Mobikwik IPO date, GMP, Allotment, Price Band, Grey Market Premium

Mobikwik IPO GMP, Date Allotment Status, price Band, Subscription Status and Mobikwik IPO Grey Market Premiumn is Available: Well, living in this digital world, you must have thus used the online payment system. To successfully carry out the transactions. Moreover, now we have plenty of such transaction sites than what was it 7 yrs back. Thus with this plan, Mobikwik also came in 2007, with its online payment facilities for its people.

Mobikwik IPO

Now only that even the company then started its small Loan financing facility from 2016. But here, we will touch more on the latest Mobikwik IPO date 2021 and its related details. Check IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium), Mobikwik IPO and Share Allotment Date.

Currently the Mobikwik is now finally initiating its IPO. Thus, it then started with making the prospectus to finally then share with the SEBI. This prospectus is thus officially called DHRP that is Draft Red Herring Prospectus. This is often drafted and thus released by the manager of the company and then it is presented to the SEBI for new proceedings. In the latest update of the Mobikwik IPO GMP.

The Mobikwik company is now all set for raising almost 1900 Cr. through Mobikwik IPO. Not only that this payment company Mobikwik is running in the IPO game. As we have already seen its competitor PayTM done with filing the DRHP with the SEBI before Mobikwik.

Mobikwik IPO date 2021

Now, On 25 November 2021 Mobikwik then came up with new plans of raising 1900 cr. by its IPO as we know through its DRHP. Talking about the Mobikwik IPO Date 2021 here. It issued 1500 Cr. and thus sale to 400 cr from its promoters and current shareholders. Moreover, if we see the company’s investors list.

Then we have quite a big names there including the Bajaj finance Ltd., A.E (American Express), Cisco and many more. Also the Mobikwik’s founders now owns 34% stake in the company . Moreover, few investors are ready to sell its shares of 95 Cr. and 69 Cr. as of now. These are Bajaj and the Sequoia Capital India. Therefore more on the Mobikwik IPO GMP 2021 is coming below, Have a look. IPO GMP

EventsMarch 2019March 20202021 March
Total assets generated in the financial year335 Cr.337.9 Cr.423.2 Cr.
Total Revenue Generated in the financial year160.2 cr.369.8 Cr.302.26 Cr.
overall Loss/ Gain147.7 Cr.99 Cr.111 Cr.

Mobikwik IPO Grey Market Premium, Price Band

As Mobikwik is initiating its IPO thus the company’s equity shares will thus come up in Bombay Stock Exchange and in the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Along with that any merchant bankers for instance, ICCI Securities, Jeffries India etc. Are joining in hands to help the launching of Mobikwik’s IPO 2021.

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Mobikwik IPO Date 2021

Opening Date of Mobikwik’s IPO 2021TBA
Closing Date of Mobikwik’s IPO 2021TBA
Size of Mobiwik’s IPOIt is Rs. 1900 cr.
Fresh issuance amountRs. 1500 cr.
Sale Offer ofRs. 400 cr.
Face value of Mobikwik’s IPO 2021Rs 2 per share
Price band for the IPO 2021TBA
Mobikwik IPO DateTBA
Mobikwik IPO GMPBefore IPO Announcement
Mobikwik IPO Allotment DateTBA
Mobikwik IPO Subscription StatusTBA
Mobikwik’s IPO to be listed in Bombay stock exchange
National Stock Exchange.

*TBA= To Be Announced.

As you can see, not all the details regarding the Mobikwik’s IPO is out yet. Its clear that everythin will be put by Mobikwik in no time. Thus stay updates with this site for the latest Mobikwik IPO Date 2021.

Mobikwik Share Allotment Status Check

Type of Buyer/ InvestorOffer percentageAllotment basis
Qualified buyer75%Equivalent
Non Institutional Investor in IPO15%Roughly Equivalent
Retailers10%It is mainly based on availability for each and every shareholder.

This is however, thus speculated as per the market ventures, but anything if updated by the company. Will thus be mentioned here as well. Thus you can recheck the same in upcoming days.

Mobikwik IPO Subscription Status

Kindly note that the Reviews of Movikwik IPO Subscription 2021 will only come after it officially declares its price band for the shares. Hence, only after the release of the same, the reviewing of the company’s IPO would be possible.

  • Well many risks can be seen here. The first one is definitely the unprecedented pandemic’s effect on the Mobikwik’s future dealing and operations.
  • Now adhering to the above point. Even the company is at a major risk if it is unable to generate new customers and increase their payment activities. As this would likely to reduce the online market operations of the company to a great extent.
  • With the breaching of the crucial data in many high profile firms as well. Thus if the same happens with the classified data of the Mobikwik’s users, then it will directly hurt the user sentiments and its trust. Thus their business to will be impacted by this.

Therefore, these are the few common risks that the people would think twice before buying the company’s share. Now the upcoming time can only tell that how the IPO of MObikwik will roll in 2021. However we are here to provide you details on Mobikwik IPO Update 2021.

FAQ’s on Mobikwik’s IPO 2021 Date, GMP, Share Price

Final Date of 2021 Mobikwik’s IPO?

Not out yet, however we will inform once it is officially updated by the Mobikwik.

Please tell more about GMP.

It is the Grey Market Premium. It is available before the final listing of company in the Stock markets. Thus it is like a pre service, which is given to the customers before the actual launch of the company’s IPO. Hence, it is the amount at which the shares will be avail to the customers beforehand.

Should I buy Mobikwik’s share too?

After carefully studying the market. And once the Mobikwik shares price band is out. Then you can apply.

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