPO is now going to list on the National stock exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Moreover, after the IPO of Jet Airways, Indigo and the Spice Jet. Now Go Air will thus be the 4th airline to announce its IPO the following month. Hence more on the Go Air IPO Date is given here.

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GO Air IPO Share Price Details

Now here, let us see the financial trends of the airlines for the last 3 yrs. here. We will thus see in detail, the airlines assets and the revenues hence made in the following years.

Particulars | Time Period31st March 201831st March 2019 March 31st, 2020December 2020
Total Assets Generated7553.5 Cr.11134.3 Cr.14082.02 Cr.14458.23 Cr.
Total Revenues Generated4601.15 Cr.5936.7 Cr.7258.01 Cr.1438.44 Cr.
Net Profit Generated (After tax)31.21 Cr.386.60 Cr.1270.7 Cr.470.69 Cr.

Go Air IPO Date, GMP: Objectives

  • The main theme of announcing the IPO is to help the company raise the capital for its business.
  • Thus with this price the balance or the outstanding amount of the airlines can be settled.
  • Moreover, it also brings in the fresh/ new talent in the company. Also it gives space for the easy acquisition of the shares.

flygofirst.com Go Air IPO Date, Share Price

BrandGo Air
Industry TypeAirline Industry
Go Air IPO Datein Aug, 2021 (As Expected)
Closing date of IPOAug,2021 (Most Probably)
Size of Go Air IPORs. 3600 cr.
Face Value (Per share)Rs 10 per share.
Go Air Price BandTBA Soon
Go Air to list onNational Stock Exchange (NSE).
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
Retail portion in Go Air35%

GO Air IPO GMP and Allotment Status

Type of InvestorOffer PercentageAllotment Basis
A. Institutional Buyer75%Equivalent
B. Non- Institutional Buyer15%Equivalent.
C. Retailer10%Based on availability of shares for shareholder.

Go Air Grey Market Premium

Upcoming IPO’sCheck Here
Go Air IPO DateSoon Updating
Go Air IPO GMPCheck Here
Official websiteVisit Here

Talking about the GMP which is known as the Grey Market Premium for Go Air. Thus it is the price in which the following Share price of the airline is out in the Grey market, before the actual IPO of Go Air. But if we see Go air, then its GMP is 0 rs. Which clearly means that the airline is least interested in announcing the GPO right now.

FAQ’s On Go Air IPO, GMP, Share Price

What is the GMP for Go Air today?

It is zero.

When will the GO Air release its Price band for the IPO?

Right now we have to wait. This will be possibly out in August first week 2021.

Should I invest in the Go Air? Is it advisable to do so?

That is your call sir. Please see the latest trends. Also refer to the financial trends of the airline as I have given above. Thus you can later on proceed with the final decision.

Please tell the date of Go Air’s IPO.

Anytime after the SEBI clears the way for the Go Air’s DRHP. Thus we can expect the IPO falling in August first week. Stay tuned, we will keep updating you the IPO Details here.

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