Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021 Current Vacancies

Kartik Infratown Private Ltd. takes the application online for the various vacancies of the posts it has for the graduates. The company has now opened applications for graduates and post-graduates in various fields. These posts are in marketing and finance. Since the company started, it has provided opportunities to many people. Thus, we have here presented the Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021 here.

Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021

The company started as a real state consultancy and now provides employment to many interested candidates. Kartik Infratown is now involved in the sale, purchase, commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Talking about the locations the company deals with, these are Noida, Jaipur, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Indirapuram, Greater Noida, and other significant locations. Since the beginning, the company has worked towards progressive growth and supports string corporate culture. Therefore, the company makes sure that it recruits the best people and works on rich strategies. This also means that the candidates who will be joining or who join the company become a part of a professional environment. Now, once you read the complete post, you will know more about the job openings.

Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021 Current Vacancies

Kartik Infratown Current Vacancies 2021

Candidates, now we would like to talk about the company that has opened applications. Based on this information, you will understand the corporation you will be applying for. The company started on 10th April 2013. It has been working as a non-government company and is registered with the Registrar of Companies. Talking about the way it works, the company works as a Real estate organization on a contract basis. When the company has to start the recruitment process, it posts about the same on Facebook and Linkedin. There, one can check about the jobs and the requirements of the company. Because of the efforts of the company and the people working, the company is now one of the most renowned businesses.

CompanyKartik Infratown Private Limited
Incorporation Date10th April 2013
Registration No.250591
ActivityReal Estate on a contract basis.

Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021 Details

Candidates, now we would like to give you the updates on the job designations and other details. These days, many people have been looking for jobs. During the pandemic, a large population has been affected because of the lack of jobs and some have lost their jobs as well. In such situations, the management becomes difficult for the candidates. Therefore, to help themselves and to support their financial backgrounds, many of the candidates have been looking for jobs. In cases like this, companies like Kartik Infratown have been of much help to the interested candidates. Now, you can check the table below to get updates on job posts and the experience required.

PositionsExperience RequiredLocation
Sales Executive/ Sales Trainees0-1 year (minimum)Noida
Sales Manager/ Sales Executive2-6 years Noida
Assistant Vice President Sales and Marketing10-15 yearsAs Above
Assistant Manager/ Senior Manager Sales/ Manager of Sales0-6 yearsAs Above

Candidates, now we would like to tell you the way by you can apply for the job in Kartik Infratown Private Limited. For being able to get the job in the corporation in the different posts, the interested candidate has to send his updated resume to hr@kartikestates.com. Now, you can also search for the jobs on internet based on the location. Furthermore, you can also check for the jobs on the basis of salary range too. You can also filter your options based on the experience range also. Moreover, the websites provide you with options to search for jobs based on the type you are looking for.

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Kartik Infratown Fresh Job Openings 2021 FAQs

When was the company incorporated in India?

Kartik Infratown Private Limited was incorporated on 10th April 2013. The company has been registered with RoC Delhi.

What business does the company deal in?

The company deals in real estate providing offers to many customers.

At what locations does the company have its offices?

Kartik Infratown Private Limited has offices in Grater Noida, Noida, Delhi, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, and other locations.

Can we know some of the posts that the company has vacancies for?

Some of the posts that the company has vacancies for are Sales Executive/ Sales Manager, Assistant Manager/ Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, etc.

What is the CIN of the company?

U70200DL2013PTC250591 is the CIN of the company.

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